will you continue to play/buy/support ?

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Will you still continue with a GT title if project cars turns out to be the game your hoping for ?

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  1. DonZonda


    Oh haha sorry
  2. Phoenix

    Phoenix Premium

    To be honest, yes, I will do... But PD better get their act together.

    And I have both. GT6 for PS3 and Project CARS for PC.
  3. CarBastard


    It's not a question about pCars for me given that it requires a really expensive computer to run properly, but yes, I will stop supporting PD. I'll think it twice now before buying DLC instead of buying it unsighted on day 1. PS4 & GT7? Nope. Not a chance unless I get to play it first before I make my purchase. Some years ago I bought my PS3+G27 without having even a release date for GT5...and GT5 sucked. GT6 was a slight improvement, but I still feel massively disappointed by the franchise.

    This is what happens, Kaz, when you tour the world flapping your gums about you being a perfectionist and a genius and a mimesis artist, etc. instead of focusing on giving your game the quality that made it famous. Stand back, look at your own work and compare it to previous iterations of it and to the competition. Listen to the fans, and drop your ego!


    No, for about 4 years or never if PD keep doing this. Looking at Project Cars. It looks like it'll be TOCA Race Driver 4 I have been looking for (TOCA was my favourite racing game series of all time that isn't Mario Kart :p).
  5. JHB434


    I won't buy Pcars period, but it is personal and has to do with the lack of integrity and the behavior of Ian Bell and nothing to do with Gran Turismo. Will I continue with Gran Turismo otherwise? Not if what we've got so far (or more accurately NOT gotten.) for GT6 is any indication. They ship any less on the next one, there won't be anything TO ship, except of course promises of what might happen. So, though I voted yes, as it's the proper answer taken in context, I would not actually buy it.
  6. JogoAsobi

    JogoAsobi Premium

    No digital vote here.

    Will never purchase anything SMS has a hand in again. :lol:
    I owned NFS1 & NFS2:SU for console, and NFS2:SU for PC. :tdown:

    As for continuing GT series, well that depends on future PD deliveries.
    Loss of GT6 momentum now. PS4 price = serious upgrades to my PC. :sly:

    For sure, no GT pre-order next time around, no matter the hype features.
    Someone on these forums once posted, don't gripe, just vote with your wallet. :)
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  7. elston87


    United States
    If they gimp Gran Turismo 6 in any way before or after the next product release, I won't be supporting Polyphony Digital like I used to; that just shows that I accept receiving unfinished content from them. I'd rather pledge my money and time towards a product that I'll enjoy for months, or even a few years.

    In my own reflection, Gran Turismo games were meant to be enjoyed for long times, presenting epic and/or unforgettable experiences that make long-lasting impressions, much like GT4 did to me; that game was the reason I was hooked on the GT series. I kept on thinking that there were going to be sequels exactly like this, but with more features/content and better improvements than ever before on different hardware. GT5 also delivered in that department, all of the slipshod fixes/undermined features aside.

    The online racing wasn't exactly as grand as it was for me, but was the best for some and they continue to play. The same case is here to stay for GT6, although nothing much of an improvement to say the least. GT5 is forever stamped onto the nerves of my mind because of its awesome presentation; the demo reels, special events, much choicer selection of cars and tracks- it was fantastic. The XP system was frowned upon by many, but I liked it; it showed how much time you put forth into the game; granted, you could do away with the car unlocks, but I found that to be fair. At least if you received a car as a prize, despite being under-leveled to use it, you were still able to.

    GT4 and GT5 set my expectations for the series, and me as a consumer expects future sequels to deliver the same grand experiences I once had and can still have with the aforementioned games, if not, better experiences. GT6 was a slipshod effort on their part thus far, be it the fault of Sony or Polyphony Digital themselves, but whatever the case, I expect this game to get fixed. I want to cherish my time with GT6, like I did with the previous two prequels.

    If they continue this tradition of releasing partially-completed games, I may just wait for second-hand dealers to sell me my copy. I won't accept that any longer. If anything, I make sure I get five minutes just to keep my GT6 login bonus maxed out in hopes for new content. I just hope those expectations can be met in the near future...
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  8. spencer7x7


    United States
    Yes, because I'm pretty sure PCars will not be what I hope for, seems too sim-like. Also GT is one of my favorite series for all and I like playing the game. However IF I get a PS4 (which is unlikely) I'll wait and see how PCars is compared to GT7.
  9. 86Debris86


    If Project Cars is what I hope it to be will I buy the next GT? Well yes, if the next GT is what I hope it to be as well.

    Odd question. I don't limit my driving games to a single franchise just because I like one more.
  10. tpark103


    United States
    Not as quick to spend my money as I once was but, as a long time fan I will still stand behind GT. You can complain all you want but, for all it's faults it's still the most realistic driving experience you can find on a home system of its kind.
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  11. pyrates


    The problem for me is that I don't like to jump between physics engines. So I end up playing one game as my main game and throw others in occasionally only.
  12. IceMan PJN

    IceMan PJN

    United States
    One franchise doesn't determine whether or not I bother with another. I can and do migrate between series all the time. Whether or not I bother with GT7 or any future GT release depends on whether or not PD figure out how to make a quality game and not just a physics engine. I still haven't got around to GT6, not because of deciding against it but because I don't feel hurried to get around to such a so-so product.
  13. 86Debris86


    Fair point. That is a problem I'll admit. I don't have too much of that problem so long as I alternate fairly frequently between different driving games. It takes something very special indeed to hold my attention for any more than a couple of days. I like to change things up or I get bored easily.
  14. Johnny1996


    I'm certainly going to keep playing, buying and supporting unless something hugely drastic happens. I'm content with how GT6 is, and driving some of the worlds greatest cars ever produced in an ultra realistic driving simulator is wonderful fun. I'm staying with PD. :)
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  15. MustangManiac

    MustangManiac Premium

    United States
    I know what you mean, I was trying to keep up with the seasonals in Gt5 when 6 first came out, but it didn't work out very well. Which is why I haven't started another career in CodeMasters F1, but if we don't get some content via updates soon that is what I'll be doing.
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