More Forza Motorsport Details are Coming in Forza Monthly Today

With less than a month to go until Forza Motorsport hits the shelves, Turn 10 is set to show off more of the title in a special Forza Monthly stream today, September 11.

Although Forza Motorsport officially launches on October 10, players with early access through the Premium Edition or Premium Add-Ons bundle will be able to play from October 5. That means it’s likely this is the final Forza Monthly before release, so we’re expecting a serious charm offensive.

It’s not clear what topics will be covered in the stream this month, as most of the items listed earlier in the year have already been spoken about or the subject of official information releases. About all that remains is “Free Play”.

However it’s also widely known that there is a preview version of the game out in the wild right now in the hands of certain influencers with — not by coincidence — an embargo on impressions that expires today.

That preview version consists of an early portion of the career mode, and with the stream’s description noting that there’ll be “a look at the game’s first races” it seems likely that we’ll get to see how the title begins.

If so, it will probably include how players select their starting vehicles and some of the beginner-level races in the Builders Cup. That will likely include races for the lower-powered models in the game for players to gain that vital Car XP to level up each vehicle in order to access tuning parts.

We’re also expecting to — at long last — get a good look at the final new circuit coming to Forza Motorsport at launch, with the fictional Circuit Hakone yet to feature in any significant way in other promotional materials.

GTPlanet has been keeping track of all the information around Forza Motorsport in our dedicated Guide to the title, including the car and track lists at launch and the game’s various features. You’ll also find plenty of discussion about all things FM-related in our forum for the title.

The stream gets underway at 1600 UTC, and you can view it directly from the embedded player at the top of the page.

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