What are you Eating/Drinking?

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Tastes pretty good after 2 hours of yard work.
I'm eating a chicken Caesar salad with a brownie parfait as a dessert item. The whole meal package was $3.29.
Buy one!
It’s my second favorite IPA on the globe.
It’s tropical, not a palette wrecker.
If you have a brandy snifter, drink your first one out out of that.
The aroma compliments the taste. It will enhance your drinking pleasure. 👍😆
I have to add that Breakside Brewing is 20 mins away and it’s always fresh.
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These were less than a buck at Aldi...


I was a little skeptical about canned herring after my last Costco pickled herring impulse buy was a dry-heaving flop. These things are awesome though. Gonna go back and buy out the whole inventory. Perfect hurricane season food. I made some sushi rice and dumped the can on top. Hard to beat for basically a dollar.