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Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting' started by Suzuki, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. clanegie


    I hope I'm not too late for one question.

    Question: I understand you had lost most of your enthusiasm in GT4, so are there any factors you are looking forward in GT5 to get you back into the ego you once had?

    You had been a great soul out there.. Many thanks to you once again!
  2. Suzuki


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    And, unless BL disagrees and wants more questions, then i think this is enough.
    Thanks BL!
    Can someone take over for maybe like a week? i wont be around much.
  3. Boundary Layer

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    Well, so far as drifting goes, I think I might be done. It might still be fun now and then, but I don't think I'll be doing it every time I turn some game on like I used to with GT3 and GT4. I don't mean to snub this little corner of the forum and the people that frequent it, but the whole concept has just gotten a little old with me... After being given some time away from it thanks to my gimp PS2 I just don't see the point in doing it anymore. And, I've got to say that the growing popularity of drifting among permafried t33N5 dat tyP3 lyk dis has only made me want to distance myself more from it.

    It was more enjoyable when the people on the forums were doing it because they enjoyed it and understood it, not because they saw it on NOPI tuner vision and thought the smoke and flashy cars looked cool.

    But I do enjoy the racing aspect of GT at least as much as drifting. (it's why I initially bought GT1 way back in the day) Being able to race against more cars would be good for the series, but that on its own won't necessarily bring me back to GT. PC racing games have had the ability to field 30 or more cars for quite some time, have regular updates in the form of additional content and bug fixes, and at this point in time have far superior physics. I realize the GT series may fall short in some of these areas simply because they exist on what is now a very dated console. Nonetheless, I think I'll stick to PC games for anytime I need a serious fix of 'sim', and only turn on a console for some cheap and brainless fun and maybe the occasional turn based or tactical RPG.

    @ Suzuki (& rest of forum):
    I don't mind answering more questions if people continue posting them. But anything like "What's the best car for learning to drift?" or "Why do I slide off the road when I try to drift?" or "Why am I snap oversteering all the time?", etc, will go unanswered for obvious reasons.