Rims in Gran Turismo Sport

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Why can't all the rims not be used for all the cars? I think its stupid that some cars can't use some of the rims. Why is it like that?
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Is it perhaps a sort of licensing issue? Certain manufactures rims can not be used with certain car manufacturers? Haven't look into if that makes sense, just a thought.
The limitations have no sense. Take the Golf that is one of the most limited cars in game and can take much more of those wheels in real life. And then a random car that fits everything even if you clearly see that the hub/axle offset is way off from the real car.
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Ya, I’m not sure the reasoning on this one. I remember in GT4 you could put all the factory stock wheels in any other car. I know in GTS now they are letting you install bead lock off road wheels on regular sports cars, and just odd decisions with what cars can use what wheels. It’s not based on any realism for sure. Could be some weird licensing issue, or just a graphical issue.
The Golf issue is REALLY bugging me..... ive not been a big rim buyer previously, just the occasional one to make livery look more realistic, otherwise i just stick to the one or two that i like. But recently wanted to paint a Golf i hadnt driven until now, noticed the stock option is horrific, and realised NONE of my current rims fit it, and neither of the last two mileage exchange updates have included one that will fit it. Its crazy. Anyone know how many sets in the game will fit it?
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If they make every wheel fit every car isnt that a boat load of extra work for imaging all car/wheel options? Not sure how this new fangled computer stuff works. If its just a couple of keystrokes there seems to be no reason that all wheels cant fit all cars. In real life you can have any wheel machined to fit your car that you desire, just depends on how many greenbacks you want to spend.
There is nothing annoys me more to see five wheel bolts on the wheel yet the pit crew treat is as a centre locker wheel, not great attention to detail just really bugs me!

It is a bit of an oversight but it also makes the pistops equal for all cars, since a single nut is quicker than 5 etc, its just easier to have one or two different pit stops modeled then put that on all the cars.


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The BBS RS aren't 3 piece in the game, that bugs me too

Yeah, when it was like that in GT5 and 6, what an absolute oversight. The Enkei mesh ones don't look as good.