Gran Turismo 5 3D Support Confirmed by Sony

You can put any doubts you had about Gran Turismo 5’s 3D support to rest. Taku Imasaki, a U.S. based producer for the game, confirmed that it will feature this new technology.

This is the first time we’re implementing the 3D feature in Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 5 will be available later this year, but it will have these 3D features.

He goes on to describe how 3D improves the experience, but also mentions that it was a “really tough job for a our programmers”. While a MotorTrend editor got word at CES 2010 that a “3D version” of the game was coming, this is the first time 3D support has been explicitly confirmed by someone from within Sony. Check out the source of the quote in the full interview with below.

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  1. ThinSoul






  2. terminator363

    Notice how he got frustrated at the end.

    Honestly can’t this be an Add-on? Seriously

    This is ridiculus these delays are pathetic I know Sony will not release the game because they want more consoles (because GT is a big Console seller). But it won’t be a console seller IF IT NEVER COMES OUT!!!!

  3. JustCause

    One Local game shop here in Ireland is taking Pre-Orders for GT5 for this winter. Usualy this game store is correct with their release dates to within a week so if they are correct we will see GT5 this winter.

  4. Shokz

    “All I want is the regular 2D version with awesome 1080p graphics, where 3D doesn’t contaminant it. No sacrificing any settings; 3D should be an option.”

    Of course it’s only an option! Jeez…

  5. cuco33

    I’m still a firm believer that 3D should have been held off for GT6 or next gen altogether but if my understanding is correct on how it’ll work, even at a lower 3D spec is still cool. I’m just not willing to buy a new TV specifically for 3D only. Honestly I’d rather spend the money to keep it 2D and go multi screen

  6. p_kwiatek

    This news gets to conclusion: demo on PSN at E3 (or shortly after), and release date announced (either fall or christmas).
    Here’s why:
    1. There was 3.30 update, which prepared PS3 for june 3D update (sony’s 3DTV’s debut).
    2. I heard somewhere (can’t remember where), that during 2010 World Cup there will be first ever 3D live TV broadcast.
    3. PD announces 3D demo of GT5 – people go and buy a new tv and test 3D gaming with it.
    4. GT5 launches on christmas, which boost both: sales of PS3 and TV.

    Sorry for my english, I hope someone will understand :-)

  7. Digital

    All I want is the regular 2D version with awesome 1080p graphics, where 3D doesn’t contaminant it. No sacrificing any settings; 3D should be an option.

  8. Kirill

    Ok guys, I do agree with you that this is all about selling more 3D TVs (I won’t be surprised if it turns out that this feature would be supported only by Sony TVs ha-ha!! Now we will have not only to buy PS3, but a new Sony TV too; well I hope they won’t go so far). BUT. Just try imagining racing on a circuit in 3d! You will see your opponents like they are real. It might be exciting actually.

  9. David

    By the time it’s released I’m expecting 3d holograms in the middle of my family room with real smells of oil and rubber.

  10. Mickle Pickle

    Nope …. On the contrary… the players with 3D screens will be too distracted, looking around at the 3D scenery.

    And furthermore, this isn’t NFS Shift with the fake and distracting shaking & speed effects.

    3D isn’t going to add any sense of speed anymore than what we already have…

  11. PeterWRC

    The 3D will give big help to feel the speed better than even before. Unfortunetly I’ll have no chance to try it out, but I think the online races will show, how much faster are those players, who using the new technoligy. That going to be s@ck. Because the poor gamer will have handicap against the reach one. Anyone thinks the same about this?

  12. Berlino Bear


    I think what he means is… reverse lights and skid marks are going to look fantastic in 3D.

  13. tommygt

    GMDLONDON – “I thing the big step forward from GT5 will be if we get a lobby online”

    …online lobbys were confirmed ages ago.

    As for the rest of your post i’ve no idea what your trying to say

  14. Ner0_sol03

    3d or no 3d I dnt care as long as I can the game so I cAn stop playing forza I will be happy.. I make enuff money to buy a brand new 3d tv and the game but I won’t cause I already have a 60in tv that I just bought back in January cause I thought I would be playing gt5 already

  15. johnfcalf1

    Can’t wait to play to play GT5, with a F1 car on the Monaco track in 3D!!

    @GMDLONDON: f12010 tracks are not scanned…They decided it wasn’t worth or something, they just took a lot of photos!

    @BWX:thanks for this site! works great on the ps3.

  16. ElJay

    Target has June 29th. How is that these retailers has different dates? A lot of bull this date of release tease is.

    3D who cares..bring it already.

    Did you notice no more video from minimaximax?

    hmmm..I guess user testing is over with..from a guess from no more videos from him. I guess the news on GT5 will be ever more quieter until E3.

  17. kerrak

    Jordan, it was a nice idea to change the comments section with a complaints section. Maybe you should consider a new name: “Well of infinite whining”.
    I respect everybody’s opinion, but i see a severe lack of realism:

    -3dTVs will very soon be standard and only have a marginally bigger cost than standard hdtvs. the same as when you buy 46” instead of 42”, the same if you want faster motion flow, the same if you want oled, the same if you want internet integration, ….

