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Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by twitcher, May 27, 2016.

  1. Just as the title suggests, this thread is for discussion of all things related to the junior open wheel forumlas.
  2. spyrrari

    Netherlands AMSTERDAM

    Can i be the first to reply?...

    So for todays GP2 race at Monaco:

    The thing everybody talks about and rightfully so,was the VSC.

    Nato was in the lead and looking to drive the win home....but he didnt!

    So after re watching the last few laps just now,i think the VSC had nothing to do with Markelov winning the race beacause of the VSC...

    Nato had a 4-5 second longer pitstop because of the right front tyre not wanting to come the mean time,Markelov was putting in very good laptimes on his soft tyres...even faster then the leading couple after their tyres went over the cliff really quickly...

    So it looks like Markelov won it with good strategy and teamwork..

    now this is just my quick opinion watching tv,and not having exact sector and laptimes...but i think he didnt won the race because of a faulty VSC system!!

    Anyway,if i am wrong there will be news from the FIA shortly...but i think the win win was legit!

    Great eventfull race tho !!!!!!

    Lets hope sundays F1 race will be the sa....uuuhhmmmm GOMAX!!! :D

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  3. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus
    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    I'm super annoyed - for some reason, the broadcaster has decided to stop showing GP2 and GP3 races down here. Apparently there's more demand for FIM SuperEnduro racing.
  4. I watch all the junior formula series on the web. Either YouTube or Burningwhee1s. Of course there's always a bit of a delay, but that doesn't bug me for the junior stuff. There's too much to watch all at once, so I like to space it out over a week, or even the off seasons.
  5. Cap'n Jack

    Australia South of the South

    We got coverage for Saturday's GP2 and 3 races at Catalunya, but obviously they couldn't squeeze Sunday's races in on one of the 6 sports channels. Don't know what's happening this weekend though.
  6. Just finished watching last weekend's F3 from Austria. All three of those races were really entertaining. Massive crash aside (glad everyone is relatively ok), there was great action up and down the field.

    The number of drive throughs for track limits in the final race was a bit amusing. That had to be some kind of record.
  7. DesertPenguin09

    United States New York, USA

    Can you suggest YouTube pages to subscribe to? I don't know where to find this stuff and would love to see more open wheel racing.
  8. IforceV8


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  9. prisonermonkeys

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    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    Turns out they are playing it, just on a delayed broadcast. I shouldn't be too surprised - the Barcelona rounds were only added to the viewing guide at the last minute.
  10. JohnBM01

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    United States Houston, Texas

    All I know about lower-level formula racing is this... I love Formula 3. I become stupefied at just how crazy awesome Japan's Super Formula is. Those Super Formula machines have borderline GP2-level performance. Here in the United States, I love the newer Indy Lights cars as well as the variety of cars in the SCCA's Formula 500 class. Formula 500 has some formula cars that look a great bit unusual. Look at some of the models from NOVAKAR, for example. This probably doesn't qualify for discussion here, but I also admire and respect the formula racing cars made by colleges and universities competing in various collegiate competitions.

    Though I love a lot of these junior formula series, I don't usually follow them in any great capacity. A lot of these series are still quite fun to watch.
  11. Jimlaad43

    United Kingdom Variable

    Has anyone found any highlights videos of the GP2 races from Monaco? I can't find anything
  12. GTPorsche


    I don't even know if GP2 still gets minimal coverage in the US.
  13. IforceV8


    NBCSN showed the sprint race after the re-air of the GP Sunday afternoon during the 500.
  14. GTPorsche


    What a perfect time when no one would be watching.
  15. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    Can we stop giving out links to illegal streams and videos?
  16. Bo

    United Kingdom Liverpool

    They exceed GP2, it's F1 times they're gunning for now. It's also not a junior or feeder series, it's Tier 1 - people just don't treat it as such because nobody's ever heard of it.
  17. GTPorsche


    About 8 years ago they had similar on-track performance to GP2. Probably the more interesting looking open wheel racers as well.
  18. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus
    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    It gets practically no media exposure. The only reason why it's getting any coverage in Europe this year is because Stoffel Vandoorne is racing in it. And it has a really short calendar, with just seven races from April to September.
  19. Carbonox

    Finland Intercourse, PA

    So, GP2 has now completed its first ever weekend at Baku... god, did that second restart at the sprint piss me the :censored: off. :yuck: I know Matsushita got wrecked later, and fully deserved that, but seriously, even that is not good enough. Guy could do with a weekend's exclusion as well for his impressive Will Power-style Retard Move of the Year...

    EDIT: Wow, just after I said that, it seems he indeed does have an exclusion waiting for him. :tup:

    EDIT2: And whose bright idea was it to blame Eriksson for the clash with King? Jordan was the one divebombing from a straight's length back...
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  20. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus
    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    Gah, the races sounded epic - if only for the wrong reasons - but Foxtel have decided to only show them in the middle of the day three days after the fact.
  21. Jimlaad43

    United Kingdom Variable

    How is Markelov leading the GP2 championship???????
  22. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus
    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    Consistency. And he's really sharpened his skills of late.
  23. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus
    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    Eurgh. Sergey Sirotkin is having a shocker of a season. Perhaps we should start calling him "Sergey Sirshockin".
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  24. Pezzarinho17

    United Kingdom Shrewsbury

    First weekend in a long time where I have watched the GP2 and GP3 races before the F1 race itself, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the previous rounds have really gone to highlight a racing level difference between F1 and the support for the wrong reasons. But the races this weekend went the other way and potentially even showed how the racing can be better. Some really great moves around Luffield, Maggotts, and Stowe on offer.
  25. Carbonox

    Finland Intercourse, PA

    Well, at least Gasly finally broke the apparent curse that had been on him for god-knows-how-long.
  26. Jimlaad43

    United Kingdom Variable

    The real star of the weekend was Luca Ghiotto. He broke down in practice after about 5 laps, and then in qualifying he didn't even make it to the new pits when they let them drive from the old pits to the new pits before the session starts. Started last in Race 1 and finished 5th, before coming 2nd in Race 2. Impressive.
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  27. R1600Turbo

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    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth

    Congrats to Chiyo and Jann on their 1-2 finish at Fuji this weekend. Jann now leading the All Japan F3 championship. :tup:
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  28. 05XR8

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  29. Jimlaad43

    United Kingdom Variable

    GP2 doing exactly what it should do, 5 car pile-up at turn 2 :lol:
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  30. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus
    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    And Gasly is demonstrating why he isn't ready for Formula One. He might have won the feature race, but he's gone nowhere; he's stuck in seventh.

    Nice to see Sirotkin back on form.
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