The GT7 Wish list (Read OP)

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  1. Yurikaze


    More real world driving roads, like they did with the Tokyo Expressway. Hakone skyline would be perfect, as well as any of Japan's other famous touges.
    Imagine having them as free-roam lobbies that players can drop in and out of, hang out in the parking areas, drive with friends, etc.

    My favorite parts of the first GT games were the mundane details that added realism, like searching for a used car at used car dealership, changing the oil, getting a car wash, etc. I'd love to see that nuanced attention to detail return.

    I know I'm in the minority, but I love how much Polyphony used to geek out when it came to the cars. I loved the fact they had a bunch of different versions of the same car, and choosing an FTO GP version R over a GR or GPX always made me feel more connected to the car, and that it was my own. Being able to geek out over learning what difference trim levels made was always fun to me.

    I love GT scapes, it would be really cool if they became functional, such as taking your R33 in for an oil change and watching it pull into a service bay at Nismo Omori factory for example, or choosing one as your home garage that would automatically display your current car in that setting for the main screen.

    To me, I always felt that the Gran Turismo series was best when it just let itself be a game to turn people into automotive otaku. The insane attention to detail, the little nuances like the used car dealers with the rotating selection of cars, and the 5 versions of one model of Daihatsu Kei car.

    Keep the GTsport series going for those who like to race, give Gran Turismo back to those of us who love cars and just want a huge detailed single player career so we can drive some of the world's best tracks and roads while staring at the inside of a Daihatsu Move Aerodown Custom through a VR headset.
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  2. queleuleu


    More and better camera views. No more of these awful default camera views. I'm sure many people don't play GTSport because camera views in gameplay look boring.
    I'm not asking something too crazy, just bring back the camera view from GT1 to GT3.
    The lack of a 360 degree camera view in GTSport is just laughable.
  3. 05XR8


    Bring back one car races all.

    If it's a road car, I should be able to buy my E30 M3 and race in every class.

    We had this with say, the Racing Modification on the '69 Camaro. We could add the tune or delete the tune. Race pretty much all the categories with the one car.

    I'd like that for the AE86. To race from Sunday Cup, tune to race high class car like in 100,000 Cr. lounge races and then join GR.4, GR.3, GR.2, GR.1, without having to do a Custom Race.
  4. XSquareStickIt


    • More frequent and open communication with the player base. Do they know some of the major issues the players are facing? What are the realistic and unrealistic demands of the players? Can we have an official channel for feedback and issues with the game? Can we have a public relations representative to speak on a frequent basis with the players publicly? Players are frustrated with lack of communication and knowledge with PD regarding the many issues of the game.
    • More customiseable HUD layout in racing; enabling re-arranging each element, or hiding elements altogether (ability to hide the Time Difference, for example, or to always have a Radar on while other elements like Fuel Mix are shown. Ability to choose when to have HUD remind the player to upshift for low revving cars such as the Corvette Gr. 3 and Supra Gr. 3 will be very helpful).
    • Adjustable Field of Vision (FoV) for cockpit view.
    • Enable the player to start a session in the pit lane with no fuel, and is required to add fuel to their cars before heading out. This will prevent the old "fuel burning in qualifying" problem, while maintaining realism.
    • Replay resolution and FPS to match gameplay.
    • HUD elements in replays to replicate their behaviour 1:1 as when playing. Replay HUD currently is very laggy (see turbo boost gauges for instance, in replays they don't even dip on upshifts).
    • Time Difference data between cars in a race (the "Delta") to be retained and displayed in replays.
    • Cars with a Manual Gearbox to have more realistic, smoother shifts. As they are currently, manuals on upshifts apply full throttle before releasing the clutch, resulting in a very awkward sounding, very rough shift that can upset the car.
    • Proper clutch emulation. As it is currently, the clutch is an on-off switch, with no half clutch. If the gear selector is moved when the clutch is not fully depressed, the game shifts into neutral, when most cars can shift with a mostly depressed clutch pedal, as the clutch pedal has some play in it.
    • More tuning options than GT6. Choices of gearboxes and differentials, more exterior aero parts, wider range of suspension spring rates, less arbitrary units for dampers, anti roll bars, differentials, and downforce.
    • An entirely linear throttle pedal. As it is right now, the last 40% of pedal travel gives about 70% of the power, making cars hard to control.

