What are you Eating/Drinking?

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Yeah, it's crazy. They're definitely not worth what you'd pay to import them from here. I'd stick with American brands like Bush's Best if I were you.
If I'm not mistaken, don't Heinz have a Monopoly on the Tomato supply? (Either here in the US or UK, can't remember)
Chicken and rice and a bottle of Pepsi Lemon Big Zero.
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That's exactly how I feel about Heinz.

My mum worked for Nestlé when I was growing up so we ate a lot of their rival brand Crosse & Blackwell. They were exactly the same generic product.
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Sister and I about to have these for lunch. She bought 4 of each, had no idea these were a thing.
So verdict (My sister had the Chicken flavor while I had the Hot & Spicy one): Pretty good. It doesn't set my mouth ablaze quite like those Korean Noodles I had once but I was more concerned if it was even gonna be ANY kind of hot and it thankfully was. If you're looking to have some heat to your Noodles but you're not prepared to have a personal forest fire in your mouth, this feels like a decent entry point. Hot enough that there's a kick but the kick isn't strong enough to knock you on your butt.

Now to see where I can find the flavors that will buck me right the hell off...
Hehe, would you like to guess who actually had Number 1? :D

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The picante chicken on Amazon can go up and down $10. Chili is great. Creamy is weird.
Hey, I remember this. It was my mom that introduced me to this brand via those huge bulk value packs that had about 14 or so flavors and this one of my favorites.
Wait, what...? There's breakfast pizza??

Oh well, I reckon the diet can wait until another life.
I didn't discover pizza until I found breakfast pizza. Well they called it omelette pizza. Sadly the place that had it closed. I probably mentioned this somewhere here years ago.

The crust was somewhat flaky. It had eggs and I opted for pepperoni and green peppers and possibly bacon.

New pizza place opened called Barrel Mountain Brewing pizza and pints.
Near one is pepperoni, cooked tomato, fresh basil and a balsamic drizzle. Really good pizza.
Far one is Bacon, onion, smoked blue cheese and pears.
Not so good. Needed more blue cheese and the pears needed to be softer and sweeter.
Beer is always good.
No bad days IPA.