Understeer Rattle Effect (Poll-Only for Wheel Users)

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What do you think about the understeer rattle effect ?

  1. I like this strong rattle effect and I do not want to be changed.

  2. I like this rattle effect but I want to be weakened.

  3. I do not like this rattle effect and I want to be completely removed.

  4. I have no opinion.

  5. I would like to have an option to adjust the strength of this effect or turn it off.

  1. Tristan Jones

    Tristan Jones

    Well said.

    I have a 2nd hand T300rs...my first ffb wheel...and at first wondered what was happening - soon realised a few corners later that it was understeer. I love that something is able to be communicated through such mechanical means!

    The slip of ABS kicking in and out feels amazing too...the pedals communicate this IRL, i was amazed that I recognised the sensation in a wheel.
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  2. Knukel


    4WD powersliding/drifting was quite interesting experience with my CSL Elite wheel: Normal FFB resistance at corner entry - Sudden rattle when about to loose grip - All forces off when starting to slide - Shakes again FFB back on - Automatic counter steer kicks in. With CSL in GT Sport you can't just step on throttle pedal and let the wheel do countersteering. And oddly there are corners where the rattle effect doesn't exist.
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  3. Haitauer


    The rattle in g29 was weird, but in tgt it works very well. Its a lot more accurate and smooth, and therefore feels a lot more like wheels starting to slip. And the best part is you can take the car to the very edge of grip just by following the edge of this effect. Car will start to understeer and one can control the amount of understeer an by that the exit from the corner.
  4. Mirror_man


    Hi Guys!!!!

    Some news for FANATEC CSL ELITE with 1.19 update!!!

    This was reported some minutes ago:

    "The understeer rattling effect on the Fanatec® CSL Elite Racing Wheel (for PS4) has been resolved.
    Lock to lock of the Fanatec® CSL Elite Racing Wheel (for PS4) is now1080°."

    Please comment and confirm! :)
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  5. John G

    John G

    Oh - maybe they can fix it on the other wheels too (if its the same thing? The vibrating and then bucking of the wheel on understeer). T300 here
  6. Bohemis09


    Glad to hear, but what do you mean resolved;
    For me the effect it's still there, strong and annoying. Have to adjust FEI option to 10 for better results.
    I didn't notice the lock to lock at 1080 degrees, I will test it tomorrow.
  7. user3392345

    user3392345 (Banned)

    On t-gt same poor ff as before patch. Also 1080° reset to 900° every time you re enter track.
  8. Tou2istTrophy



    It’s there and it provides me useful feedback. I don’t know how realistic it is because I don’t have any real track experience.

    Although just recently I’ve noticed that there’s insufficient feedback from the wheel to let me know the front end is washing out when powering out of a high speed corner. For a long time I didn’t know why the car was reacting so strange for no reason, but now I know the front end just can’t keep up. It’s much more of a visual thing though as I never noticed anything through the wheel.
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  9. VBR

    VBR Premium

    United Kingdom
    Most of us (according to the poll) want an option to remove this effect/bug, whatever it is.
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  10. Pigems


    I’m not a big fan of the vibration effect when you plow the front tires, I could do without it as well. The wheel should just go light like it does IRL. :)

    On the Karting topic, years ago my roommate at the time and I each bought 5hp racing Karts one summer, mine did around 95km/h and his about 85km/h, we used to take them out to new subdivisions at night that were not yet lived in, but were close to it and had freshly paved roads. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in a vehicle! He’d always pull me off the line and out of slower corners, but I always caught him on the straights, we had such a blast that summer. :D

    You could wear a set of tires right down to the wires in less than an hour on hot asphalt. :lol:
  11. Beezer215


    United States
    Obnoxious unrealistic effect that ruins the experience.
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  12. Leggacy


    United Kingdom
    I tend to only get this effect, on T500RS, when I’ve over done it on the way into the corner. I like to make my tyres last so this is usually a good indication that I’m doing something wrong, so I find it quite useful.

    And, as I’ve said before - If you have a T300 and don’t like this effect, you should try racing with the servo set in PS3 mode, as this reduces the effect but will stop the wheels buttons working in the PS4 OS menus.
  13. fastone371


    United States
    My kids raced karts with modified 5HP Briggs motors on Coyote chassis' for years. We raced the oval at Milwaukee Mile and the full course at Road America, both places they were just touching 90MPH in the draft. If they pulled out of the draft without a partner they would get freight trained by the pack. It's amazing how fast they can go with so little power, I think they were around 10HP on the dyno.
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  14. L_Kesan


    G29 user so my vote probably doesnt matter as much as some fanatec users but I would love to be able to further tailor the wheel experience since it is very subjective
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  15. Pigems


    Nice! Mine was an old Italian Kart frame with a Honda 5.5 that was supposedly bored out to 250cc(that’s I was told when I bought it) and had some sort of homemade pipe on it that made it sound like a 400ex with a Hindle attached lol. My frame was lime green too, I wish I had pics of it. My buddies was newer and all stock, it was the gearing that made our speeds different I’m pretty sure, I had a different rear sprocket that gave me a little more tip end. His had way nicer plastics on it though, much sportier looking. Mine was bigger bodied and was painted to look like a New York yellow cab haha. They were so low that I sheared off the seat mounting bolts a couple of times from scraping lol. Those things were so much fun man!! I definitely suggest them to anyone!! :D
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  16. nfsp2kTW


    T500RS users, the steering wheel does have unexpected jitter when the vehicle is understeering.
    This jitter feedback will suddenly appear and disappear suddenly. It can be understood that this is to simulate the vehicle's understeer feedback.
    However, its appearance and disappearance are not gradual and smooth, and this feedback is not complete enough.
    If the DP cannot be improved, at least give us an option to adjust the strength of this effect or turn it off.
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  17. watashi49uk


    United Kingdom
    Not sure whether the rattle/jitter/judder described in this thread is what I experience with my T300, but I absolutely hate the effect.
    In the past I've looked for a solution on the forum and the only one I have found suggests using the wheel in PS3 mode. However, even with the wheel in PS3 mode it's still horrible!
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  18. VBR

    VBR Premium

    United Kingdom
    I have a G29 as well as a Fanatec CSR, & can feel it on both wheels. However, it's only really noticeable on road cars. I've only felt it on one race car, & that was after the 1.39 update. Real steering wheels do not vibrate when a car understeers, so nor should it be happening in software that claims to simulate 'real driving'.

    It's the same old mentality of PD forcing things on players rather than giving them the option to choose for themselves. Every time they force something on, they alienate part of their customer base, whereas if they simply gave us the option to turn it on or off (like other games do *cough* Assetto Corsa) then they'd keep everyone happy.


    The effect is so badly implemented as well, that I initially thought it was caused by oversteer! Even with RSS on the fronts of some RWD road cars & keeping Sports Hard on the rear, I was still noticing the effect kicking in. That's why I didn't believe it was an understeer effect first of all. I wasn't even sure if it was supposed to be an effect either, I thought it might've been a bug. And, I'm still not 100% sure on that front...

    The net result is that I don't want to drive any cars in GT Sport with my FFB wheels anymore...

    :banghead: :irked: :ouch:
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