R3E Video Thread

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@BLOODY, can I ask which monitors (model number) you're using - look like very narrow bezels. I've been considering going to triples again but I have a short list of features I would need.

1) "Frameless", narrow bezels
2) VESA - wall/stand mounting
2) Display Port
3) 1ms - 5ms refresh rate
4) Preferably 27"

Still no R3E thread in the main forums... Such a shame ... :(

Well.. please let me entertain you... Within now and a few weeks (I guess). We will get our pants wet and the seats soaked..

Short introduction ; RaceRoom had earlier announced they will come with their own interpretation of a F1-ish car.. They called it the FR X-17 ! And it haves almost the same regulations as this years F1 championship.. But without the fuel-flow limiter or MGU-H and MGU-K things.. We are able to race '2017' F1 cars with an engine every F1 fan wants to see in the campionship so badly... V10's :embarrassed: :cool:

Enough with the talking.. Just watch... and Listen !!!

And together with some AI AI drivers.. it sounds even better..

So.. Jordan, or any other moderator.. could we please get RR back on the main forumboard ?! :gtpflag: