The GT7 Wish list (Read OP)

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  1. TPGRacing75


    What I would like most is the ability to create a custom grid, and allow the AI to use upgraded cars and liveries from my garage in said custom races.

    also custom BOP would be nice as well.

    This would allow me to add only the cars I want to appear in the event(say only Group C cars), make it easier to balance the field, and make it so I'm not racing against blank/generic cars during custom races if I choose not to.
  2. Shingo_civic


    So this camera view was already in the game but they didn't allow us tu use it... PD why????

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  3. GMHV8


    Engine swaps would be fun, also a greater selection of wheels.
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  4. o000o


    Should make every wheel available for every car like in GT4.
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  5. 05XR8


    Yep. Been wishing for that to return. Loved putting 787B wheels on my MX-5s and GNX wheels on many other cars.
  6. Samus


    That was probably far easier when wheels were a handful of polygons and the cars not much more. With detailed cars, that becomes much harder as everything has to look correct in great detail.
  7. 05XR8


    Except when PD omit the daggone wheel hubs, on some cars, when aftermarket wheels are installed.
  8. Whistle Snap

    Whistle Snap

    Any camera angle, FOV you want is in the game locked away

    The camera editor 100 percent needs to be in the shipped version of GT7, there's no accuse not to.

    Since that video I've managed to disable the wheel completely, which also needs to be an option in GT7

  9. Shingo_civic


    I really wish they return to a more minimal hud like on GT5, look at this how elegant it looks on the screen

  10. NosOsH


    Really want adjustable tire width to be an option and car track width as well, with or without wheel well flaring, on any car!
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  11. Vic Reign93

    Vic Reign93 Premium

    United Kingdom
    Kinda of a daft one this, but it’s one that I’ve had time to think about and I figure I put it here.

    Now we all know GT6 had Nitrous as an (expensive) option for the majority of road cars, but a bottle of nitrous seems out of place in a race car (unless you’re the Whittington brothers of course.:p).

    But after seeing this option in PC3, I said to myself, Instead of Nos, how about a Universal Hybrid System?

    It can be applied to the majority of Road and Race Cars for a good chunk of change, can be adjusted to a preferred style and can be removed as easily as any other parts.

    For cars that are factory Hybrids (Honda Fit hybrid and Porsche 919 for example) they don’t get the option, but the option is instead replaced by an option to upgrade to more powerful electric motors.

    The Hybrid system can be tweaked like Nos for more power at the cost of less duration, but it also includes the option of how you want it to recharge and if you want to, the option to manually deploy the boost when you want it.

    Something like this..

    • Hybrid Boost 50% < lowest power but longer discharge time, 100% Default setting, 150% Highest power but shortest discharge time.

    • Battery Recharge style - Traditional which means recharge occurs under braking and coasting.
    Unconventional which includes recharge under throttle after hybrid system disengages at high speed like the 919 does, but that’s balanced out by sapping a little power from the engine to recharge the batteries until fully recharged or system re-engages.

    Alternative balancing option is to reduce the amount of energy recovery from braking and coasting compared to Traditional.

    • Hybrid Boost Deployment - Automatic, engages like it does at full throttle till shutoff speed is reached or the battery’s depleted.
    Manual, the player has full control on when and where hybrid boost is deployed.

    Now originally I considered adding the option of which axle to send the hybrid boost to, but that’s just asking to break the game imo. :D

    So for simplicity’s sake it goes to the wheels which are driven for that car it’s installed, which means FF cars may struggle with it. :p

    But like Nos, it can be outlawed in lobby settings so non hybrid or factory hybrids can race like normal and obviously, it’s outlawed from Sport Mode events.

    Now of course if Nos AND the Universal Hybrid System are combined(And I would allow it so.;)) Then the less restrictive lobby’s are gonna have some rockets and meme machines. :lol:

    Let me know what you think, fitting or rather too ambitious?
  12. Team THRT Drift

    Team THRT Drift

    Can we have functional clutches for upgraded transmissions?

