What games are you playing now?

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  1. Joey D

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    United States
    I picked up Satisfactory now that it's on Steam. Really fun game, although you do end up doing more math than you realize.

    ROAD_DOGG33J Premium

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    About to finish Quantum Break. It's been pretty good so far. Glad I got this one.
  3. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy

    Me & my eldest son have been enjoying a bit of No Man's Sky lately, seeing as it's now on game pass.

    Only in creative mode atm as he's a Minecraft nut so we're just base building atm, which is a cross between ARK Survival & Subnautica.
  4. Master Weasel

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    Final Fantasy X (PS2)
    GT Sport

    ROAD_DOGG33J Premium

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    Finished Quantum Break

    Tried a bit of Project Cars 2 with the controller yesterday

    Now I'm playing Wreckfest and waiting for The Last of Us 2 to arrive.
  6. JohnBM01

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    I guess I've been on a tour of casual-type mobile games lately. After playing "WordScapes" and reviewing it in my main blog, I tried out another word game from the same developer (PeopleFun Games) called Word Stacks. This game has you trying to find certain words in a stack of blocks. You get a hint as to what the puzzle is about, and then all of the words you find are either horizontal or vertical, spelled normally or spelled in reverse. The game isn't exactly difficult, especially in the later levels (all 5000+ of them), but you do tend to get stuck at times. The cool thing is, you really get good once you narrow down some of the final words of a puzzle.

    I learned of both "WordScapes" and "Word Stacks" by watching ads while playing some other mobile games.
  7. MSZ


    Dodonpachi Saidaioujou X360-J

  8. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    TLOUII and PGR2.
  9. Spacegoat

    Spacegoat Premium

    Snowrunner. Frustrating as hell at times but I do love how it doesn't give you something for nothing. You really have to work for it. Only got one more task to do on the Michigan map before properly tackling Alaska.
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  10. Ridox2JZGTE


    Interstate 76, 76 Nitro and Interstate 82, Sega Rally Online, Daytona USA, some old DOS games like Iron Blood, Screamers, and Supreme Warrior.
  11. Darla Starch

    Darla Starch Premium

    North Korea
    Same CK2 save as per my last post, 389 AC.


    Stannis I "not The Mannis" Baratheon ascended to the Iron Throne in 360 AC, a few months shy of his eleventh nameday after his father Garon (lived 330-360 AC, reigned 357-360 AC) would be murdered on the orders of Bryen Farring.

    A distant-enough Royce cousin would play for the throne towards the end of Stannis' regency, swift execution of the rebel lord would earn some decent respect. Two marriages to date.

    His children by Syrona Mormont (a great-granddaughter of Ser Friendzone himself):
    (lived 351-380 AC, m. 365-380)
    -{Rogar}, stillborn
    -Jocelyn, 21, m. {Olyver Roote}
    --Varion, 5, current Lord of Harroway's Town, just up the road from Harrenhal
    -Axel, 19, heir presumptive, m. Cassandra Stormhart
    -Kerena, 16, m. Hubert Arryn (third in line for The Vale behind his father and grandfather)
    --{Renly}, stillborn
    -Hoster, 11

    Hoster inherited his mama's gigantism, headcanon and the game's pregnancy events ended up having her never fully recovering from his birth in 378 and would die from unrelated cancer right before his second nameday. Gave Stannis the house-rule "if the mod doesn't give him the widowed trait then remarry after a year-ish mourning".

    His children by his second wife Joanna Crane
    (considering the in-universe track record of kings remarrying, my successor's reign might get interesting.)
    (lived 367 AC-present, m. 382-present):
    -Edwyn, 6
    -Donnel, 4
    -Eleanor, 1

    Side thing I picked up on:
    • My half-sister Myria Tyrell has married her uncle Edgar, who is himself technically a kinsman in a sense being a grandson of Bobby B and great-grandson of Renly and Arianne Martell. What is my brain doing.
  12. RacingFan1


    I just ordered The Witcher 3 - GOTY edition with all expansions, on PS Store, 15€ bargain offer
  13. SDSmurf


    Still Ark.
    Watching a theri egg right now, 2min to hatch praying after about 25 eggs this one will have a melee mutation :lol:

    I'm so sad :dopey:
  14. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    Following a heap of purchases during the Steam Summer Sale, I've been playing a lot of CarX Drift Racing Online and trying to wrap my head around the intricate storytelling of The Stanley Parable
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  15. Racing_Miku

    Racing_Miku Premium

    Been a while since I last commented here but currently playing School Girl Zombie Hunter on PS4 and still doing some GT Sport.

    Sunday I just started playing Touhou Project Sky Arena on PS4 and it seems I convinced two friends to buy it which will no doubt mean we will finally settle whose favourite Touhou character is the strongest on the field of battle!

