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    I have decided to start a thread to collect data for the top speed of the cars in GT5. To submit data, follow these easy steps:
    1) Fully tune the car you wish to collect the top speed of.
    2) Practice with it on SPECIAL STAGE ROUTE 7 until you have the car within 300km-5000km on its virtual Odometer. (186 miles+) Or Skip this step if this is already done.
    3) Oil Change it.
    4) Bring it back to SPECIAL STAGE ROUTE 7 (in arcade mode preferably, you can use and tune the car without putting more km on it) turn Skid Recovery Force off and floor the pedal to the metal, record the highest speed you obtain without drafting. If you are able to collect the top speed of the car while drafting on SSR7 online record & submit that also.

    Tips for achieving the highest speeds:
    1) Have your camber for your wheels at 0.
    2) If you hear your engine revving out (Hitting the max revolutions on your last gear) set your custom transmission to a reasonably high achievable speed for your car, and then modify the last gear (usually gear 6) to an even greater speed - within reason. This is tricky if you're starting out but there is a balance where you will achieve the greatest speed.
    3) Tighten your suspension. If you don't know how to do this, try reading the tips in GT5 or experimenting with what works best, or use default suspension if you're really afraid to be in this menu.
    4) Reduce downforce in the Body/Chassis > Aerodynamics settings. (Not an option for some cars)

    Smuttysy or I will modify the Google Doc's entries as the data is collected. Submit either on this thread or by PM or email, with the subject "Top Speed" to:
    With the format:

    Car: Car Name
    Top Speed:
    Top Speed (Drafting):

    Extras, for Google Docs (Please make an effort to collect this);
    PP Min/Max: *
    Aero Front Min/Max:
    Aero Rear Min/Max:
    Additional Notes:
    (i.e. High-RPM Turbo or Supercharger - if both were available, which were you using?)
    *(To find PP Min, put full ballast, lowest aerodynamics and power limiter to lowest possible setting. To find the max; take off ballast, put full aerodynamics and set power limiter to 100%)

    If you are concerned about speeds posted by users, you may ask them for a proof screenshot if necessary. Please contribute if you can!

    Update; June 10th, 2011: Added the Google Docs version
    Update; July 5th, 2011: Only the Top 23 are listed, the rest can be found in the Google Docs version
    Update; Sept 16th, 2011: Added news about 1.12 physics change

    As of patch 1.11 or 1.12 some cars (apparently cars with strong rear downforce) are able to lift off their front wheels to gain a considerable amount of top-end speed. Some of the speeds listed that have been taken as early as patch 1.08 will most likely be incorrect due to this physics change. Smuttysy has put a lot of work into finding the values thus far and so these speeds are somewhat still relevant. We had noticed a physics change but we couldn't quite figure out what it was until it was brought to my attention that the X2010 can gain an extra 25~30mph using this new physics. I personally hope there's a patch that changes the physics to reflect what this will actually do to the car, or they set it back to normal but until then I guess I have no choice but to accept 1.12 speeds. These however wont be posted and instead kept in a text file in case it is patched because I don't feel like changing values for PD to just re-patch the game with the old physics. If by December these new physics are still operational I may consider releasing the top speeds as legitimate.

    Car--------------------------Top Speed in kph (Without Drafting/Drafting) (Mph/mph)
    Red Bull X2011 Prototype----------------------------------------------(515/n/a kph) (320/n/a mph)
    Red Bull X2010 Prototype----------------------------------------------(498/n/a kph) (310/n/a mph)
    Red Bull X2010 S.VETTEL----------------------------------------------(497/n/a kph) (309/n/a mph)
    Red Bull X2010--------------------------------------------------------(490/n/a kph) (305/n/a mph)
    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '09-----------------------------------------------(455/n/a kph) (283/n/a mph)
    Nissan R92CP Race Car '92--------------------------------------------(444/n/a kph) (276/n/a mph)
    Audi R8 Race Car (Audi PlayStation Team ORECA) '05-------------------(440/n/a kph) (274/n/a mph)
    Toyota MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V Race Car '89---------------------------(439/n/a kph) (273/n/a mph)
    Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Team Peugeot Total '10-------------------------(439/n/a kph) (273/n/a mph)
    Pescarolo Sport Pescarolo C60 Hybride - Judd Race car '05--------------(434/n/a kph) (270/n/a mph)
    Toyota GT-ONE Race Car (TS020) '99----------------------------------(429/n/a kph) (267/n/a mph)
    Mazda 787B Race car '91----------------------------------------------(428/n/a kph) (266/n/a mph)
    Cadillac CIEN Concept '02---------------------------------------------(425/n/a kph) (264/n/a mph)
    Audi R8 Race Car '01--------------------------------------------------(423/n/a kph) (263/n/a mph)
    Mercedes-Benz SL 600 (R230) '04--------------------------------------(421/n/a kph) (261/n/a mph)
    Pescarolo Sport Pescarolo-Courage - Judd GV5 Race Car '04-------------(420/n/a kph) (261/n/a mph)
    Bentley Speed 8 Race Car '03------------------------------------------(418/n/a kph) (260/n/a mph)
    Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Team Oreca Matmut '10-------------------------(416/n/a kph) (259/n/a mph)
    BMW V12 LMR Race Car '99--------------------------------------------(415/n/a kph) (258/n/a mph)
    Ford Ford GT (No Stripe) '05-------------------------------------------(415/n/a kph) (258/n/a mph)
    Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (R230) '04----------------------------------(415/n/a kph) (258/n/a mph)
    Ferrari Enzo '02-------------------------------------------------------(413/n/a kph) (257/n/a mph)
    Ford Ford GT '06------------------------------------------------------(411/510 kph) (256/317 mph)
    Mercedes Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car '89-----------------------(411/n/a kph) (256/n/a mph)