    -GT is a very popular franchise. It’s appeal goes beyond the gamers group and sits firmly in the mainstream. It’s marketing must be well measured in order to maximize consumer perception and sales. 99% probable release date is few weeks/months before christmas.

    -3D will be a very welcome addition for those that jump to the 3dtv bandwagon. Do we know if it will be a gimmick, or a real better experience? Nobody knows at this moment, why not wait and see? I mean, it still can be a better experience!

  18. mcknight8279109

    GT5 will drop 9/01/10
    well thats what walmart says if you preorder it lol
    for some reason i can believe that one


    WOW GT5 3D do we gone get discount if we trade in ours HD TV’s to get 3D TV ? .

    I thing the big step forward from GT5 will be if we get a lobby online.

    OK GT5 will have 3D

    F1 2010 will have latest technology of scanned tracks

    and WRC 2010 will have real time racing from home with pro WRC drivers , SOUNDS COOL!!

    all of them must have beater graphics and simulations then :

    NEED FOR SPEED you can call it SHIFT or sheet but don’t forgot this game has SimBin signature.

    But the game is there and with BMW and lobby is good enough to race

    If PD is not happy to keep as busy EA is more then welcome for about 20 pound where Shift is pure GT game to, ok maybe not perfect but we may see Shift 2 before the GT5 comes out as EA know by now where is the benchmark.

    3D or not 3D I will not buy 3D TV because of the game for now lets hope MR modern Picasso Kzmosi Yamosi will do some thing with breaking point at Daytona Road.

  20. Shokz

    And The Masfer – What are you smoking? You can get Samsung 3DTV’s for as low as $1800, not that you’d want to because they’re probably relatively poor 3D-wise, but they’re out there…

  21. Shokz

    CeeJay – It sounds like you have no idea how depth works, because the way in which this 3D works is exactly how we perceive depth in the real world. This “optical illusion” is the exact same optical illusion we see in real life when judging distances.

  22. The Masfer

    Samsung are offering the cheapest 3d tvs at release an they are priced at $9,999 now I don’t know about everyone else but that is a lot of money for a t.v.

  23. CeeJay

    How can 3D help you strategise a driving line better when the whole 3D image is an optical illusion of depth not real depth? Screw 3D, I want multi-monitor support. I’d take a monitor in the front and two on either side of me way before I’d want to wear glasses and be tricked into seeing depth.

  24. JayKayEm

    Two things…

    1) I wear glasses, am allergic to contact lenses so 3d glasses on top of my proper glasses is not happening!

    2) Mr Sony in the clip says “strategise your driving lines better”. So, if 3d was available now, do you think the recent GT Acedemy qualifying times would of been any quicker…..?


  25. gtp-oman

    no pain no gain..
    we have to move forward to 3D world ..never look back to 2D world ..when right time comes we all have to upgarde cause 2D sooner or later will be a history and 3D will invade every home..wether u like or start saving mony…

  26. tommygt

    I hate how nearly every person you see playing these live demos have absolutely no ability whatsoever. Rekon i would hit the barriers fewer times if i was steering with my face.

    Gotta say that guy in the vid is talking out his arse when he says that 3D will help to “strategise your driving lines better” …sounds like a real GT pro… Also love the fact that as he says it his friend turns in about half a mile too early for turn 2.

    This whole 3D thing stinks of FAD to me. And while people can only speculate about the real reasons why we dont have the game yet, i hope that this is not one of them

  27. Mr Latte

    @ ForzaSucks

    Dont be an ass, 3D is not going to be the only sole reason the game is delayed.
    It may be a major factor to its release but the extra time would also of been used to add more to the game as well.

    One department within the dev team wont be frantically working on 3D and the other departments sitting with their feet up twiddling their thumbs, duh….

    For the record Sony have never announced that GT5 and 3DTV would release in the same time period or confirmed they were linked. They also didnt announce a confirmed release date for their TVs to early 2010 Feb/March

    Get your facts right….

  28. #LOTU5#

    I am wondering will this 3D thing affect on users without HDTV.

    I am playing with oldschool TV and it seems that I cant play all games because non HD display(game says its impossible to launch).

    I am afraiding I need to buy HDTV instead of steering wheel :(

  29. JesseDeya

    @Z06onGT5: You’ll be able to get a 3DTV for around $2350 (USD) and probably less. That’s now, at release. I agree, an XBox360 is cheaper but that is assuming you already have an HDTV. Remember also that $350 only get’s you in the door. Then you’re up for $50 to play Forza online, and up for another $100-300 for a new wheel (as your G25/G27 won’t work with the Xbox), oh and do you want Wifi? Another $80. Plug and charge packs for your controllers? Another $30. My point is that just to play Forza you’re going to be up for a total cost of ownership bordering on $700.