    All of this is filler though till the end of July as really looking forward to Fairy Tail when it's finally available!
  16. MrCrynox


    United Kingdom
    Just started my first Hitman game, the one from 2016. Only on the training levels at the mo, trying to complete all the challenges before moving on, it's so engrossing & very satisfying taking out the targets without being seen & witnessing the ensuing panic as you calmly walk off towards the exit. I looked at the clock last night at 23:20 & thought cripes better get to bed, next time I checked it was 02:11 !!

    Also Oxenfree from game pass, seems like an interesting adventure/story so far.
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  17. Darla Starch

    Darla Starch Premium

    North Korea

    400 AC.

    In an alternate timeline, the current king Axel I Baratheon is such a demonic monster that even Maegor the Cruel would be like "Dude calm down a little", with his favorite activities (in no real order) being finding excuses to execute people, needless torture, and deposing people for kicks. Not the one I'm playing in now. (TL;DR: saved once, re-loaded an earlier save and carried on differently.)

    towards the end of the sixth month of 385 AC, Stannis I Baratheon would die from alcoholism at the age of 36, having just held a grand tourney to celebrate his twenty-fifth year as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms a scant month prior. (For completion's sake, a Northman named Ethan Ironsmith would end up winning.) Succeeding him would be his fifteen year old son Axel, who at the time would appear to be a middling king. Kinda thicc, cowardly, arbitrary in decision making.

    Not too long into his reign, then-Lord of Casterly Rock Tybolt Lannister would issue Axel an ultimatum; either surrender the throne to Tybolt's wife (and Axel's great-aunt) Isla Baratheon or go to war. Axel went with Option B. The war, which would span near three years, would see the Stormlands and the Vale both join the efforts to depose the current king. Managing to pull together roughly seventy thousand men between the Riverlands and the Reach (in addition to those of the Crownlands), there was a simple plan in place: Assuming the Lannisters and Arryns go north, begin by taking Casterly Rock (which in this timeline has been taken in war once or twice so not as fearful as it seems. Still daunting).

    Half the royalists would sail to Casterly Rock, where the other half would march overland owing to not having enough ships on hand. The first battle of the war would be at Red Lake, which in a mildly amusing irony, would be where Axel's step-mother Joanna Crane hailed from. Royalists won, went onto Casterly Rock, sacked it. Meanwhile, the rebels would be in the North, aiming to control the Neck and preventing the Starks from doing much to assist (in the end, they would sit out the war but be ready to fight for the royalists if need be). By the time the king's army would round Dorne and sail up the Narrow Sea, the lands of the Neck up to White Harbor would fall.

    Managing to cut off about a third of Lord Tybolt's troops trying to do a sneaky to take back Casterly Rock, the next phase would be to contain the damage and whittle down the rebels before turning around to contain the Storm's End Baratheons (who didn't do much of anything in the rebellion as they were also in a side-war with the Tyrells over Nightsong, which ended with neither side claiming victory and the territory staying in the Stormlands) . After playing murder-chase with one another, the bulk of the rebellion was actually technically dealt with outside of the realm, in the New Gift. Swinging south, the war would be brought to an end near the Trident.

    Of the three Lord Paramounts involved with the rebellion, Denys Arryn and Ronnet Baratheon were let off lightly, with their punishment being limited to bending the knee again and sending a hostage to King's Landing. The ringleader Tybolt was sent to join the Night's Watch, seeing as there was no real grudge between either party. To further attempt to keep the peace (and/or punt on a future rebellion), Axel would offer up a marriage between his youngest sister Kerena and Tybolt's heir Tommen.

    The following six years would be largely peaceful, with Axel outgrowing his thiccness and arbitrary nature and the most involvement at war would be assisting the Night's Watch in their defense against then King-Beyond-the Wall Wise Elk. The next major enemy wouldn't be people, but a peculiar disease that would spread off a ship that sailed into Yronwood in Dorne towards the end of 394 AC. It was near-on two centuries since the last outbreak, but the Great Sickness returned. By the time it would dissipate in the early parts of 398 AC, virtually all of Westeros south of White Harbor would be afflicted; the majority of the Iron Islands, Oldtown, Cider Hall, Horn Hill, and Peckledon would be amongst the worst-hit.

