Live Stream: PlayStation Showcase Could Finally Bring More Gran Turismo 7 News

PlayStation has announced a new online Showcase event coming later in September, and it could mark the first official presentation of Gran Turismo 7 in over a year.

Showcase events are semi-regular looks into what’s in development and the further pipeline for the PlayStation platform. We’ve seen a number of them over the last few months, but they’ve either been built around a specific PS5 title, like the Deathloop event in July, or looking at third-party games.

This month’s Showcase though will flip back to a wider-ranging event, covering a broad spread of games including “updates from PlayStation Studios” for titles scheduled for late 2021 “and beyond”.

Sony’s official announcement doesn’t name any games specifically, but there are only really three still remaining from the pre-PS5 hype: Horizon Forbidden West, the un-named God of War sequel, and Gran Turismo 7. HFW of course has a release date now, in February 2022, and both the GOW sequel and GT7 are slated for an unspecified 2022 date, making it likely that all three will put in an appearance on the stream.

Gran Turismo fans have been waiting a very, very long time for fresh GT7 news. After a first look at the game back in June 2020, there has been very little by way of any information since, and nothing at all through official channels — though the game’s footage does regularly appear in other teaser videos, such as the “Breathtaking Games” clip last week you can see above.

Though never formally announced, Sony has confirmed that GT7’s launch window had shifted to 2022. There’s also been a variety of clues that the game will appear on both PS5 and PS4 platforms — again not explicitly communicated at any point, though we’ve been able to confirm that at least some PS4 development has taken place.

One detail that might harm the chances of GT7’s reappearance is the confirmed absence of the second-generation PS VR in the stream. We’re expecting GT7 to have an increased VR presence compared to GT Sport, and as such would better suit a PSVR2 event.

The Showcase will run for around 40 minutes in total, starting at 2000 UTC on Thursday September 9 — and PlayStation promises there’ll be even more updates from the studios featured in the Showcase after the stream.

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    1. Azabear6

      Morning guys..quick catch up watched the new gt7 trailer and the livery options already look incredible. Ability to create opacity in the editor, decal degree rotation, front and side windows decals, wheel diameter and width, custom license plates and widebody options

  1. Diego Romero

    Wow, wow, wow. Old GT cars, (Castrol Supra, Alfa 155 DTM, Penzoil R34) FXX-K.

    You can mod cars, not just the livery, etc. GT7 is going to be awesome!!!

  2. zeptrans

    GT7 coming March 2022

    "Moon over the Castle" music with the season change around the Porsche… They definitively took the GT4 spirit, good choice.

    Jeep Willis on GT7… How perfect into the Nurb ahah
    Lot of old cute babies come back, Alfa 155 DTM, Castrol Supra, Pennzoil GT-R, CLK GTR, etc…

    By the way, lot of news came into this new trailer. GTPlanet will shine next days

  3. Affulentdude17

    SONY KEEP GT7 PS5 EXCLUSIVE ONLY per your original plan. We PS5 users want the best experience possible and not be bogged down with last gen users ruining our experience in the queue. If you want both platforms keep us all separated.

    1. ruestchiva

      I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be a problem. It all gets fixed by capping framerates and lowering resolution for PS4… GT Sport runs at 1080p 60fps on PS4 hardware. Surely, GT7 will not be much of a problem to render at 30fps in case it gets much more demanding than GT Sport, which it won’t.

    1. Andreasmoller

      What about them that can’t get their hands on a ps5 becouse its not availble for buy, should they be left out becouse of it

      1. Daus

        That’s the nature of console generation transition. By that logic, what about people that want to experience Ps5 only games like Ratchet & Clank?

  4. Andreasmoller

    Gt7 is the only game i care for the ps5, its seems to be a much better gran turismo game than gt sport, with much more content, i am glad it going back to its roots👍

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