What's your favourite car in your collection

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I just bought the citroen GT... this car is amazing, it's basically a veyron that actually handles and the way it accelerates is just... insane.
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The Bugatti Veyron is my favourite currently. I'm currently doign a 5 lap Nurburgring to earn the extra $85,000 in one day I need so I can pick up the 03 Audi Le Mans Quattro which in all but name looks a dead set twin to the current day R8 - is this car a real one?

Costs $1,500,000 but I love the R8 so I'm buying it, only colour you can get is sky blue and white, but I'm getting it, will let you know how it goes!

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Ferrari Enzo!

The Enzo handles rather poorly. I was very surprised. I just got my Zonda and it is very fun to drive. I have wasted all my credits on supercars and now have no money left. Off to get some more!
My roommate who is a long-haul truck driver got GTPSP a week and a half ago. He just bought the '85 Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 and he loves it. He sent me a text today: "Looks like a Chevette, goes like a Corvette."
RUF RGT (Porsche 911 type 996 I think) 379 bhp
Fast enough to keep me on my toes yet still controllable. Beautiful handling and it looks great too :D

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Daihatsu Midget is Love. Daihatsu Midget is Life.
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Audi R8 LMS, not as fast as the Furai, but the Audi can do over 200 MPH, unlike 190 MPH Furai.
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Bmw m5 '05

i was surprised at how good this car was

My favourite car (gets used 98% of the races) is a white Honda NSX-R Prototype LM Road Car. Such a sweet sweet car.

this one kind of disappointed me, honestly. the description made it sound so much faster.

The Mazda Furai. Man that car is a beast. It just blows through the gears like crazy. That thing on The Ring is SOOOOO much fun. I am also loving the Saleen S7. The thing is a drifting beast. It has so much power. I have done power slides in 5th gear :crazy:. Its also pretty predictable.

mazda furai concept. nice looking pretty fast

i was so psyched to get the furai, but then when i got the ford gt race spec 2*which is my current favorite* i own the furai in it *it races against the furai on the test track*

my all time fave car is the playstation lime green/blue pescarolo...i havent seen it in this game yet though =\


lol not happening
Well, i've only bought 1 car so far, the enzo, and it's a great car. Maybe later when I get some more, then i'll really have an opinion.
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The '90 Corvette ZR-1. Its a real fun car to drive, and its faster than you think. followed by the Enzo, Furai, and Veyron

I change my mind on my previous post. My Top 10 are: 1) Chevy Corvette ZR-1 '90, 2) Nismo Skyline GT-R R32 S-Tune, 3) HPA Golf R32 Stage II, 4) BMW M3 GTR, 4) Blitz ER34 D1 Spec (Fantastic Drift Car), 5) Lambo Countach LP400, 6) Chevy Corvette ZR1 '09, 7) BMW M5, 8) Ferrari F2007, 9) Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II, 10) Austin Mini Cooper '61.
Being a biker I love the GSXR4 Hayabusa engiend car. I love the idea of smoking BMW M5's and the like with a car displacing only 1300cc and 175bhp, not to mention 11000rpm shifts. It is just such a nice car to drive. I also love any of the impreza's not, though not the most exciting cars to drive but bags of 4 door saloon performance for very little money. In particular the 22B is a weapon.

It seems that the Nissan GTR is getting most peoples vote, no doubt a stunning car that builds on the ideals of an Impreza, offering performance per pound that shames Supercars!
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In particular the 22B is a weapon.
Not of the 4 door saloon persuasion, though. ;)

Oh, and what do you ride? My car is currently undergoing open heart surgery, so I finally picked up my first motorcycle a few months ago after having my bike license for... geez, almost 5 years now. '09 Ninja 250R... lovely redesign. Slow as all hell... but it's my first street bike, only having ridden dirt bikes before it. My friends were trying to get me on a 600cc+... not happening. :D Not yet, anyway.
Actually, I found it really cool to be able to buy my real life car in the game, a BMW 120d (mine is actually a 118d, but still ;) ). Of course it isn't the killer compared to all the racing machines, but it's fun to try it out on the Nordschleife.

From the competitive cars, I really like the M3 GTR, the Merc CLK touring car and the RE Amemiya.


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The Buick GNX is a nice car to drive, and I really enjoy the Hemi 'Cuda on most tracks - really fun with S1 tyres!

I also find the T.M.E Evo (Can't remember if it's a Evo VI or not...) great car that I have never lost a race in.
The Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX '83
basically a corolla GT-S, hell it accually is as the cockpit is on teh rightside, they just named it as the american counterpart
Is it just me or does everyone love the Lancer VI T.M.? I actually bought it randomly, I was looking for a dirt car and that was the first one to show up and since then it is my favourite rally car!
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Hmm, tough to say. I have a list of them really, so I'll do some and give some reasons for my choices.

Lancer Evos - All of them, they drive well on circuits and on rally tracks. My ultimate is probably the Evo VI GSR. Its really been my favourite since GT2.
Corvettes - The C3, C4 ZR-1, C5 Z06 and the C6 ZR-1. I just love the way these drive even though they're all different. Shame we didn't get the C6 Z06 aswell but I'm not complaining.
SLR McLaren - I just love this car.
Dodge Charger 440 R/T - Another car I love driving, awesome sound. Has to be black haha.

An addition to mine would have to be the TVR T350C. Very nice car to drive. Also the Audi A4 DTM, one of my faves from GT4 and still is in PSP.
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i just got the nissan GT-R and the corvette ZR1...holy crap i cant decide between the two which i like more.
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I just got the Subaru Impreza Super Touring car, and it is amazing. very fast and handles like a dream. Great fun to drive.