    ==========King's Landing==========
    AXEL BARATHEON, First of His Name, blehblehtitlesandthelike. 29, married to Amyra Mooton (born 373 AC, m. 387 AC-present)
    Their children:
    -ROBERT, heir presumptive, 9
    -TRISTAN, 2

    Axel's sibling's and half-siblings, nieces and nephews:
    (by Syrona Mormont)
    -{ROGAR}, lived a single day in 366 AC

    -{JOCELYN}, victim of the Great Sickness of 394, died in 396 AC at the age of 28, m. {OLYVAR ROOTE}
    --{VARION ROOTE}, victim of the Great Sickness of 394, died in 396 AC at the age of 12
    --{MYCHEL ROOTE}, victim of the Great Sickness of 394, died in 396 AC at the age of 7

    -KERENA, 26, m. Tommen Lannister

    -HOSTER, Commander of the Gold Cloaks, 21, m. Ravella Farman

    (by Joanna Crane)
    -EDWYN, 16
    -ARLAN, 14

    The Small Council consists of:
    Gareth Tyrell, Hand of the King
    Jaqaro Raan, Master of Laws
    Lord Commander Oswell Mallister, Master-at-Arms
    Bryen Farring, Master of Coin
    Idane, Mistress of Whispers
    Grand Maester Jared
    Hullen Brune, Master of Ships (in-mod not one of the major positions)

    The Kingsguard consists of:
    Lord Commander Oswell Mallister
    Anton Toland
    Hugo Swyft
    Hosman Footly
    Tygett Turnberry
    Petyr Mooton
    Lucion Stonebronze

    ==========The North==========​

    BENJEN STARK, Warden of the North. 25, m. Carellen Tully
    -DONELLA, 8
    -BARTHOGAN, heir, 1

    ==========The Riverlands==========

    ALESANDER TULLY, 51, m. {Alys Arryn}
    -NORBERT, heir, 34, m. {Lyanne Stark}, m. Aly Crowl
    --{ROSAMUND}, stillborn in 382 AC
    --AMOS, 14
    --{ALYSSA}, lived five days in 387 AC
    --{ALESANDER}, stillborn in 389 AC

    -SYRELLA, 32, m. Olyvar Rivers (baseborn son of Esmene Blackwood, great-great-granddaughter of Tytos Blackwood from the books)
    --GROVER, 5

    -CARELLEN, 26, m. Benjen Stark

    -ZHOE, 23, m. {Lucos Arryn}, m. Tion Lefford
    (by Lucos)
    --{LORRA ARRYN}, a victim of the Great Sickness of 394, died in 396 AC at the age of 3
    (by Tion)
    --CERION, 1
    --{MARSELLA STONE}, her baseborn daughter by Raymar Saul, stillborn in 394 AC

    -{MERRETT}, died of a lingering wound in 398 AC at the age of 20

    ==========The Vale==========​

    JOFFREY ARRYN, Warden of the East, 25, m. Isabel Redfort
    -AEMMA, 9
    -ARELLE, 5
    (as the Vale has excluded women from succession for a while, the current heir presumptive is Joffrey's brother Artys)

    ==========The Iron Islands==========​

    REGNAR BLACKTYDE, 20, m. Gwynesse Blacktyde (common great-great-grandmother, so....er, third cousins (?) so very normal in-universe)
    (no children at the moment, also male-only succession, so Regnar's brother Gormond is heir presumptive)

    ==========The Westerlands==========​

    TOMMEN LANNISTER, Warden of the West, 24, m. Kerena Baratheon
    -{TYSHARA}, lived five days in 392 AC
    -CERENNA, heir, 4

    ==========The Reach==========​

    GARETH TYRELL, Warden of the South, 47, m. {Margaery Fossoway}, m. Kellyn Prester
    (by Margaery)
    -{WALYS}, uncle to Axel I, a victim of the Great Sickness of 394, died in 398 AC at the age of 29, m. Lyessa Tyrell (great-granddaughter of Willas Tyrell, who is also her late husband's great-great-granddad. Whatever being her hubby's dad's second cousin entails ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
    --THEODORE, Gareth's current heir, 14, m. Orena Hill*
    --ANNET, 12
    --JEFFORY, 7

    -MYRIA, aunt to Axel I, 30, m. Luthor Flowers (baseborn first cousin, as if I need more reasons to hate the Tyrell family tree at the moment.*)
    --WALYS, 3

    (by Kellyn)
    -MORYN, newborn

    *baseborn daughter of Ormond Prester and Isla Baratheon. Head is hurting here: Teddy Tyrell is my first cousin. Kellyn Prester, despite being a scant two years older than Teddy T, is his grandmother-by-law. Her cousin is Teddy's wife. Orena, meanwhile, is a second cousin of mine via our great-grandfather Ronnal I Baratheon. Gareth, meanwhile, is a grandson of Bobby B himself, who is my great-great-great-grandfather. Gods what a stupid family tree.