    Don’t forget it wouldn’t cost you $2300 (for arguements sake) to replace your existing HDTV with a 3DTV, as you would logically sell your existing TV for $800-$1500 depending on it’s age. It’s all personal choice and everyone’s situation is different but there WILL be plenty of people looking with keen interest at these 3DTVs.

    Nobody said they would sell like ‘wildfire’, but if GT5 helps sell them for Sony, and 3DTV helps sell GT5 it makes sense good marketing sense to me.

  30. BWX

    CES Sony Previews 3D PS3 & TVs + Gran Turismo 5 in 3D January 13, 2010

    He said it was “full 1080p 120hz 3D.” I guess all they have to do is run alternate frames with a different camera perspective. So it doesn’t need to be two completely different camera perspectives at the same exact time. If they optimize the camera perspective changing like crazy, it seems like they could keep all the resolution and most of the IQ. The game doesn’t have to push 120 fps, the PS3 just has to use the correct refresh rate for 3D. It could double up the “frames per second” that the actual graphics processor is putting out and still look smooth.

    Why are people saying GT5 will only run at 720P in 3D? Did someone from Sony or PD say that anywhere??

  31. shotty

    Poor developers at PD. I bet they’re wishing they could be spending time polishing up the game and releasing it while those goons at Sony have them slaving away to implement a feature thats going to sell them TV’s.

  32. Mustang750R

    Okay, lets straighten something out… Wipeout HD 3D runs at 720 because its a old game being upgrade to 3D. Now it has been stated that a game that is in development and both 3D with 1080 are intended to be in the game that it can be done. Now since the PS3 can handle two 1080p streams all you need is a new hdmi 1.4 cable and theoretically a hdtv with 120hz or more. And don’t complain because there have been demos of GT5 running @ 1080p in 3D.

  33. Mickle

    @ zevehcj who can only be patient:

    The reason why you are patient is because you dont have all these gadgets…

    The reason why we are so impatient is because we prepared ourselves all these years, through the purchase of those expensive gadgets. And the fact that we have those things laying around the house just reminds us everyday of how frustrating these preparation is useless and costly, especially when we are doing nothing with it…

    It would be the same thing as if an airline company bought an aircraft and has it grounded at the airport…

    You didn’t buy the aircraft, so you dont have to worry about looking for passengers…

    Just to explain the different situations we are in. In the end, we have to be patient no matter what… but we also need to voice and shout out our frustration…

    If only they told us 5 years ago there would be a 3d features, i would have hold out on buying the plasma… and waited for the 3d tv.

    I guess i am going to sell them…. …. just kidding, i just want to play the game, Period.
    And whoever gets to enjoy it in 3D, the better for them, i will just wait til i switch tv.

    But for now, i wish we could all have the damn game.

  34. Z06onGT5

    @JesseDeya your right I totally misjudged your point of view and I didn’t know you were from outback country…maybe I was being a bit pretentious making fun of Sony like that buy here in America people are hurting financially to say 3DTV’S are going to catch on like wildfire is crazy @ least here in the states….and about the 360 paying $350 is cheaper than paying $2,500 don’t you think? Especially when the xbox will offer me alot more fun than some cheap trick HD3DTV W/Goofy Glasses to wear everytime I play!

  35. Machita

    This is just business, the guys from Sony just wanna make money.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced “GT5 Only On PS4 2011”.

  36. tlam1

    Considering I’m going to spend at least 10 hrs a wk on gt5 when it comes out. I don’t see why buying a 3Dtv is such a hard act to justify. That is provided it will be good on 3dtv. I held out for 2 years to upgrade my bedroom crt tv to hdtv. I think this might be it.

  37. zevehcj

    @everyone complaining
    I personally believe that all of you only think for yourself. What about me? I don’t have an hd tv or a racing wheel. Do you see me complaining about PD taking their time to implement hd visuals and better wheel support? Never! You guys seriously need to stop acting like children. Let them put their 3D and whatever other feature they want.

  38. RAugie

    yep, another person here who could care less about 3D

    Just go to IMAX if you want to see something in 3D. Avatar was pretty amazing in 3D…


    @Mr Latte

    1+1=2 right….

    So when PD announced that GT5 will have 3D capability and Sony is releasing their 3D HDtvs in fall of 2010. That equals a delayed release….

    Its called marketing. Look it up….

  40. JesseDeya

    @ Z06onGT5: Ordinary people find the most creative ways to spend money they don’t have. Sure I felt the effects of the GEC, but life goes on. Let’s not forget that it was people spending above their means that got these world economies in the state they are now!

    I’m fortunate enough to be Australian, and our economy survived significantly better than most. Perhaps we’re not quite as consumer driven as America just yet, but in my observations there are still a veritable s###load of people who will somehow find the money for a new TV.

    I find it ironic you start out crying poor then claim you might just buy an entirely new console to play one game. You personify my point, and if in 12 months people are on here raving about how completely awesome GT5 in 3D is and that you simply HAVE to have it… you’ll be thinking of a way to buy that 3DTV along with everyone else.

