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Our friend @djolliea also uses the Mercedes-AMG but his time is not at all the same because when you come from another world 👽👽 everything seems easy,🤣🤣 with a time of 1'37'923. Respect !!!!:bowdown::bowdown:

New improvement in Dragon Trail with Mercedes-AMG GT3 '20 in 1'39'466. Being under 1'39 is doable !!!! I hope !!!🤞🤞

Watch the replay of leading time with the Supra. Though the Esses he is full throttle and bouncing off the outer edges of kerbs to get through. Through the COD he barely lifts on entry and bounces through again. So there is some luck even at the highest skill level to get record times.
I read here and there that the Supra is fast but need some style changes to get times.
Given that each car need some sort of style change, do you mind to give some advice with it? I really never drive Supra and I'd like to try it

I tried the Supra and the GTR, and I find the GTR a lot easier to navigatie thru the death chicane, had 2 very short stints but barely into gold with the GTR with 2.91 %
Supra feels faster but I need to adapt to it or something, maggiore I was quite fast with it last time now all over the place 🤣
Here are some statistics for TT43 at Goodwood Motor Circuit in the Aston Martin DB5 '64.

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Drivers with gold in all TTs
The number of drivers with gold in all TTs to date dropped from 117 to 116.

Interim Results for TT44 at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP Layout in Gr.3.

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This was a request to help people see how many places they're likely to gain by gaining a certain amount of time.
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And as requested @crome a table with average time per car.

And an update on the movie promotion TT at Red Bull Ring in the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 '18.

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A massive amount of people have taken part so far, making this a 69MB file to date!!

Curious how the distribution on this one is different, with a disproportional amount of drivers getting no reward. Maybe casual drivers doing one lap and not coming back?

This was a request to help people see how many places they're likely to gain by gaining a certain amount of time.View attachment 1288908
I really appreciate all the work you do to put this together. Thank you.

I should add that I’m a wheel user. And a little correction my GTP and PSN names are transposed.

Thanks again 👍
@half_sourly - epic job as always mate, thanks so much!

Pleased to turn on the PS5 this morning to see that I managed to stay in the top 1000 at Goodwood, and place 80th in the US. Might be my best result to date… still a long way from the ultimate pace of the rest of you (you know who you are!!) but a decent result for me.

Much as I really enjoy the Gr.3 cars, there is as others have said, a distinct lack of imagination over at PD. Is there a public holiday in Japan and they’ve left the intern to run things? It wouldn’t be so bad if we had the current crop of cars that are being used IRL, but we’re a generation or two behind, so I struggle to understand the focus. I get it for daily races (BOP, good car choice etc.) but it makes little sense for the TT when there are so many cars to choose from.

Despite all this, I’ll run it and enjoy it and try a bunch of different cars (before coming back to the ones I’m most comfortable with), but just seems another missed opportunity.
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I improved a little, but still left a lot of time out there on that final chicane - I lost about 0.7 to holl01 in the final sector! To anyone who can nail that final chicane, my hat goes off to you.

I’ll share my lap video shortly :)
Nice work, man. Was just slightly ahead of you with a .131. Pushed quite a bit last night for a 23 but couldn’t quite make it happen.

yes, it's Dragon Trail Seaside (Hard race tyres)
Eh, the chicane of death is a breeze compared to the one we just dealt with at Goodwood, that is a properly nasty chicane.

P32 BABY!!! I was pushing so hard for a 1:23.xxx. It wasn’t to be. Still, best ever finish, I’m happy with that :D

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Great job, man. Killer lap. Congratulations on your best ever finish, so far!
I forgot how easy it is to oversteer in the Supra upon acceleration. Gotta be so careful with the throttle. I like the challenge of the car, though. Not a bad start to the TT considering I hadn't watched the lap guides yet. I may make a couple of adjustments to chase a 1:37. :) I never thought I'd say this, but I MUCH prefer Dragon Trail's chicane of death. At least compared to Goodwood and Catalunya's. I make it through much more often here.


PD have been oddly generous the last two days with their gifts. As shown in my previous post, I won the Supra Tuesday (the same one I so happen to be using at DT). Then yesterday PD evidently lost track of what day it was and gave me my birthday present a week early when I logged on. Then I got a 6 star roulette and received yet another car. WTH is going on?? :lol:

Finally got a slightly more respectable time. Didn't nail the chicane of death 100% for this lap, but at leas it wasn't horrible. I'm still losing boat load of time in the first sector....that stupid chicane is worse than the chicane of death.

I might stick with the Corvette 🤔


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Just checked @half_sourly leaderboard for the last TT. Amazing to have finished 58th overall and "only" 6th in the GTP leaderboard! What a great group we have here across the board, all improving and great competition and support.
yeah it's bizar how fast everybody has become here, if i set a time in the beginning and watch 4 days later i'm not even on the leaderboard and have to scroll down :lol: :lol:
I'm still willing to learn the Supra, but by now I cannot escape the bronze cage with it.
Thaks to @Gomario JSP I moved to the Nissan and came back with a 1.40.594
If it survives the week end I'll call it a safe silver

There is lot of room for improvement. Couple of turns to master where I really suck, particullary the hairpin before the COD.
Racing line to improve to get the proper amount of curbs allowed by my driving ability.

Final consideration on the COD: when I approach it I realize I stop breathing, arms loose flexibility like I am a piece of redwood wood from shoulders to hands. My eyes think that the car is large X, the street is large X+1mm.
Than I look at my reply.... there is more room between the car and the walls than in my whole garden :rolleyes: