Unused / Hidden Content Discoveries in Gran Turismo 5

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    Seeing as how literally every other game here (apart from GT6, but that will have its own thread soon enough) has its own thread here regarding this subject, I think it's about time that Gran Turismo 5 receives its own thread as well. Spurred off from the Gran Turismo 4 / PSP Course Found in Gran Turismo 5 thread, lots of other discoveries are being made as well but are being posted on that thread, so the purpose of this thread is to keep any other discoveries organized. Also, if other users discover content that fits the criteria, it can be posted in here as well.

    The Index

    Any other new discoveries can be posted in this thread, and will be appropriately added to the index. Timestamps are from various sources that are not GTPlanet; the earlier discoveries were found elsewhere and were published to GTPlanet usually on the following day. If your post/discovery doesn't get added to the index, send me a PM or possibly someone else will tag me to get it added!
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    So how do you activate the turn signals and hazards ? Inquiring minds want to know ? Controller or wheel buttons used ?
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    Knowing GT5/6 there'll probably will be more finds. That's just the very tip of the ice berg.