xbox claims better than psx2

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    Here we go again.........

    Technical specifications only tell half the story.

    Let's do a little comparison ... just for fun.

    Take a couple of fast cars. Say a 'Subaru Imprezza' (I'll let you decide what model WRX or whatever), and a Ferrari (Again any street legal model, you decide).

    Now lets compare them :-
    1. Scooby Doo - Blast it around a twisty country road, I'm betting it'll beat the ferrari convingly. Great Handling, Great Traction, Great Accelleration, Top Speed Not Important.
    2. Ferrari - Put it on a race track, I recon' it'll beat the Scooby Doo, but only buy the odd second. Great Handling, Great Top Speed, Accelleration well that will be around the same for both of them.

    So let's do the math', Country Lane = Convincing win for the Scooby Doo, Race Track = A win for the Ferrari, but only marginal time difference.

    So I'd score it 3/2 to the Scooby Doo

    Now lets look at some other figures.
    Price - Ferrari=Too Expensive for all bar the super rich. Scooby Doo=Expensive but the enthusiast can afford one.

    So I'd score that 1/0 to the Scooby Doo

    And Finally
    After Market Mods' - Ferrari = Next to nothing, Scooby Doo = Masses of mod's available

    So I'd score that 3/0 to the Scooby Doo

    So let's do the math' 7/2 in favour of the Scooby Doo.

    The Moral of the story is .... It does'nt have to be the best to win the majority market.

    I'm sure we'd all love to own a Ferrari, but the fact's are most people can afford a Scooby Doo. (So Enjoy...............) :)