ForzaRC Season 2 Wraps Up With Laige Defending His Title

This week’s ForzaRC Grand Final delivered a fitting end to the weeks of racing that preceded it. There were plenty of well-known names in the eSports scene taking part this season, including representatives from eSports+CARS, F4H Motorsport and BAM but there could be only one winner. This time around it was Frenchman Aurélien ‘Laige’ Mohammedi-Mallet who was able to defend his title for a second consecutive year.

The Forza Motorsport 6-hosted event offered three races at Virginia International Raceway, Circuit de Catalunya and Laguna Seca in that same order. The car of choice this time around is the incredibly quick Audi R8.

In the first race, Laige got off to the perfect start, holding off eager teammate Taylor ‘Lightning’ Stomski who pushed him to the very end. A similar performance saw Laige take the second race too: he looked well on his way to the championship with only one race standing between him and victory.

However, if there’s one thing that eSports often offers … it’s unpredictability. Race 3 would not be so straight forward for the European driver.

Laguna Seca’s turn 1 always poses a threat thanks to it’s tight hairpin that needs to be tackled with care. Even at the ForzaRC, it appears the competitive nature from a lot of these drivers got the better of them, with collisions heavily affecting the top 7 drivers.

Laige found himself at the heart of the action for the opening section of the track with not one but two dangerous moments that nearly sent his title charge amiss. He escaped the mayhem in 4th which would prove enough to hand him the title … if he was able to maintain it.

Lightning drove an incredible race taking home a fantastic victory but it wasn’t enough. Laige pushed until the end, nearly securing a podium in the process but 4th was enough to crown him the ForzaRC Season champion for the second season in a row. The top four finishers all race for eSports+CARS, capping off a hugely successful championship for the team:

A dominant showing from eSports+CARS as the team took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Congratulations to all those who took part in what was another successful year for the Forza Racing Championship. Here’s hoping season 3 brings more close racing, drama and flair only we’ve come to expect of eSports. Until next time, Laige is your ForzaRC champion!

You can re-watch the event up top in its entirety, or here on Twitch.

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