The GT7 Wish list (Read OP)

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  1. AndreasR


    I´d like to see something like "motec" in GT6 and - main point - one should be able to build a car (or many) setups and then create a lobby where only those cars beeing driven
  2. Vspectra


    My number 1 wish is for Dynamic time of day and weather to come back for all tracks.

    Especially after seeing how amazing the dynamic time and weather was from Driveclub this gen.

  3. CTang


    Optional tyre wear for practice/time trials.
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  4. Jump_Ace

    Jump_Ace Staff Emeritus

    United States
    1. Eliminate the whole 'let's slow down player progression in the game because our content is light' mantra. That means, no more rotating cars for sale. No more credit limit. Earn valuable race cars for winning championships again (plus buckets of cash of course!).
    2. See rule #1 - j/k (sort of). Shuffle races please! I remember distinctly trying one with the expectation it was going to be awful. 4 hours later I was 'upset' because I had to stop to eat food, srsly.
    3. More difficult license tests. I miss the days when I'd spend a day golding one license section, and a week to do the S ones (pre-gt5 era).
    4. Someone else mentioned GT4 level of events, I'll second that, especially the missions and one lap magic's.
    5. Improved physics.
    6. Improved feedback. I've been playing AC again recently and the level of realism I get from the same wheel is amazing, there's room for improvement here.
    7. Audio, sure use the shiny new audio stuff to make it better.
    8. I'd actually love to see the game go back to it's roots with a world map for your home/garage and dealerships. Have a big spinning globe and someone can put a pin on the globe to mark their hometown (Porltand, Oregon baby WOOO!)
    9. Going back to old school, how about some great songs again? That GT2 soundtrack is second to none.
    10. No more player rankings online. That REALLY dried the game up for me. It took out all of the community racing with friends feel (credit to GT5/6 there) and went STRICT 100% SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR FOR ONLINE RESPECT mode. No thanks.
    11. Adding to #10, improve the penalty system, not just online, but for career mode too. I'd love to see penalties for improper driving against the AI in offline mode.
    12. Piggy-backing off of #11 now; better AI. At the very least let us select the difficulty level. This would allow us to race with more favored cars instead of 'pick the fastest one for the easiest win'. Maybe I WANT to take my Ferrari GTO up against some Gr.4 cars and set it to Medium so it's a super close race.
    13. Draft. It still needs work, and remove the 'weak' option, just make it realistic and stick with it.
    14. Speaking of realistic...remember when GT1 came out and it was the first game to offer realistic handling and tuning? Let's kick that up a notch along with the physics. Improve it and build upon it. Let us change tire pressure for each tire, etc.
    15. I love buying parts, it was part of the fun, especially early on in the career mode. I could only afford to get a semi-pro exhaust if I wanted to buy soft tires. Some consider GT a sim-cade and I didn't used to until GTS came out and they just had slider bars for HP/Weight : /
    16. More ranting wishing....did somone say original tracks? That punched in the gut feeling that there was no DF, GVS, AH [insert fav og track here] is still fresh. PD has gotten away from what made them great and created a following strong enough to make GTPlanet what it is today. I understand if there's licensing for real list tracks and we can't have them all (unless you are iracing/pcars?), but there's no reason NOT to include the OG tracks that we all fell in love with.

    I'll probably add more later.

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  5. FloridaFanGT


    United States
    I also want to see a revamped sport mode for Gran Turismo 7. If we are to believe that it will have an offline Gran Turismo/Simulation Mode like in previous games, why not add an online component to it as well. Below is a concept of an idea of how to do it.

    This online structure is heavily modeled on iRacing's online structure, because they do an excellent job with it. This system requires players to obtain licenses in the license center in order to enter the respective league events, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and FIA. These championships would have a set of weekly races for everyone to compete in, and the players who perform well throughout a season of 10-12 weeks each would get an in-game bonus of some kind. DR/SR would determine your split in the races like we have today. A system like this would give the players that aren't interested in FIA something to do, while having something for everyone. I believe this is a much more exciting and appealing way to participate in Sport mode

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  6. Johnny Dean

    Johnny Dean

    I wanna go back to the moon
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  7. JTB10000


    United States
    If you enable Transmission Mode, the new licensed menu songs get replaced by the songs from GT5 and 6.
  8. Pejesapo


    A career mode (a separate one, if it must be) where repairs cost money, to promote safe driving.
  9. dimassa19


    I would love to fall off a mountain in a rally race and having to buy another car... :D
  10. ArR29


    I'm hoping for real time cloud rendering. PD should only target 4k60fps they don't need to go over the top with high framerate. I'd like to see them put all of the resources on visual effects.
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  11. Nico_Ble99