  41. Andy_c

    Not surprising, but poor show on PD for delaying (cos they surely did) GT5 for this.
    Far better would have been a 5.1 release, or maybe a 3d expansion pack download for a few coins…

  42. racingchamp30

    If the big delay is just over the 3D feature, why not release the game now and then feature the 3D feature as a patch or firmware update for GT5?

  43. The Masfer

    Great addition but not worth the wait.
    And I’m not upgrading from my toshiba regza 42inch 100hz for this one game cause I guarantee other 3d games will be cr@p

  44. d3br34k5

    I’ll be buying a 3D TV this summer. Hopefully Gran Turismo 5 executes well in 3D and more importantly, hopefully 3D works well with the supposed head-tracking feature.

    I’d love to be able to look (obviously slightly) from side to side to judge distances between other cars in the race. Much easier than using a button.

    GT5 should’ve been released by now and I’m as eager as anyone else, but when it drops I’ll be ready as ever.

  45. DamageControl

    Like the dozens have said before me. 3D isn’t worth the wait. It probably isn’t even worth it without the wait.

  46. devin

    i’m more excited about the fact that he confirmed a release date for this year, don’t give 2 shits about 3D, but at least we’ll have it before 2012 >.<

  47. silent_killer59

    Well, at least it’s going to be something that they won’t have to reprogram in GT6- making the wait time far less longer hopefully.

    That to me is the only good thing I see coming out of this.

  48. ElieTheBear

    In theatres… they don’t need a new screen to play 3d movies right ?? why 3d tvs ? .. should be the dvds that project 3d images … and glasses .. but why tvs ??? this is a big joke

  49. FerrariThug

    Yeah, I already knew that.
    There were trailers/gameplay that people were playing this game in 3D.

    still, it’s useless atleast for me

  50. Strikey182

    I dont see 3d becoming the next big thing until you can do it without having to wear glasses! Its just an inconvenience! Perhaps when we dont have to do anything out of the norm, then maybe, just maybe it will catch on!

  51. p_kwiatek

    Also I’m was going to buy a HDTV but if 3D TV will be not much more expensive I can wait with that. Maybe if 3D TV will come to our stores the price of regular HD TVs will drop?
    Yeah I know I’m a cheap bastard :)

    sorry for double-post

  52. p_kwiatek

    Meh, I’ll still wait for GT5 as long as it takes and hope that there will be release date given at E3 (this year I hope)
    Till then I’ll play Prologue on my LG SDTV, which plays it nice and smooth in 576i.

  53. GT_Racer

    Again with the blame shifting….

    PD, KY and SONY failed to us all in not delivering a game in a timely fashion…. u can blame obama if we want…. doesnt change the fact that they owe us fans a full game for all this time… seriously it shouldve been an announcement for gt6 why we played 5

  54. JayKayEm

    Interviewer asks “Is there anything new, anything you can talk about”…. and we talk about the Tokyo track making a big comeback!

    I have seen Tokyo screenshots for two years now mate….. comeback…. i’m sick of it already!

    Mr. Someone is paid a lot of money by Sony to tell us jack-all. Thanks.

  55. GTUSA

    I agree with the many comments stating that I feel KY/PD/Sony should not have spent time with this 3D implementation in GT5. 3DTV is not a big deal and I would venture a guess it will have more of an impact when GT6 is released (if at all).

  56. Mickle Pickle

    Personally, i dont care for 3D on my GT5, because i recently got two 50inch plasma, and thus am NOT planning to trade in for 3D tv anytime soon, at least for the next 2-3 years!!!

    I am not against 3D, it’s a nice feature i agree, but my guess is that NOT everyone is going to run to the store to buy 3D tv Just because and for GT5, or vice versa…

    In my book, they (Sony and PD) could have waited until GT6 to feature that, or even a (free) DLC for GT5. (unless technically it’s better for them to just pack it in the original disk from the start)

    Despite my eagerness to have GT5 NOW, i can see why Sony and PD decided to delay the release of GT5 just for 3D. They figure if it takes them so long to produce such a game, they would rather delay GT5 six more months (my guess) to be the first to include 3D in their game, instead of delaying 3D until GT6 in 2015 (my guess again), which by then 3D would be obsolete and MS would have jumped on the bandwagon long time already.

  57. Mr Latte

    When did Sony announce that the 3D support was the ONLY reason or the delay?

    Seriously get a grip…..


    Sony is delayin the release date with this 3D stuff, not PD. so stop blaming KY and PD. BLAME SONY!!!!!!!

  59. maxpontiac

    Alot of you people need to realize that 3D is just another feature of GT5.

    Not for some of you, but for others, it could be the reason to pick up GT5 when it’s released.

    I hate to say it, but it seems the 3D whining crowd is right up there with the anti-Nascar one.

