What are your dream bikes ?.

Ducati Monster 696

Am I the only one that hates how the newer Monsters look?
I'll have a Vyrus 987 with a Penagali R engine in it, for about 20,000 gpb.Vyrus has said that you can put any old Ducati engine in the frame, so i'll go with that engine.So about 200bhp and weight is about 150kg wet approx.
Never tried them since I don't really have the kind of money to afford them.

Plus I absolutely hate the asymmetric styling on BMW bikes.
Meh. I don't mind the asymmetric styling. The S1000RR looked like a damn owl, and I loved it. :lol:

I need to try the KTM. First I need to find a dealer that has them.
Ridden it and it's a heavy bastard of a motorcycle.

That in itself would not be a deal-breaker. The problem however lies in the fact that you can feel its heft while riding.
This makes riding the bike a bit disconcerting to be quite frank.

Not sure about other people's experiences but these are my 2 cents.
Yeah. I still prefer the Stelvio to the BMW GS though. I don't know why... the BMW is better in every way but I still like the Stelvio :lol:

Speaking of Yamaha...

I wouldn't mind having this in my garage:

The Thunderace


YZF1000R Thunderace
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