PS4 photos

Project CARS 2_20180309082100.png
Project CARS 2_20180309083101.png
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Project CARS 2_20180309082222.png
Project CARS 2_20180309084221.png
Have another question: how you guys work around the issue of the car being impossible to get in focus when using shutterspeed below 100? This is using the drone camera. Can't get it focussed manually neither. Have to up at least to 200 and change the 'follow car' settings. Works pretty terrible though :irked:

Photo mode is a massive improvement over PCARS 1. 👍
There are small issues though that make it feel unpolished.
If you're taking photos from a replay make sure you have visual damage turned off as the replay will start with your car showing whatever damage it had at the end of the session which is really annoying.​
Bit late but what car is that the deep red? looks fabulous.
Yes @doblocruiser it`s a bit of a mess really, bit of luck is involved aswell, to get a good picture...

Rik, I found a pretty decent workaround for this issue!

1. Start the replay
2. Choose the 3th person cameraview on the left hand of the replay controls.
3. Pause at the moment you wish to take a pic
4. Launch the photomode from replay
5. The drone now stays pretty stable and allows for some decent 30SS shots :D even when the focus isn't on the car itself!

Enjoy ;)

Project CARS 2_20200326195203.png