    That's a pretty good way of putting it, yeah. Guess I didn't think my idea completely though, haha. That "Save as" function would be nice.
  12. 05XR8


    I'd definitely accept the licence. If we had the licence tests from past games, it pretty much places you where you want to race.
    Maybe I don't go for my Super Licence and just want to remain a "Gentleman" driver. At least, I'd have the option. Instead, I'm stuck in a tier, because of a system that penalizes me for others' mistakes.
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  13. PletdeKoe


    CAR WASH!!! (And the dirt that has to come with it).
  14. equalitus


    And much more options! An editor that can be used to set starting amount of credits and starting car, and editing the rules in single player progression mode for car entry and layout and tire wear and optional choice between chasing the rabbit and starting from standstill. And better AI, even if we could change the AI opponents the AI is too boring and too static.
    I would like the license tests to be incrementally easier if decided as a optional preset from the start of the game, gold license time would be 1% longer and marginally easier to achieve for every failed attempt.

    Skip the slowest&cheapest 500 cars from GT4/5/6 and suddenly there's a good amount of fun cars to drive, with the inclusion of all the cars from GT Sport.

    To sum it up, combine single player mode from GT3&GT4 with the GT Sport engine and add an editor and more choices, we have the Best Car Game Ever!
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  15. smearcampaign


    - Greater focus on, and development of open-wheel physics and racing, including karts. I feel this is where GTS is really lacking in comparison to its competitors. For sports cars it is the best though
    - Tie-ups with diverse motorsport series: Aussie Supercars, S5000, IndyCar, dirt oval racing, WTCR, the various formula categories, NASCAR, NHRA
    - Replace the current specification categories with more defined ones and call them by their FIA name (eg. GTE, GT3, GT4, TCR, F3)
    - Develop physics and/or visuals to give driver better sense of vehicle weight. Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 are much better in this regard
    - Asymmetric set ups for oval racing
    - Drag racing
    - Overlapping braking & acceleration and burn-outs
    - Greater clutch and driveline simulation, including drag racing clutches
    - BIKES!! Even if it is just one single bike with a dedicated physics model
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  16. NosOsH


    Virtual mirror in all Views!
    Adjustable PoV and FoV in all Views!
    Adjustable and customizable hud in all Views!
    Rotatable camera in chase, hood and cockpit view.
    Multi-screen support, (is 2k, with 2 smaller hd screens set perpendicular on either side do-able or a good idea?)
    30+ lobbies
    Ability to spectate in a lobby without taking up a spot.
    Possibly even a world tour event, with live commentary. (We should be able to watch live events in game, even if we have to be bombarded with advertisements)
    Ability to walk around a track, in the crowd at a race lobby or even live event.
    Be able to walk around your car in first or 3rd person, in your garage or on track to look at it at any angle, open doors/hoods/bonnets.

    More realistic sliding physics
    No more backwards pendulum effect when you spin out
    Doing donuts is not reaslistic in gts
    Better drifting physics!
    Ability to 'Hustle' a car
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  17. NanoSaibou


    United States
    I genuinely do miss GTAuto
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  18. pasigiri


    If I win a car, I should be able to SELL IT.
    Oooooooh yeah. I loved the Seoul, Korea track too.


    Driveclub BY FAR is the measuring stick for dynamic weather/time in a game to me. Also the environments in which the tracks were set in were just amazing. The flowers, snow, mountains in the distance, sun through the foliage, was just amazing in Driveclub. Imagine GT take Trail Mountain, Deep Forest, Mid Field, and El Capitan to these levels WITH ray tracing, HDR10, 4K, etc.

    TBH, PD should really take notice to Driveclub's environment design and weather/time implementation and polish. That game was jaw dropping gorgeous.
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  19. Team THRT Drift

    Team THRT Drift

    Just got a stark reminder.

    ADD THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE STARTING FUEL AMOUNT. I don't care what the event is; qualifying, racing, time trial, etc. Add that option.

    If I'm in qualifying, I'm taking 3 or 4 laps worth of fuel. Enough with this silly fuel burning mini game we're doing at every damn qualifying event. It takes away from actual qualifying and tire warming and leaves you with a max of one or two hot laps under a time crunch.
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  20. avilab


    I want a reliability matrix built in for seasonal racing. This would mean that every car will suffer some sort of problem (flat tire, engine or tranny, brakes, etc) from time to time. Then it’s up to us to get the car back to the pits to repair it. Just like in real life. Would be more realistic this way.
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  21. Jump_Ace

    Jump_Ace Staff Emeritus

    United States

    1. Triple monitor support. I know crazy, right?
    2. Some sort of sponsorship system where you get some signing bonuses and maybe you get a higher percentage of earnings the longer you race with a sponsor plus some extra decals and things of that nature. It could help justify adding/retaining the 20mil. cars.
    3. Fix the broken left/right views when they are tied to the Fanatec stick. This has been broken since day 1 of GTS and I can't look left/right.
    4. Slow motion replays with telemetry on screen (gas/brake modulation, wheel rotation, tire temps, g-forces, etc.)