    Sport Mode (if it returns):
    • Group players based on Sportsmanship Rating Average of about 3 months instead of current Sportsmanship Rating. As it is right now, players can intentionally hit others in an FIA race, get a SR down, win the race, then repair their SR in Daily Races. Taking an average of the SR over a period of time can help alleviate this issue, while making sure accidents by players can be recovered from without permanently destroying their SR Average.
    • Have anonymous staff play Sport Mode in each region over a variety of ranks, to identify players who intentionally hit other players. Retain video evidence of their misdeeds and cap their SR.
    • Have stewards assign penalties in Top 16 FIA races instead of relying on an autonomous system.
    • Automatically disconnect players with weak connection so their cars do not jump around the circuit, disrupting other players.

    • Enable forced deceleration in lobbies like the system now used in Sport Mode.
    • Enable One-Make racing in lobbies
    • Enable tyre requirements in each race like in Sport Mode, and customiseable penalties for failing to use the required tyres in the race.
    • Enable optional rules, such as requiring minimum laps on each tyre compound, like in the World Tour events.
    • Enable simultaneous multi-class car racing (Gr. 3 can race with Gr. 2, like in Super GT).
    • Enable custom, adjustable Balance of Performance for the lobby host.

    Single Player:
    • Enable "Real" Grip Loss setting for time trails.
    • Enable Tyre Wear and Fuel Consumption in Time Trails
    • Proper racing with proper AI in campaign mode; no more "chase the rabbit" style of races, which is just time trail with obstacles.
    • Return of Circuit Experience and License Tests, both of which are excellent learning tools.
    • A customiseable Circuit Experience, where you can select the car to use, set the start and end of a section of a track to learn, and also the entry speed into such a section.

    Photo Mode:
    • Enable car interior photos. Current "Cockpit Photo Mode" is very restrictive. I see no need to restrict the player camera movements so much as the cars are so lovingly detailed in every corner.
    • Enable shutter speeds to go as low as 1/1 second as is the case with Scapes; currently, Photo Mode in races only allow a maximum of 1/60, which struggles to give enough blur to the slower cars in the game
    • Return of Photo Travel from GT5 and GT6. Scapes is very restrictive and limited.
    • Enable opening of doors, bonnets, and trunks in photos.
  5. IXON009


    My ultimate top5 wishlist:

    1. More surveys just like we had the Supra one.
    2. Return of the 360° camera
    3. More variety of every type of cars
    4. Return of the licenses or something similar
    5. Return of the full tuning (inside+optical)
  6. YukinoSuzuka


    @XSquareStickIt , As far as I can understand this feauture, I don't like the idea to have it.. It's the wrong work-around for learning a track. That's why telemetry/data is so important for (sim) racers, to learn from data and see what your weaknesses are around a certain track.
    For example, in the past (The time GT4 got released) I really suck on the Nordschleife after the Karussel corner. I lost seconds in the sweeping corners till Pflanzgarten. Did I wished for an option like this? Oh hell Yes ! But it wouldn't made me a better racing driver to skip sections of a track to learn a single part of it and then, afterwards, fail on the other parts of the track and do it correctly only at that part of the track?

    In RaceRoom I learned two things and I use this approach for GranTurismo Sport too. To learn a track for timetrials, go racing.. To learn a track for racing, go hunt for some timed laps.

    I did a few multiple hour races in GT4 to dream the Nordschleife. The part between Karussell and Schwalbenschwantz is now my favourite part of the track, without losing on the other 80% of the track. That's why I would like to have a telemetry/data-ish option in the replay menu, to learn from yourself and others, compare data and see the red areas you've to improve yourself.
  7. MIE1992


    United States
    I had a potentially better idea: you could create a regulation where you hand-pick which cars you want to have eligible, and even create a class. So you could either have an all-inclusive Gr.1 event, or divide Gr.1 into a couple classes, like one for the Group C cars. You could also pick from some pre-set regulations based on campaign events in the GT games, like Boxer Spirit. Finally, you could even have regulations for stuff like allowing some settings to be tuned while others are locked, or allowing all settings to be tuned/locked.
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  8. Team THRT Drift

    Team THRT Drift

    Isn't this a limitation of hardware not software? I haven't seen anyone use triple monitors on a console.