  60. RADracing

    I guess that would give us a clue on what is in one of the disc in the 3disc box set we saw in the earlier videos of Kaz holding the packaging for GT5

  61. Z06onGT5

    @JesseDeya apparently it seems u weren’t affected by the you really think after what has happened people I mean ordinary low income earners and maybe some middle class will have the money for 3DTV’s? and does anyone on here think 3D is a fad like the 50’s-60’s? I mean comeon would we even be having this discussion if avatar was a flop? PD should have really had this as DC to be making us wait for a feature that maybe 25% of the country will use is madness…I’ve been a GT fan since I bought number one in 97 back in middle school and this has just let me fustrated. I’m really know considering a 360 and Forza 3 jus to hold me over not to mention the PGR series…has Bill Gates Won??? @ least til GT5 gets here I’m sory Sony but you have made me feel like a hobo waiting last in line at the salvation army on a Sunday…360 FTW!!!!

  62. Dim

    PD and Sony are becoming a joke with GT5…

    my interest lately has seriously shifted towards Codemasters F1 2010 rather than GT5. The list of features is amazing and we are getting more and more on it in just few months spread before its release.

    All we see from GT5 for months and months is the damn tokyo track (for tousandth time) with yet another version of skylines… I’m really sick of this lack of info and most importantly A DEFINITE RELEASE DATE…

  63. dearlybeloved

    i want the game to be released, i want details of what is happening behind the doors of PD, I want to play the game before F1 2010 is out. I just wish PD would stop pissing us around with no concrete details. At least there is a developers diary with other software developers.

  64. Mr Latte

    PD showed that even with the PSP version framerate at 60fps was a must have feature.

    Eurogamer recently stated in a report that Sony said it was quite easy reducing Wipeout from 1080p 60fps to 720p 3D 30fps. This report states the developers of the game found it a challenge.

    I put it to you guys now that if anything GT5 in 3D will be in 60fps as well.
    It has to offer the same framerate for only games with 2D/3D players.
    The likelhood is it will be sub 720p native and scaled to 720p. It may include additional AA to reduce jaggies but ultimately offer the same framerate in 3D but with less resolution.

  65. Mr Latte

    Gees as usual some silly people mouthing off a load of stuff that isnt accurate regards 3D and TVs.

    Why is 3D constantly getting attacked?
    If you own a 720p or 1080p telly and your happy with that then fine you can enjoy the game in 2D.

    Every year people buy new TVs so just because some of you recently only bought one doesnt mean others have. Loads of people still havnt or some bought early into HDTV several years ago, paid a fortune and are now likely looking an upgrade anyways.

    Loads of guys are wanting these new 3DTVs not just because they have TV some not even for that but because this Year the 1st Gen models that have 3D are the high performance models. So even for their 2D improved performance people are buying them.

    Within a year or so 3D wont be much of a premium at all but a mid range feature.

  66. lado

    @chris : you´re right this 3D functions are sensless for GT5 the release date is always delaying and we have just boring information and nearly the same gameplay videos with hardly any differences. They should integrate it into GT6 if at all.

  67. lado

    Allright now we have GT5 with 3D feature, but we don´t have the release date. They just have to say it´s coming in September 2010 and we´ll all be happy! But this is a interesting feature for the players, but who has the money to buy the 3D spectacles and primarily the 3D TV with all that support.

  68. Dan

    Look, I appreciate where SONY wants to take home media, but the whole ‘3D’ thing isn’t quite that amazing, financially viable (with the CHEAPEST 3D Bravias set a whopping £1400!) and no one (in the grand scheme of things) has it yet, or will do for quite some time. 3D is probably now at the same stage HD was is 2002, and it’ll be even longer (unless prices drop like a lead-weight and they conquer the no-glasses thing) before people start taking it up en masse; ugh, very frustrating if this caused the delay!

  69. mali Djuro

    Let’s just get one thing straight, the overall pixel count of 1080p is more than twice of 720p. That means, if the rendering engine is tweaked correctly, you could have 3D without any significant quality loss at the same framerate. Why all the fuss about how bad something will look without even bothering to check the technical details about all that?
    I’m pretty disappointed by the so called “delay”, but who in their right minds ever assumed GT would be out in Europe or US before autumn 2010. knowing about all the things that happened in previous incarnations of the game? It is a long wait, but I, for one, believe it’s worth it… Thank you.

  70. iucidium

    @Damo: well at least ALL of gt5s dashboards will work and ALL time-trials won’t be glitched to buggery….and the driver animations will be more human – no dashboard punching when changing gears

  71. JesseDeya

    Wow, what an amazingly depressing read of misinformed scepticism.

    I’m referring to _most_ of the comments above me.

    Let’s put this in perspective, 3D TVs are NOT significantly more expensive than the 2D versions the same models, we’re talking a few hundred dollars extra for 3D. Most of you would quite happily agree that a few hundred dollars to make your GT5 experience better is well worth it. Take for instance the number of GT fans who haven’t thought twice about buying a G25/G27.

    And why is everyone assuming this is about expecting people to replace their existing HDTV? According to a quick google, by the end of 2010 the number of HD ready households will reach 174m or 22% of TV households. The figure will be 59% in the US, 66% in Japan and 30% in Western Europe.

    What that tells me is,

    A) People are ready for HD now more than ever,
    B) There are still a LOT of households with the potential to make the move to HD, why not offer them 3D for a few more $?

    mk1992 above makes some comments that I think typify the ignorant attitude here.

