Forza Monthly to Reveal Motorsport Latest and Horizon 5 Series 23 Update, July 17

The latest Forza Monthly stream, coming along at 1700 UTC on July 17, will reveal more about the upcoming Forza Motorsport title as well as show what players will be engaging with in Forza Horizon 5 soon.

After a little quiet spell at the beginning of the year, Turn 10 came back with its biggest announcement yet about Motorsport in June’s Monthly show. That included not only the first official launch date — October 10 2023 — but also a long look at the game’s “Builders Cup” career mode.

There’s still plenty of detail to get through over the coming three months and, if T10 sticks with the Monthly events, only three further opportunities to inform fans including today’s stream.

Turn 10 has already shared the theme for the July Monthly, which will focus on the game’s physics — something we’ve heard a lot about generally over the past two years — and the new AI.

That’s promised to be a “machine-learning” AI, although this is a phrase Turn 10 has used since the first Forza Motorsport, and we’re curious to see how it manifests in this reboot’s new system that’s claimed to be built from scratch.

One thing we won’t hear about this month is steering wheel support. Creative director Chris Esaki posted on Twitter that this would be planned for August, although also noted you’d see him driving “a very poor hot lap” on a wheel this month’s stream.

Also coming in the stream is information on Forza Horizon 5’s Series 23, with the update that brings the new content due in the next 24 hours.

Although we already know that the theme of the Series is “Summer Party”, and that it will start on Thursday July 20, there’s precious little other details at the moment. The in-game tab shows that we can expect another new Horizon Story as well as a new Collectible item, a makeover, and — of course — new cars, but for now we remain in the dark on the precise nature of all of the above.

It’s not clear in which order the two different shows will appear in the stream, but the event gets underway at 1700 UTC on Monday July 17.

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