    The only way it's even feasible is to have three consoles, three copies of the same game, and use an ethernet switch as a pass through.
  9. IXON009


    I want this so bad. It would really make easy for lobby controlling.
  10. Johnny Dean

    Johnny Dean

    Exactly what I thought - exciting times
  11. John Smith UK

    John Smith UK

    It’s probably not for here but I don’t know where else to suggest... there is a big advantage to drivers with a wheel over a joypad, I don’t know if 2 seconds on a like for like basis is correct but I’ve seen that in races and read it on a number of websites and game mags.

    the choice of equipment should not give you that level of advantage, perhaps the new PS5 joypad will be a better piece of kit but I would imagine majority of players are joypads and results should be on driver ability not down to the equipment you race with.

    hope that makes sense
  12. goongumps


    You can change the type of chase cam in the settings to make it look like the GT1 - 3 camera...
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  13. John Smith UK

    John Smith UK

    This is maybe too cheesy but... buy your favorite hypercar, spruce it up your way, paint wheels etc etc.. then just go for a drive Ala Forza, I think that would be cool
  14. Blindside92


    VR support for all online and singleplayer races!

    Racing in VR is a hell of an experience, so much fun. Real shame (but understable due to tech limitations) about the cutdown VR mode in GT Sport
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  15. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder

    I don't think there is always such a big difference. In my experience people who are quick with a pad are normally also quick with a wheel - I have several friends who turn the same times with either. There are also people like myself whose hands are big and clumsy so I am hopelessly slow with a controller and a wheel is really the only option.

    At the moment GTS is optimized for pad users, but gives a relatively poor experience (compared with other games) to wheel users. I expect this to continue in future GT games because pad users are the main market, but hope that wheel FFB and track texture can also be improved while continuing to cater to the pad user.
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  16. 05XR8


    That would be in addition to this
  17. MikeV27

    MikeV27 Premium

    Let us adjust the brake pressure, then just maybe no abs will be somewhat competitive.
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  18. queleuleu


    Yes, I know it and unfortunately I have to redo the settings every time.
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  19. Strittan

    Strittan Premium

    Go back to basics and keep it simple. I still think GT1 is the best in the series, structure wise.
    • License tests
    • Tournaments
    • Qualifying
    • Tuning parts
    • Racing modifications
    • Livery editor
  20. 05XR8


    Wheel spacers or wider tyre options. Please, PD.

  21. TheEvstar93


    Along with my suggestion for the return of unicorn cars, i'd also bring back Manufacturer Events like back in GT4. This way, you could win special cars associated with certain manufacturers. Take for example the Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx Nismo concept cars. (Which I wish were in the game.) I'd make it so you could buy the Freeflow from the dealership but if you wanted the Nismo version, you'd have to win one of the Nissan events like say, the Silvia Cup.
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  22. YRS2703


    I'm really surprised this wasn't mentioned at all, but:
    Probably my biggest gripe with GT is that you don't have as much control on throttle and braking as you'd normally wish and it's unnecessarily tricky and counterintuitive to have the pedal inputs working like that IMO
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  23. TetsuKobura