    S/he says:

    “A: Nobody is stupid enough to get rid of their HD TV after 1,5 years”

    Really? Well I’m stupid enough, and so are a lot of my friends. Don’t try and assume your situation applies to everyone else. Studies have shown that a large majority of gamers, particularly PS3 gamers, are over 30 yrs old. From that you can deduce that the disposable income of these gamers is also relatively high, as these tend to be the higher earning years of your life (30-50).

    In my case, I’ve got a lovely 40″ Bravia X series that is about 3yrs old but I’m already thinking about upgrading to a slimmer, lighter and most importantly bigger model. Given what I’ve seen so far with the impending PS3 3D support, my next TV will be 3D for sure. It’s really just a question of whether I buy first generation or wait for second.

    “B: 3D games will only be playable in 720p compared to 1080p for HD”

    And most (the vast, vast majority) of the games you play on your PS3 are 720 already. I fail to see your point, 720 can look fantastic.

    “C: It only delays the delay of GT5”

    That is pure speculation, they have been demoing a 3D version of GT5 for months! To me that clearly means they have the 3D more or less done, so it must be other things that are causing this delay. Yes, perhaps it’s Sony now holding up the launch to co-incide with their TVs, _but_ Kaz recently said they would have struggled to finish the game in time for March and still have everything HE wanted to be in the game. He also said “There are a lot of cars that I’d like to see in the game, but it’s a long waiting list, and there’s not enough time to get them all in.” which shows there are probably plenty of other reasons for the delays.

    3D is a fantastic, unique feature that will set GT5 even further apart. I can’t believe how narrow minded some of you are, you just want your needs satiated immediately despite the fact that this could prove to be a master-stroke for Sony and the GT franchise.

  72. JimInPT

    @zenith: “To all nay-sayers, remember, this is PD we’re talking about, just because 3D hasn’t worked in other games doesn’t mean they won’t perfect it. Hold you hate for a bit, eh?”

    Zenith, the PS3 is capable of processing and pushing a limited maximum number of bits/second. I think it’s safe to assume that 2D GT5 will be pushing that maximum, hard – it has to be, if it’s going to be better than Dirt 2, NFS:S and other racing games that already look pretty good but render at 720p and less than 60 fps.

    GT5 is/was supposed to be delivered at 1080p, 60 fps; that’s substantially better than any of the others if they can pull it off and requires pushing the PS3 hard.

    Now take the long-ago spec’d GT5 and dump 3D requirements on top of it all. Something’s going to have to give – either resolution, framerate, object detail or some combination of all of the above. Also factor in that the 3D has to be essentially PERFECT or nobody will play it for long due to fuzziness, headaches, dizziness or other side-effects of 3D imperfection.

    Imagine the blowback of delivering a big 3D push that people try for a while and abandon – that’ll likely be worse than doing 3D with later DLC or just waiting for the PS4, which will no doubt have 3D rendering hardware capable of full-HD presentation.

    I just hope to God they don’t dumb-down the 2D presentation as well.

  73. Rattlehead

    I’ve seen Motorstorm: Pacific Rift in 3D, and it’s definitely the MUST HAVE feature in racing games.
    Immersion becomes just like 10x deeper. You better try it out yourselves.

  74. chris

    3d who the hell cares about 3d! its so pointless, and to waste money on a 3d tv is just crazy, this is something they should of done in gt6 not gt5!

  75. ItsHim

    That’s great news! Now GT has 3D AND cars! Just imagine how dull it would have been without the 3D and just the cars. Nobody would have bought it.

  76. Dave-o

    how do the shutter glasses sync with the images the screen? Presumably if they get out of phase by 180 degrees the then 3d image will be reversed (i.e. what houls be coming out of the screen would be going into the screen)?

  77. mk1992

    Very Useless feature

    A: Nobody is stupid enough to get rid of their HD TV after 1,5 years
    B: 3D games will only be playable in 720p compared to 1080p for HD
    C: It only delays the delay of GT5

    get rid of it

  78. Jono

    Is it just me or did anyone get the impression that the guy doesn’t really play GT despite being the producer for an entire continent?! There were about two solid facts in the video and the rest could have been said by any one of the gtplanet readers.

    Personally I don’t care about 3d. I’m still playing gt4 on my 21″ Sony CRT quite happily and I just want to play gt5 for the handling experience. Sony are again using gt5 to control the ps3 marketing strategy over and above what the fans want.

  79. Damo

    why spend a stupid amount of time implementing 3d, which Taku said “was a really tough job for programmers”, when this time could have been spent more wisely on finishing off the cars, and ensuring that as many as possible had in-car views?! I am a GT fanatic, and so it hurts me to say that Forza is going to kick GT’s ass in some areas… but at least we can take solace in better graphics, cars (and hopefully tracks), and improved sound! Please, please don’t let yourselves down PD!

  80. WonkyFonk

    I would imagine that if GT5 was released without 3D, everyone would start moaning that they should have included it, once these TVs hit the shops.

