See (and Hear) the Differences in this 4-Way Brands Hatch Comparison

What does a croissant have in common with Brands Hatch Indy, the clipped version of the historic circuit? Well, they both share the same, gentle crescent-shaped figure and digestibility. As far as video games are concerned, digestible content equals popular content, with a number of users continuously returning for another tasty snack. I’m quite positive anyone could confirm that the track in question fits that description.

Brands Hatch is one of the most popular British circuits in the world. Albeit short and seemingly simple in Indy guise, various changes in elevation on every corner make the track exceptionally tricky for amateur drivers charging in carelessly. Although it has hosted a wide array of racing events over the years, the modern generation of gamers usually associate it with touring competition, as it played an important role in Codemasters’ memorable TOCA series. Nowadays it can be found within almost all driving simulation titles, as you can see in the comparison up top, presented by video game channel MotoGamesTV.

We recently covered a five-way comparison of Nürburgring Nordschleife, so you should be familiarized with the concept since it is based on the same idea: compare the same track from each of the four racing simulators (in this case Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project CARS and Race Room Racing Experience) and notice differences in audio or visual department. While this lacks the real-world baseline video, it’s nonetheless an interesting comparison. Which do you prefer?

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Comments (13)


    Assetto Corsa & RaceRoom Racing Experience – are on bar with each other :)
    Project Cars had the worst Mclaren MP4 sound sadly <:)

  2. varmintx

    I feel these purely grid-based videos aren’t very good for comparison purposes. Even on my 50″ screen, it’s just too difficult to make out details well enough. They should do side-by-sides, and fullscreen switches in addition to having all 4 at once.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Try hitting them up on Twitter or Facebook with a suggestion. I agree, even on a 60″ tv with all the YT compression you don’t get the drama of the full image.

  3. Stoop Solo

    Assetto Corsa looked to be the winner. It continues to impress.

    One thing I do have to say from that video — holy crap, Race Room has fantastic audio! I need to try that out.

    1. Lambob

      I recall playing RRE in early access on PC, and I agree , it had the best sound bar none in all the racing Sim’s to date. when you approached a tunnel, or downshifted with trannywhine , you felt the G forces from sense of sound alone, it was that great.

      I was realllly really hoping AC would get the same sound, and it seems they are making sounds worse and worse as patches and cars continue to roll out, a true pity, as AC has the potential to be the best of the best.

      Pcars has potential, but AC steals the crown even though PCars is supposed to be the better game!

      I will buy Forza 6 on PC because it’s coming to PC,

      I have given up on PD, I’m more excited about the next Nintendo NX and its portable VR solution. Now is Nintendo’s chance with 3rd party to get onboard, and finally put the nail in the coffin to Sony.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Unfortunately this is the eternal dilemma of the sim racer. Many games do many things well, each are good in their own right, but no game manages to bring all the best elements of the genre together in one complete package.

    3. brownninja97

      well RRE is the only sim that uses a bespoke solution so they could add the features they wanted. Fmod that AC uses has its limitations as its not bespoke, its like comparing ps4 to pc, ps4 is quite powerful but pc is customizable.

      I dont know why you think AC is getting worse sounds, its not, in any way. The old sounds for pre-2015 cars had no external recordings hence the sound update messed with them, those cars are meant to be changed. other then that the sounds have got way better and can be manipulated a lot more by modders now. The mustang is a problem though, seriously wth.

      pcars biggest problems were that they changed their physics system massively late in the game development, this used up a massive amount of development time, they have a set of devs that are vocal in the wrong way and no proper mod support.

      Nintendo will never succeed(as in marketshare) even if they have the best console, the best bang for buck, the best line of games because they have stunned the best marketing method for games, youtube and twitch.

  4. G.T.Ace

    It shows that R3E’s version isn’t laser scanned. iRacing, AC and pCARS are basically on par, with pCARS having more details, but also the least realistic colour palette.

  5. SimTourist

    Would like them to include GT6 and Forza 6 as well, but it’s already pretty cramped in the video to make out any details. Would’ve liked a screenshot comparison better.


    “What does a croissant have in common with Brands Hatch Indy, the clipped version of the historic circuit? Well, they both share the same, gentle crescent-shaped figure and digestibility”

    Well that is the most interesting way to describe a circuit, lol. Since you put it that way, I do enjoy myself some of this whenever I get the chance ;)

  7. brownninja97

    I dont know what it is about motogames but in all of their comparisons AC and Pcars look really bad, not sure if they are doing post processing or something, its washed out and grainy.

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