    DO NOT SUBMIT SPEEDS HERE FROM ROUTE X. There is a new thread for Route X Top Speeds:
    Top Speed of GT5 Cars V2
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  2. I'd like to see this go somewhere. I've been curious about how fast people can get. There's no top speed limit like in the other GT's, though?
  3. TenEightyOne


    Why does having the camber at 0 help? Surely that means you're likely to have more rubber on the road thus more drag?
  4. Corpsey


    Well with Special Stage Route 7 you have a long straight to achieve an incredibly high speed. I wish they would have implemented the VW test track (link to picture) where they had tested the veyron on Top Gear, or even other tests for us to know the precise 0-100kph and 100-0 brake testing of our tuned cars but this is the best we have >.>
  5. Corpsey


    I'm not sure, I just find that this helps if you're using a car that has downforce anyways. The downforce would press the wheels at an akward angle and you end up having the same amount of rubber on the road than if you don't have camber, with the added advantage that your tires are already centrifuging without trying to overcome a weird angle.

    Edit: I might be wrong, but this is only for top speed anyways, in an actual race this should be set to some degree of course.
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  6. No, you're right about that ^^^

    I forgot they tested it on the VW test track. It was simply amazing, that episode. James May started crying at the end of the run :dopey:. Pretty unexpected.
  7. uMadson?


    Car: Lexus IS F Racing Concept
    Top Speed: 342 km/h
    Top Speed (Drafting): 376 km/h

    Couldn't remember the drafting top speed, but it may reach 380, or even 400 km/h. Done with the High RPM Turbo.
  8. mookss1231


    Car: Toyota Supra RZ 97'
    Top Speed: 378km/h
    Top Speed (Drafting): 444km/h
  9. GT'S BiG FaN

    GT'S BiG FaN

    Saudi Arabia
    Car: Ford GT '06
    Top speed: 404 km\h
    Top speed (Drafting): 510 km\h
  10. Gran Turismo Ford GT Spec II 382KM/h
    Without drafting and full downforce on Sarthe.
  11. lbsf1


    United Kingdom
    193mph on a completely standard Corvette Z06 (C5) 2004.

    It wouldn't couldn't get to within 2,500 rpm of its redline in 6th gear so with adjustable gears it could go to a double ton easily.
  12. MadMax

    MadMax Moderator

    There was a thread for collecting GT5 top speeds here , but no leaderboard has been formed.

    I have collected all the posted speeds from that thread , but I haven't sorted them for a leaderboard yet.
    It needs 4 leaderboards total the least as GT5 speeds are roughly what is shown on speedometer in game.
    Thus turning those speeds into MPH/Kmh doesn't work too well.

    1. and 2. drafting MPH and Km/h
    3. and 4. max speed with no draft in Km/h and MPH

    Let me know if you want to form a list of those speeds I've collected.



    If it's still working, the TGTT glitch online provides the perfect opportunity for top speed testing, providing the car you use can get through the wall. It keeps going for at least 20minutes, plenty of time to max a car out.
  14. ugabugaz


    TVR Cerbera Speed 12
    Without Drafting: 247mph / 397.5 kph

    When tested: Car was at 1027hp, 1020kg. Used SuperCharger.

    Edit: Ford GT Tested.
    Without Drafting: 253 mph / 407.2 kph

    When tested: Car was at 882 hp, 1208kg, Used SuperCharger
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  15. Corpsey


    Could you test it on SSR7?

    I'm looking for the fully tuned top speeds only.

    I don't plan on collecting data from this thread - this new thread should suffice. However, if you want to collect the information tidbits of your thread and email, pm me or post here (as best you can) the speeds and cars it was obtained on, I will surely add it in as a result.

    I don't promote glitching, and you can go around SSR7 4 times in 20 minutes, enough time to collect a legitimate top speed.

    Which Ford GT?
  16. ugabugaz



    The premium dealership available Ford GT '06
  17. Smuttysy


    United Kingdom
    I've been doing a similar thing with mine and have compiled a database myself. That said, my "standardised" setup is a little different - Max out the performance mods, drop the suspension to the floor, 2 degrees of camber up front only and, (for cars over 650bhp) take the gearbox out to it's maximum setting, all downforce off. I also take the final top speed from the tunnel on the return section, as it'll max out to it's highest sustained top speed around half way through, just before it kinks to the right. (SSR7) All tested on solo runs, drafting corrupts the results and is generally not 100% repeatable, so I don't bother with it.