    I want to swap proper transmissions into cars and have different options to suit different scenarios. I don't want to just have sequential transmissions.
  13. MroczMR


    One thing i would love to see. I know many of you don't want seperate cars as liveries. But i think there should be more standard liveries for race cars. I hate in GT Sport that when I make Custom race with group 2 i see only one liverie per car. So i see all the same GTR's, NSX's, and Lexus's. Same with super formula, here there is bigger problem. I can only race one type of Super Formula, and all carbon black. I know that there are more liveries in career mode, but there is much lower AI settings and races there are boring (with rolling starts...) i would prefer to make similar races in custom race to be honest.
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  14. o000o


    I'd like for the liveries to be used as color selection, but if it can't be done (race sponsors spotlight etc.), I'd prefer the separate cars as liveries rather than only 1 race car. Because obviously there, racing isn't about one livery per car. Super GT isn't about only a bunch of Castrol Tom's Supra chasing each other, NASCAR isn't about all cars having #3 Goodwrench livery drafting each other on oval.
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  15. MroczMR


    Yeah i would prefer seperate cars per livery if liveries as color selection is out of option.

    To be honest we already have seperate liveries as different cars in GT Sport like BMW M6 GT3 :)
  16. Samus


    Different team race cars as individual cars in the game is fine. They just need to not include those cars when they advertise the headline number of cars, so they count ten different liveried stock cars as one car in the "600 cars" or whatever. Nobody is going to complain if they count them up and find out there is technically more, but they are when you do the opposite and the headline number isn't so spectacular.

    Though as I've said before, PD are not the only ones guilty of this.
  17. 05XR8


    PD did the separate liveries for NASCAR and Super GT in the past. I don't know the reason for only three liveries this time around. "Livery Editor will take of it" isn't a good enough reason.

    I did like the separate livery per car, but prefer the one car and select a livery option.
  18. FuriousDemon


    United States
    New UI that doesn’t look like the 90s (I guess that’s not gonna happen ever?).

    New physics, at least improved suspension.

    Dynamic weather and time of day.

    If all these were done we’d have a hell of a game as the graphics are really good and there is enough fluff to keep you busy. Don’t think this is going to happen sadly.
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  19. The DOHCter

    The DOHCter

    Gt auto with custom parts for each car like in gt6.

    As someone else said, wider tyres and spacers.

    Bigger brakes and calipers (maybe even paint them)

    Engine and drivetrain swaps.

    Finally the ability to buy and bolt parts and tune them from the pit lane in time trial.
    So you can test each part and tune setting to see the difference in lap times.

    Also being able to record your highest top speed on a track, 0-62mph etc.

    Maybe even 1/4 and 1/2 miles if the track permits.
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  20. Roadrunr72


    Track creator from a phone app where you can drive a loop and create a track from the data. If my watch can map a run based on GPS with elevation included...
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  21. 05XR8


    Here's hoping they'll add more Super Taikyu racers. We've had the old Spoon S2000, Spoon Fit S-Tai cars. Need some new blood.
  22. snc


    please no ps4 version targetting also jaguar cpu...
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  23. MroczMR


    If GT7 will be cross gen then i think we can say goodbye to dynamic weather and day/nigh cycle.

    I just hope only Spider Man and Horizon 2 remains as crossgens.
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  24. queleuleu


    The longer we wait, the crazier my expectations are.
    At least, a new modern HUD, less busy.
    No more Sarah or the guy from the tune shop. It makes the game look cheap.
    Modern camera views, not that awful stiff cameras.
    An actual collision engine, no more ping ping.
    A challenging AI and time trial events.
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  25. FuriousDemon


    United States
    Can the driver please hold the steering wheel properly? Pretty please? Kills the immersion for me. Seems like someone is out for a Sunday drive.
  26. Savolainen83



    To add to this: a simple lightbar with simple flashpattern ( or the M4 safety cars lightbar since they've already re-used it with the Megane safety car ), available in all white, white/amber, all amber, amber/green, all blue, blue/white, red, red/blue and red/white led colours. can be put to almost any car bar race cars or certain VGT/concept cars.
  27. Samus


    So on many occasions here I've derided the fact that PD include the same old race events in career mode in every game and that I'm bored of it, but people then always ask how I'd replace them. So I was procrastinating this morning and decided to see how many real world series you could emulate (so not requiring official licenses, using generic names) with as few cars as possible. So here is what I came up with.

    PD only need to include the following 49 road cars with an option to race mod them (a few variants). Of course many already are modelled and in GTS, but I've listed them all for clarity. Also they're all the latest models, I couldn't be bothered putting '19 or '20 after them all.

    Acura NSX
    Alfa Romeo Guilietta
    Aston Martin V8 Vantage
    Audi R8 LMS
    Audi RS3
    Audi RS5
    Audi S3 Saloon
    Audi TT
    Bentley Continental
    BMW 330i M Sport
    BMW M4
    BMW M8
    BMW Z4
    Cadillac CTS-V
    Caterham Seven
    Chevrolet Camaro
    Corvette C8 R
    Ferrari 488
    Ford Focus ST Mk. IV
    Ford GT
    Ford Mustang
    Ginetta G40
    Ginetta G50
    Holden Commodore ZB
    Honda Civic Type R FK8
    Hyundai i30 N
    Infiniti Q50
    Lamborghini Huracan
    Lexus RC F
    Lotus Evora
    Lynk & Co 03
    Mazda MX-5
    McLaren 570S
    McLaren 720S
    Mercedes AMG
    Mini Cooper S
    Nissan GT-R
    Porsche 911 (991) GT3
    Porsche Cayman S
    Renault Clio
    Renault Megane RS
    Seat Leon
    Subaru BRZ
    Toyota 86
    Toyota Corolla
    Toyota GR Supra
    Toyota GR Supra
    Vauxhall Astra
    Volkswagen CC

    Just from those they could mimic all of these real world series with generic names. There are probably a lot more I'm not even aware of. Obviously they would also need the tracks to make the regional versions worthwhile though.

    British Touring Cars
    World Touring Car Cup
    A massive number of regional TCR series
    British GT (GT3 + GT4)
    US Sportscar Championship (GTLM)
    Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe/North America/Asia
    Ferrari 488 Evo Challenge EU/North America/Asia
    Porsche Carrera Cup (Around 10 regional championships)
    Porsche Supercup (World series)
    Audi R8 LMS Cup
    World Endurance Championship (LMGTE)
    European Le Mans (LMGTE)
    Trans-AM Series North America
    Australian Supercars
    Blaincpain GT America/Asia/Europe
    24 HR GT Series
    Australian GT series
    Italian GT series
    Super Taikyu
    UK Mini Challenge
    Clio Cup (Around 8 worldwide series)
    Ginetta GT4 Supercup
    Ginetta Juniors
    GT4 European Series
    GT4 International
    GT4 North American Series
    GT World Challenge Asia
    GT World Challenge America
    GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup
    Super GT (GT300)
    Super GT (GT500)
    Caterham Roadsport Championship
    Mazda MX-5 Cup
    ADAC GT Masters
    Intercontinental GT Challenge

    Far more interesting and fresh, no? Amazing what you can do with a clever selection of cars and only mimicking rough series rather than trying to license everything entirely. Plus obviously doing it this way you get the bonus of using all the road cars. Some of the cars aren't the exact ones used in the real series but since we're only roughly emulating the series they're close enough to fit.

    Fingers crossed PD move this way, instead of modelling wacky road cars that can't/don't race and one-off race cars that don't fit in any series. Plus, this is only including current series. With a handful more cars you could do a bunch of past seasons and defunct series.

    Now add on top of that all the series with prototype race cars, like LMP1, LMP2, DPi, some open wheelers, series for historic road and race cars and you've got even more.

    Not saying to only mimic real world racing series of course, there can still be entirely fictional events and series, mainly for road cars, but just giving an idea of how they can very easily move away from some of the stale generic race events like "FF Challenge" and the dreaded "Sunday Cup". It's amazing how much a lick of paint and a few minor changes can help a game feel fresher.
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  28. strela


    24h racing with mid race save option like GT5 had
    Multi class endurance racing
    Kart racing
    Track/Route creator
    Customizable tyre brand
    Window stickers
    Interior customization
    Body kits (original or made up)
    Engine swaps
    Tyre puncture
    Mechanical damage
    Good and competitive AI
    Racing flags
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  29. Emilius_73


    Mechanical damage and failures, punctures, options for AI-driven safety cars, and real world weather.

    By "real world weather" I mean a feature where the in-game weather mirrors the real circuit's weather when you start a race.
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  30. snc


    One more thing (not as important as improving suspension physics, damage model/contact, weight transfer or proper track curbs and limits but still), please, no more 2d trees, it's ps5 title...