    TetsuKobura Premium

    United States
    THIS 1000%
  24. badbob099


    United States
    Here are just some random ideas cause its slow at work and i have nothing to do:
    -Race weekends with qualifying on Online and Single player modes
    -Full flags rules/pace cars
    -More customization options on cars and driver suits and gloves
    -More cars for multi class races (id imagine 55 cars for Le Mans
    -All tracks have 24/hr day/nigh cycles with weather.
    -BRING BACK B-SPEC MODE (run it like in GT4 where you can switch between the two)
    -Way back before the release of track creator in GT6 there was a video of a guy that made a track outta doing tricks on his BMX. Make that with the usage of GPS to creative out own roads. (i have my own track in the Adirondacks NY i would love to make someday)
    -Sport mode should run how IRacing rating system works as you go up a level you are in a different series
    -Sounds stupid but a free roam track of the Shuto Expressway There are plenty of tracks biased on that highway that it could be made into a massive server
    -For nostalgia bring back some tracks for the past GT's fully remastered
    -For immersion i wanna see realistic detail outside of the track. i'm referring to the GT Vision Demo back in 2005. where the infield and the grandstands is full of life and movement. I always loved in the rally tracks where fans are in the middle of the track and run back into the crowd as you pass by
    -More F1 cars based on different era of F1 much what they did in GT3 A-spec. it is the 70th birthday of f1 after all
    -Soft-body physics for damage as well as mechanical damage
    -Classic tracks from different era's
    -Very far off but does exist is an AI Learning and training tool. PCARS 2 allows you to ask simple questions to adjust you're car but lets go beyond that....AI will analyze you're lap times and corning to find better help your driving.
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  25. 05XR8


    Offline, wish we could drive a car and have another or multiple cars from our garage, follow us around a circuit, for photo mode.
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  26. ShiftingGears


    Here's my genius idea.

    All cars available for sport mode and offline free races.

    GT League still has a separate economy where you start on a budget. If you want to use the cars in sport mode in GT League you have the option of paying a fee to buy access to them.

    That way you can still use cars you have online for offline races (for sentimental value) while still maintaining the game economy in offline career mode.

    That way, if you don't like GT League, you aren't forced to use it to grind races for vehicles that you will only use on other modes. And if you like GT League, the game economy isn't broken from accomodating players that don't like it.

    Sign me up Kaz
  27. I-Runner


    Many good whishes .. so I add something i think new :

    - A Power and speed section or TEST CAR section as GT4 ( in the spoiler the reasons because I dislike the GT5 version)
    I hated in GT5 when you made a run for the 0 to 1 mile (or TOP SPEED) and the game "automatically" updated the leaderboard for the 0÷1/4 mile (or 400 m) and 0÷1000 m .. it was very very dumb (IMHO) and I started to stop testing cars ....
    Your records MUST be listed in the specific leaderboard of your trial and NOT in ALL THE leaderboards of the test mode as GT5 (ruining the previous trials with specific and personal "target")

    - By the game progression allow the use of ALL THE CAR in arcade mode (online and offline) like GT4
    i.e. when you reach the 100% of the game you can drive all the cars (c/w unicorns .. ) in arcade mode (off and on line)
    The limitation of the car selection about this feature in the last GTs (5-6-SPORT) "hurted" a lot considering the power of the consoles...

    - better and more logic penalty system , online and offline too .

    - the possibility to copy the setting/tune between cars (same maker - model - year) , (i.e) if you need to have two cars with different livery but the same setting/tune ..

    - the possibility to share the created liveries between the profiles on the same Console (now I'm forced to share my livery in order to have it in another profile )

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  28. Stormhawk83


    For me:

    - Proper starts, be it grid and/or double file rolling starts. Get rid of the god-awful chase the rabbit stuff, that's not racing!

    - bring back a huge career mode, like in earlier GT games, with lots of options to use different cars. There are too many single make events in GTS (and too many events that are too restrictive generally)

    - Better designed career races. Some of the GTS ones have a very unbalanced AI car list (I'm looking at you Nostalgic races!)

    - Allow the free placement of driving numbers on cars so everyone can create their liveries properly, without them being spoilt when trying to use then in career or online. Also, allow more creative freedom with them so that it suits the livery, rather than the 'white square with a number' just thrown on my car door When I enter a race; leave it as the one I chose please Pd!

    - livery selection ahead of a race. I don't want to have to go to my garage, select the car, then select the livery. See: Grid for a better way to do this.

    - Bring back race modifications. I loved that it was possible to RM every car in GT1. Now, I know it's unlikely to be possible to do it for every car in GT7 (we'd be waiting for the game forever) but a decent selection would be good, especially if it allows us to create Gr4 and Gr3 variants of those cars.

    - Bring back manufacturers events under manufacturer on the map. Put one-make series here.
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  29. SSAuto


    Dear God you sound like an insufferable elitist.
  30. Shingo_civic


    I hope they fix the horrible way the driver "grips" the wheel