    Also, selling GT5 with 3D is the same idea as releasing the playstation with a blu-ray player right? Ok blu-ray was in competition for standardisation, but for those 33% who dont have a PS3, would they not be tempted to pick up a 3D Sony TV aswell?

  81. zenith

    Not sure what to make of this. I’m interested to see how polyphony will pull this off

    To all nay-sayers, remember, this is PD we’re talking about, just because 3D hasn’t worked in other games doesn’t mean they won’t perfect it. Hold you hate for a bit, eh?

  82. NBH

    I can’t really justify paying out for a new 3D tv, especially when we have been pushed hard recently to buy HDTVs and now we find they are out of date!? Maybe when the PD4 is out and all games are 3D as standard I would think about it. I’m quite surprised they are spending time adding this when so few people will actually be able to experience it.

  83. Dom

    Just so everyone will have realistic expectations for 3D:
    HDMI is restricted to 720p50 or 720p60 for 3D gaming right now and the PS3 is unable to deliver enough frames in 1080p 3D anyway. I believe we can be happy to see a 720p 3D Version with 30fps (but be careful fps != hz). Anyway, 3D gaming on the PS3 will not be that great if you own a 55″+ HDTV…
    But even PCs will have the problem with max resolution of 720p, despite their sufficent power for 1080p and more in stereoskopic 3D :(

  84. circa1990

    Shutter glasses don’t hurt your eyes like polarized 3D glasses do.
    Shutter glasses are most likely to be used along with refresh rates like 120hz.
    Two different perspectives are flashed on your screen, one after another for each eye, and a shutter on the glasses covers your left then right eye, corresponding with the specific frame shown on the screen.
    This is much more natural for your eyes than what you see in theaters, and really isn’t a bother at all.

    I’m still exited for the game, as I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.

  85. Turbo_3800

    If I can’t play GT5 in 3D like on a IMAX screen then idc about it lol. I have a 65in Mitsubishi DLP I recently bought and I didn’t know it had 3D capabilities and I don’t care to play GT5 in 3D on that either lol. To me this sounds like eye problems, as anybody knows when 1st starting a new GT game hours sometimes fly by quikly. It’ll be like watching avatar in 3D without raising the glasses off your eyes once or twice.

  86. JimInPT

    WGAS? Release the damn thing and DLC later.

    Don’t tell ’em about holograms; that’ll kill it until 2015 and it’ll still be beaten to market by Forza 12.

  87. Z06onGT5

    3D TV’S + 1950’s-60’s Fad of 3D + Release date delay just for 3D feature, egg on face of PD and Sony = EPIC FAIL OVERKILL!!!!

  88. nasanu

    One thing is for sure, you can’t have the best possible graphics and be running in 3D. I only hope that the graphics are crippled when running in 3D. Otherwise it will be the case that the graphics for everyone else will be compromised for the 4 or 5 people who will run this in 3D.

  89. tameem

    @ khlad

    thats exactly what 3d is. GT5 in 3d will give you a better sense of depth just like in real life.

  90. Khlad

    I don’t get it, what does exactly 3D do ? I mean when i e.g. go to the cinema and watch a 3D movie i get glasses so i almost can touch the things comin out of the screen. Is it like that `?

  91. Mustang750R

    @RE5I5TANT Then why does Samsung 3dtv run at 240hz? Why nvidia recommend 120+hz screen for 3d? WHY I ASK WHY!? lol

  92. azzaj


    Actually i think you will find that all the current sony systems are built on shutters and more than 120hz refresh. whether or not you’ll be able to use your non sony tv and shutter googles on ps3 is another matter.

    To all the haters out there 3d actually makes driving a better experience, you get a better sense of perspective thus can hit the apex every time, it just makes it seem more real.

    And bonus if any shutters will work then you can invest in a nice cheap 22 inch high refresh monitor for your driving seat setup which will rock.

  93. TEK9[R]

    I hope more recent cars have been added. 3d will further seperate GT5 from the rest, PD has their foot in the door with the top of the line displays, top of the line interface (Logitech FTW), and some sort of Toyota data loger. I can’t imagine what this will enable the hardcore GT fan to accomplish. Other deveopers will probably try to make moves in this area but I’m guessing it will be a while before we race in 3d online smoothly. I won’t be upgradeing tvs just yet, I” find a 3d set in the pawn shop before I find GT6.

  94. DriedMoss

    Well, since we are going to be waiting a while until the next big leap in the GT series (like the leap that is GT4 to GT5), having 3D in GT5 is a good thing.

    It means when, in 2015, Sony is still supporting the PS3, and the next generation of gaming is booming, we might be playing GT6 with improved 3D support because Sony decided to start it now. Certainly more gamers will own 3D TVs because they bought them in 2010, and GT5 will already support those gamers.

    I must admit that I have had momentary regrets that in me there is no patience to wait to play games, and I already bought a HD (non-3D) TV. So I’ve have to wait until 2015 or until PD gets around to GT6.

