What are you Eating/Drinking?

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Yeah so I spent $10 for about a pound of ham. Then another $10 for more. Bavarian and something they made up, that isn’t labeled maple honey.

So then, wait, a pound of Sugardale bacon is $4?

I’ve literally been doing this wrong for too darn long.

Going to start prep on some larb gai (chicken) for dinner later, and serve it with steamed rice and pork rinds. I forgot cucumbers to slice up for an additional side, but after the damage I did in Daily Race B at Spa, I probably shouldn't be allowed near a real car.
That's a Cajun dish. This is flavoured with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, onions and chilli. Add peas, fried egg and sweet peppers. It's one of the most common dishes in Asian cuisine.
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Cool, I'll probably end up doing research and find recipes similar to that, I have an oven and glass stovetop. So I'll be ready to cook it.

Piri Piri Chicken with Pilau rice and kidney beans which was also spiced. Not overly hot but just enough so the taste is not ruined.

Finished with a tub of Bonne Maman Strawberry & Rhubarb yogurt. I feel a bit green as I ate the whole tub.

About to fry up some sliced loin (my bacon substitute) with some fried eggs to go in sesame seed buns for lunch.
Pics or liar
It doesn't look very interesting and is in my belly now. It's just a wrap and they have no pack shot.

If you like I can take a post-digestion picture of it before I flush. How come you don't give other posters like Chris30 a hard time? I've never seen him post a picture. :P
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No poop photos can out do 😏 my recent laxative required assistance endeavor. So, not a concern.

Chris3000 never really did post photos, no matter the mentions. And if you can do it once, you can do it again. I dunno. Great looking rice. Eat with the eyes.

Bacon fat
Hooked on 21 Season Salute


Another pound to go before I buy more!
🥓 🥓 🥓
Chef Boyardee doesn't seem to have made it across the Atlantic for some reason. I think Heinz make most of the tinned ravioli over here.