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    I also like this idea but the times shouldn't be that much faster than gold in my opinion and if you beat it then getting only credits as a reward. If this would become a trophy or what so ever then the trophy hunters would have a hard time to beat it...

    If this idea I am about to share has already come up before I apologize right away as I didn't read the entire chat before.

    As for the campagne / story mode I was thinking with PDs partnership with the FIA that the player will try to end rank himself / herself up to the top like in need for speed most wanted.
    As an example you start by getting your licence then races with the licence you currently own will be unlocked. After a certain amount of race wins you are allowed to do the next licence etc. till you reach the final licence. Once you got your final licence, the "FIA GT Championship" will be unlocked as the final arc / final championship of the story / campagne where you will try to be the world champion and race against me, Cody, Miyazono, Igor, etc. (obviously as an A.I.). If you beat us then you are the world champion and also finished the story.

    If B-spec mode returns then you will be the engineer of the future world champion of the FIA GT Championship. On his way you will give him tips, etc. and the driver can develope himself as a promising driver (like in GT5 but a much improved model).

    If the missions from GT4 will return then they can mix it with normal missions we used to know from GT4 and a special mission event like in GT5 and a special FIA GT Championship mission event where the player jumps into a role of one of the GT drivers and try to reach the goal (like in F1 2012 championship mode).

    Honestly in my opinion I would spend so much time into the story mode hahahaha
  23. zzz_pt


    Just got an idea I think it wasn't shared yet.

    If we get a course creator (I hope we do, because it gives the game amazing longevity and replay ability), each player could share 1 track created by them as a Time Trial.

    The original creator would set a lap in a specific car (with a fancy livery and setup for example) and then, other players could attempt break his PB (using the same car ofc) and would get some credits + a copy of the car.

    To avoid farming cars through this method, maybe we could have a maximum of 3 per month or so.

    The tracks would be available for download elsewhere. This idea is just about the TT against other players using original tracks from the course creator.

    Probably another idea that will fall into the abyss. :D
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  24. Greek Driver

    Greek Driver


    "We are making Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emphasis on the word SIMULATOR."

    "Accessibility is important to us. Whatever your abilities are, if you want to fly, we are going to do whatever we can to make that happen. Yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboard, controller, etc. No pilot should be left behind."

    The Feature Discovery Series (in case you want to learn more about MSFS):


    "The Real Driving Simulator". It is time for emphasis on the word SIMULATOR.

    Both, simmers and gamers, could be happy.

    I want GT7 to be the best driving simulator on the market once it is released.
  25. L8 Apex

    L8 Apex

    United States
    In no particular order:
    -Dynamic time and weather
    -Used cars [Dealership(s) and the ability to sell your own cars]
    -Racing modifications for a large percentage of vehicles, or at least racing style cosmetic parts (splitters, diffusers, wings, mud flaps, fender flares, etc.)
    -The ability to tune and homologate your own cars to fit certain racing categories (Gr. 4, Gr. 3, etc.)
    -Multi-class racing option (both official single- and multiplayer events and create-your-own lobbies)
    -Closer rolling starts (enough of this single-file-strung-out-over-a-quarter-of-a-lap :censored:)
    -Improved (Dynamic?) AI
    -Expanding on the previous point, enhanced/evolved B-Spec component: Ability to drive with AI teammates in different cars in the same race a la the original GRID, ability to train/coach your AI drivers to improve their stats, ability to enter them in races against other AI (including ones trained by other players) in races even when you aren't playing or watching (B-Spec driver data stored in the cloud along with your profile info), etc.
    -More in-depth rally component: More tire compounds and constructions (e.g. fine dirt, small gravel, large gravel, safari, etc.), pace notes, point-to-point stages, additional classes to go with Gr. B (e.g. Gr. A, a group based around the '90s F2/kit cars, etc.), service park time limits (and penalties for exceeding them), etc.
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  26. Betty blue

    Betty blue

    Saudi Arabia
    1- Iconic PD original tracks.
    2- Useless Grx idea of a group that made some cars worthless.
    3- Used car dealership + Car wash and services.
    4- Purchasable Performance part and tuning.
    5- Modern race cars.
  27. Amplytube


    Lots of wishlist but a man can dream:

    - Dynamic Weather & Conditions - (I think with how powerful PS5 is now, surely implementing dynamic weather shouldn't be a problem. Adding to that, dynamic conditions when it can be rain or stormy from cloudy or sunny.
    - Realistic Road Conditions - (I think for this one, it's a bit of stretch but a suggestion is to implement realistic road conditions of a track or manually set the condition from the race menu. With how the DualSense controller can do, it would be awesome to implement this kind of feature)
    - Used Car Dealership - (Simple enough... In single-player mode, bring back the good ol' feature from all previous GT titles. Perhaps this time, it would be awesome to categorise the dealership... i.e. Road car used car dealership, GT3 used car dealership or even VISION GT used car dealerships)
    - More Tuning Options - (I think the tuning system in GT Sport is alright but could've been better by giving additional tuning options)
    - Bodykits, Spoilers, other Aesthetic Mods - (Not really that important, but it would be awesome to bring back a feature where I can modify my cars with buying different bodykits, spoilers, headlights/taillights, mufflers and so on. Again, I don't expect this to be in the next GT because GT is not NFS but it's a feature that I would love)
    - AI Difficulty Improvement - (With how bad AI behaviour has been in GT Sport, surely PD needs to reprogram the AI behaviour. Distinguish between beginner to professional. If I want to choose the hardest one, make the AI skills better and more aggressive. Doesn't mean make them so they never make any mistakes, but make it like a realistic racers!)
    - Endurance Races Duration - (GT Sport tends to have such a short endurance race in single-player mode, unless if you go to a custom race section. However again with how easy to catch up with the AI, having a 3-Hours endurance will be boring as the gap between myself and the 2nd place driver could be more than 6 laps after just 1.5 hours. Make the endurance races in single-player longer as well)
    - Sound Enhancement - (GT Sport is a ton of improvement in the sound department however still inconsistent with it. Sometimes it can be so accurate, but sometimes it can also be a way off to the real engine sound. Make it consistent and better this time :D)
    - 3D Environment - (2D trees are not acceptable anymore for the next GT title. Sure people won't notice it during race, but implementing all 3D models for trees, vegetations and even better character modelling, should be an important features by default)
    - Adding Drift Capabilities - (Sure GT Sport has a drift tuning, but let's be honest it's terrible)
    - Performance Modification - (First GT & GT2 performance for the next GT title. Honestly, it's so satisfying reading the modification description as well as looking at parts blueprints drawing. It would be awesome to see that in the next GT title. More parts modifications instead of level up system like wtf is this stupid level up system with mileage points? Dumb feature and shouldn't even be presence at all)
    - Free-Roam Mode for both Single-Player & Online Lobby - (I love to just drive around in a R32 at Tokyo Expressway. Imagine if GT has that mode. Just you and your friends driving around the tracks preferably an open-world or something like touge roads or Wangan Line... It would be awesome to have that)

    I think there are more things that I want to say but it's involving tracks and cars. I fully trust PD in their development for the next GT but hopefully would take all of these suggestions and feedback into an account. I love GT and have been playing it since the first one and trust me, even though it's not a realistic sim-racing game, it's still enjoyable as to play. I'm considering to even purchase a full-rig simracing not just for the next GT title but also to get myself into a real sim-racing game. Hopefully PD can do magic and amaze us that we never get bored playing GT7 (Or whatever the next GT title is)
  28. Adam Barber

    Adam Barber

    United Kingdom
    Don't know if this has been already said but I'd really like PD to better distinguish between the race car categories separating group C and LMP1 cars for example. Maybe something similar to how project cars 2 handles it? This would also really help in terms of B.O.P as they wouldn't be trying to balance about 35 cars in one class. Road cars, I'd like them to go back to how it worked in GT5/6 personally.
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  29. Razamataz


    United Kingdom
    Such a random one this, but here goes...

    The option to toggle cigarette and alcohol advertising on historic racers. I understand this is a game for all ages but for the sake of authenticity at least give those over the age of 18 a choice. I’m aware these vices are now banned in real world motorsport advertising but something about rewriting history just doesn’t sit well with me.

    Examples include the “Racing” text on the Porsche 962, the barcodes used in place for the iconic Martini liveries and the crowns used instead of the company logo for the utterly sublime black and gold John Player Special liveries. To me it just breaks the sense of immersion. Given the amount of user created remakes on GT Sport it’s fairly obvious we prefer the real deal.

    Just because I see Silk Cut on a Jaguar XJR9 doesn’t exactly mean I want to immediately go out and buy a pair of smokes. At the very least how about a disclaimer with a health warning should you choose to toggle the vice branding on?

    For what it’s worth, PDI are apparently okay with Ueno Clinic on the McLaren F1 GTR. Not a vice per se but it does raise a smile!
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  30. juelz2009


    Well I for one would love the option to build you own car using other car manufacturer models as templates.
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