    3D is big in films now. Theater’s, DVDs, and HD ushered in the “want” for widescreen TVs back when. Remember when we said a 16:9 widescreen TV didn’t do much to change our “my-4:3-square-trinitron-CRT-TV-is-good-enough frame of mind? It’s likely to be the same way with 3D. CRT 4:3 is still okay, but it’s all in how you enjoy your gaming.

    When I get my retail copy of GT5, start it up and just as I cruise past the 3D display option menu and it’s grayed out or not available on my current HDTV…I’ll feel that momentary regret again.

  95. RE515TANT

    @ Mickastanz and @ Mustang750R:

    Owning a 120Hz, 240Hz TV (or a 600Hz plasma for that matter) DOES NOT equal 3D capabilities. The 3D feature is above and beyond any refresh rates. 3D TV’s have only been available for a month or two at best and very few people have one.

    Do your research before assuming people don’t know what they’re talking about.

  96. leiwei

    3D tvs aren’t that expensive compared to when I picked up my lcd 5 years ago. I agree though it would leave a sour taste and many probably wouldn’t want to upgrade if they just “recently” purchased an hdtv set. But considering my tv is 5 yrs old, gets at most 1080i, not even 120hz, upgrading doesn’t seem as bad to me.

    Anyway, I’m sure *if done right* and if BestBuy sets up a 3D demoing station with GT5, a lot of us will reconsider. Depth may actually allow us to brake and take corners better.

  97. Mustang750R

    I also find it strange that when 3d is mentioned in GT5 they’re quick to blame it or assume that’s a major reason.. Has anyone thought about the amount of new awesome vehicles of late of how they want make sure the deliver the ultimate package instead of a broken turd with diamonds. GT games are always the first a new innovations and stuff, maybe they have something huge but don’t want to say its the prob until after its done as to refrain from it implementaion (on psp no spell check).

  98. Mickstanz

    Yeah people are bitching a lot about having to buy a new TV when really if you brought a decent one in the 1st place your probley good to go. As the post above says your TV just has to run at 120hz or over.

  99. ralph89

    I hope this doesn’t affect the quality, quantity, and the features of GT5. If that’s going to be the case, then it’s time to remove the fan boy hat once and for all. Since everyone will lose hope in PD? I hope I’m wrong and they continue on what they are supposed to DO. Creating a real motor sports feel, simulation, and car passion/enthusiasm game that doesn’t copy features from everyone.

  100. Mustang750R

    I find it strange how its said that a hdtv with 120hz or more could display 3d when you have a proper player and glasses but yet everyone seems to bug when they hear about 3d. most already have a 120 or 240hz tv and the tech is out now so why bitch about upgrading.

  101. smoky427

    who will buy 3D TV it will be expansive even rich people think sony it’s too late!
    when GT5 out im looking at Wheel not 3D TV it’s not important FOR ME!

  102. scooter1265

    Well, there’s one more feature that we won’t be able to use until 2034.
    Oh well, it’ll look good on our 49213D Projection Glasses.
    And I bet it’ll run good on our PS5’s

    Maybe they’ll have support for the PSP Go 2 Micro Special Limited Edition with 32 GB of memory and Gran Turismo 3 for PSP. I’ve almost beat all of the driving challenges. I’ve collected 32/40912 cars so far. I’ve also bought all 3 Ferraris, all 3 Lamborghinis, and the Porsche Panamera. I love PD!

    I love sarcasm.
    But, this is cool for the people who have 3D HDTVs. I think it’ll be 3D 1080p because PD is so OCD about stuff like that. Either way, we’ll all be “sick” for a week straight when this bad boy comes out.

  103. ExclusivesMostly

    @2: I agree. I’m not upgrading my Sony xbr either just for 3D. Though it’s nice that GT5 will support it since we’ll probably buy new tvs before GT6 comes out :)

  104. daniel

    how much power does the ps3 have, or should I be asking, how awesome are the gt5 programmers, to produce one of the best looking games on the hardware, then be able to as the guy said, devide the picture in two and process them separately. thats got to take a lot of power to do that at 60 fps on the fly. or really creative programming.

    no wonder sony looks 10 years into the future, they like what they see

  105. wsoul

    I’m sorry to sound like an asshole, but I really really REALLY don’t care about 3D support for GT5… Not only is it gimmicky, it will run at a lower resolution which will most likely look like crap. Sony or someone needs to give a solid release date and tell something about the game that will actually revitalize the hype… *sigh*

  106. GlobeKIDD

    I think it’s just another feature that adds to the coolness and the ‘oh look what I have’ deal. It’s the same as a wheel, HDTV, and stereo system, just with added finesse. All not needed, but adds to the experience.

  107. Joshua

    That’s so awesome! It will benefit at least the .001% of the game’s players that have or will have a 3d tv.

    Seriously, I hope this hasn’t been something that is taking too much time for PD.

  108. peter_vod69

    Yep, 3d is something that I don’t care about in the slightest. I’m not going to rush out and upgrade my year old 1080p Sony Bravia just for 3d.

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