    My top 5 came out as follows:
    1. Bugatti Veyron - 1250bhp - 271mph
    2. Cadillac Cien Concept - 995bhp - 261mph
    3. Minolta Toyota 88c - 1040bhp - 258mph
    4. Ferrari Enzo - 897bhp - 252mph
    5. Mercedes SLR Mclaren (non premium version) - 893bhp - 249mph
    (EDIT: retested after engine rebuild, gained over 20bhp!)

    I was also surprised by the Lotus Esprit cars, all under 750bhp but still capable of 230+mph!!
    (If you'd like me to send over my results list so far, still an ongoing project, PM me and I'll send some more over)

    P.S. - I also get 237mph from the Supra Rz.
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  18. Ford GT Spec II Test Car - 387KM/h
  19. ugabugaz


    Got your Veyron beat Smuttysy. I got mine to do 282 MPH / 453.83 kph on the return trip of SSR7.

    1256 HP - 1424kg
  20. Corpsey


    Large list update thanks to Smuttysy.
  21. sp00ner


    Car: Dodge Viper ACR 08'
    Top speed: 407 km\h
    Top speed (Drafting): n/a
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  22. MeToo


    those same cars like the Minolta and the cien went faster in GT4 on the test course, all the lemans cars could go beyond 500 kph the Minolta could get up to 540KPH the Bentley Speed 8 about 538 the Sauber about 530 etc
  23. ugabugaz


    Right, I think what I'll set out to do is try and beat each and every posted time in this thread (Except my own)

    Also, it would be nice if you could put the HP-Torque-Weight next to each car so if someone wants to beat a said time they could see what they were up against. Alternatively a person might have a better setup in terms of power/weight.

    I will edit this post with any speed I manage to beat.

    Absolutely destroyed the Minolta Record.
    New Top Speed of the Toyota Minolta: 266MPH / 428.08 kph
    1040 HP / 8000rpm
    743 Torque / 5500rpm
    850 kg

    Bugatti Veyron
    I was able to squeeze out one more MPH for a top speed of 283 MPH / 455.44 KPH
    BROKE 285 MPH ON SARTHE 2005!

    Cerbera Record DOWN
    New Top Speed: 253 MPH / 407.16 kph

    Ford GT '06 (P)
    New Top Speed: 257MPH - Achieved on Sarthe, Achieved +1MPH on Sarthe 2005: 258MPH, SSR7: 255 MPH - SupaChargah!
    882 HP / 6900rpm
    756 Torque / 4900rpm

    Red Bull X2010
    Top Speed: 304 MPH / 489.24 KPH <---Clean Speed, Not Draft Speed.
    1540 HP / 15000rpm
    547 Torque / 12000rpm
    545 kg
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  24. I forgot to tell that the Ford GT Spec II Test Car had the Super Charger on when I did the 387KM/h.
  25. Corpsey


    I had a discussion with another member about putting the BHP of the cars next to them - and I simply don't want to for the simple reason that that information is available on other websites. Generally, if you're not achieving the speeds posted you're probably not using a fully broken in car. Also, for the sake of benchmarking, I'm only taking the speed results from SSR7. This is simply for balance reasons - once more standards are posted people will be able to find cars with similar top speeds.

    Edit: Also, yeah a lot of the speeds can be broken by 1mph, I've already beat Smuttysy's Gallardo top speed, but he set a lot of benchmarks and it was great of him to contribute.
  26. ugabugaz


    Alrighty then. I'll use SSR7 exclusively for benchmarking. The reason why I had used Sarthe was because it's main stretch is about a mile longer than SSR7. Still hoping to push the X2010 to 305 MPH :)
  27. RufusGonePunk


    United Kingdom
    Cool thread. I'm gonna get my Nissan R92CP onto SS7 and see what it can do. I've had it up to ~260mph on Le Sarthe with very little tuning.

    It might've been a typo, but you'd go faster with minimum downforce.
  28. ugabugaz


    Success! 305MPH has been achieved with the X2010. The HP is still climbing so 306+ might not be out of the question!

    Edit: ONE UP! 306MPH has been achieved! - @ 1557 HP.

    I have a picture of the X1 at 306MPH if anyone wants to see it.

    Edit 2:

    Gillet Vertigo Race Car - 249MPH / 400.73 KPH
    Just could not crack 250mph no matter how hard I tried. Perhaps some extreme transmission fine tunning will give me +1.
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  29. Corpsey


    Is this on SSR7 or la Sarthe? (Gillet)
  30. ugabugaz


    SSR7. Like I said, I'm only doing SSR7 since you want it that way.
    Also, kindly update the X1 and Cerbera Speed 12 Top Speeds. They're both wrong.