    ==========The Stormlands==========​

    RONNET BARATHEON, 40, m. Aliandra Martell
    -RELLA, heir, 9


    OLYVAR MARTELL, 20. "Unwed"
    (no kids, which I will explain soon why. Heir at the moment is Olyvar's sister Mara)

    " "=My headcanon is calling it unwed.

    TL;DR=In-mod, marriages can get wonky when the bride is also a younger ruler. Get wonkier still when dealing with people who go full-Targaryen but that's a tale ofr another time. Saying this because the mod had him married married to Mylana Farman...who was 11, supposedly too young for anything beyond a betrothal without console commands. Not that there isn't precedent for this in the ASOIAF series, just terrible implications when viewed through modern eyes. Console-command shenanigans happened by killing off Mylana and subsequent plugging my ears and humming very loudly when confronted with this.
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  18. PletdeKoe


    I’m all aboard Tekken 7 again. Muscle memory for the win!
  19. Simon Bratt

    Simon Bratt

    United Kingdom
    Been playing wreckfest alot and Far Cry 5. Wreckfest was fab fun and nearly finished it. So ordered Project cars 2 and GRID (2019).
    Games im next looking forward to will be Snowrunner and Last Of Us 2

    To comment on someone earlier, I loved Portal, finished that.
  20. Leovizzz


    Jumped back to Last of Us (damn what a great game) before getting the Part 2, even purchased the Left Behind DLC to enjoy it a little longer. Also digging PCars 1 and waiting for F1 2020 release...
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  21. shoemaker


    Still trying to complete Assassins Creed Odyssey over a year later, now on final chapter of fate of Atlantis. Dont even enjoy the game anymore, i just feel obliged to finish it after 165 hours of effort. Once done il start enjoying gaming again starting with Tony Hawks remastered end of August. That should see me through until the series x is released.
  22. Darla Starch

    Darla Starch Premium

    North Korea
    OK now we're getting somewhere in ripping apart the fabric of BeamNG.

    TL;DR: There's a mod that allows for some absurdly customized engines. Only one of those that fits in this car is an I5....which I got to ~4000 HP with a preposterously unrealistic turbo with minimal lag and 125 PSI boost. Hit a pallet of wood at ~330 MPH and this is the result.
  23. DesertPenguin

    DesertPenguin (Banned)

    United States
    Oh the things you can do in that game lol. I'm not a fan of Polygon but two of the guys that make videos did a series in Beam NG.Drive where they pretty much just experiment with destruction. Kinda fun, I may go back and watch a few

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  24. Racing_Miku

    Racing_Miku Premium

    Made a brief revisit to SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy yesterday as was helping a friend complete online lobby trophies since there is no one left playing online in that game now.

    Reminded me how more basic fighting games that just involve punch/kick and using a special move at the end. Might venture back into the single player game for a bit as well as playing F1 2020.
  25. Chikane_GTR

    Chikane_GTR (Banned)

    United States
    Persona 4 Golden pc

    Had it on vita but my vita die back in 2016
  26. Darla Starch

    Darla Starch Premium

    North Korea
    Now that setup I like. Somewhat unburied desert temple right in a village.

    Similarly unburied temple a relatively decent (maybe a game day?) distance away, in the process of making it my home base this save.
  27. VXR


    United Kingdom
    I've dug out the PS2 to play Kaido Racer (the EU version of Kaido Battle 2: Chain Reaction).

    Glad I found my copy, as prices for KB1 & 2 are insane on eBay. £89.99 for the former and a promo copy of the latter up at £149.99!!
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  28. Michaeru


    United States
    Wow. £149.99! I thought it was too niche to be that pricey, but it is a good game. Well, I remember playing Kaido Racer 2 (called Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 here in the USA) a few years back, myself. Enjoyed it a lot (I was bad at drifting, though). Had the best selection of Japanese cars in a video game, in my opinion. Always enjoyed trying to beat every rival in that game, and simply seeing what kind of upgrades the cars had. Didn't deserve the bad reviews it got at the time at all, then again I am biased towards the series (I enjoyed Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 even if the graphics were bad, but that never was released in EU :sick:).

    As for me, I have been playing Metal Gear Solid V as of recent. I wish the story was more... complete (we all know there were plenty of complaints about it, and I know there's all of the tapes to listen to), but the gameplay is stellar, and the graphics look nice, too. Feels cool to build up your base with personnel and building up your gear, as well as having many different ways you can take on missions, lethally or non-lethally, utilizing regular weapons or quirkier things.
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  29. DesertPenguin

    DesertPenguin (Banned)

    United States
    Have you played Death Stranding yet?
  30. Michaeru


    United States
    Not yet! ...although knowing that it'll come out on PC soon (ultrawide support and all), I'll give it a go, just to see how the story and writing is like, knowing how Kojima directs stuff :boggled:!