Your Favorite Car in GT6?

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Last night, I finally decided and purchased the Audi RS 6 Avant 08' (premium). I was surprised by the hp potential power this wagon can produce. I hit above 700 HP with just small addition of power upgrades (intake, semi race exhust, ecu, manifold, stage 1 engine, medium turbo). I just might try maxing out all the optional power boosting upgrades just to see the result lol.

I really enjoy this sleeper-like design on this vehicle. I personally fell in love with wagon/ hatchback style vehicles ever since I saw a super clean Suburu Legacy Wagon in Option magazine many many years ago.

By the way, I was too lazy to mess with the tuning last night, so I searched and found a tune from thus website. I actually enjoyed that tune. I am definitely going to keep using that tunes suspension setting.
Mine are a BMW M5 '05 producing 752 HP and a Lamborghini Aventador producing 911 HP

EDIT- The Lambo now produces 952 HP
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Just bought a Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sports Limited '97 for the upcoming round of my GT6 TAC series and it is such a blast to drive. In order to see what it's limits where I thought I would enter it in the 90's Japanese Challenge, which has a PP limit of 540, almost 200 more than what my Alto had. Tuned to 347PP with 70HP, I thought I had no chance keeping up with the rest of the gird but on the very first race, at Clubman Stage Route 5 I was astounded by what the little Alto could do.

I was able to take pretty much every corner much faster than the rest of the grid and over the course of 2 laps I managed to overtake 2 Mitsubishi Evo's, an R32 GT-R, an FD RX-7 AND a Honda NSX while being able to touch the rear bumper of a Twin Turbo Supra RZ on the final corner, despite using worse tyres than them.

That's right, my little 70HP Alto was capable of beating cars with 3 times the power output all because of it's small size and low weight (680KG).

Plus it can do this with ease:
Nismo R32 Skyline, in Gun Grey Metallic just like the good ol` GT days when it had the 1 colour option in GT1 & GT2.
Newest edition to my garage: (Honda Mugen Motul Civic Si)

- I must say, this car is now on my top 5 fun cars to drive. Although it's one of the slower vehicles (amongst my other cars that belongs in the fun catagory), I utilized the one of the other Civic suspension tune (from Mr. Suspension) and set the gear to longer drag-like ratios and it felt awsome. It handles like none other when it comes to FF (in my garage). I don't even mind that it's not a premium version.
Been driving the Jag XJ13 quite a bit lately. TT at Red Bull Ring, Seasonal at Nurburgring (a sweet drive here) and QM at Trial Mountain.

The Audi Le Mans Quattro just keeps giving.

An old favourite is the Calsonic IMPUL.
Recently purchased and tuned vehicles that I took a liking to:

-Pagoni H. '13
- Mazda RX7 FC
- Nissan S13 K Dia'
-Cadlilac STV

(I've had the FC and the S13 for awhile, but they were tuned for drifting. I am glad that I gave the grip tunes a try. It's fun to witness these cars catching up to much more powerful cars during corners. Although they could be faster, I plan on keeping their HP as it is)