Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed to Launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

After months of mixed messages, vaguely worded statements, and more than a little silence, Sony has finally confirmed it: Gran Turismo 7 will be a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 title when it arrives in 2022.

Oddly, the statement comes right from the top but is buried inside a quote on another, separate cross-gen controversy regarding fellow cross-gen 2022 launch Horizon Forbidden West.

In case you missed it, Sony revealed the Horizon sequel’s launch date this past Thursday, September 2. However at the same time it was announced that PS4 players who didn’t pick up the expensive special editions of the game would not be eligible to upgrade to the PS5 version. While they could play the PS4 version on PS5, if they wanted the full next-gen experience they’d need to stump up another $70 for the game all over again.

Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, issued a statement today which walked back that position. Sony had intended that all cross-gen games would be free to upgrade initially, adding a fee at a later date. HFW was clearly stated to be part of that free upgrade scheme, but the launch delay has pushed it out of that window. Recognizing this, Ryan has now reiterated that the PS4 version of the game can upgrade to PS5 for free.

However, from today Sony will implement a $10 upgrade fee for every other first-party exclusive, cross-gen title that comes to market. This is where Gran Turismo 7 comes in.

Ryan’s statement, as published on the PlayStation Blog, clearly spells out that GT7 will be included in this scheme going forward:

I also want to confirm today that moving forward, PlayStation first-party exclusive cross-gen titles (newly releasing on PS4 & PS5) – both digital and physical* – will offer a $10 USD digital upgrade option from PS4 to PS5. This will apply to the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7, and any other exclusive cross-gen PS4 & PS5 title published by Sony Interactive Entertainment .

This statement is unequivocal, unlike earlier messaging. At its first reveal, GT7 was stated to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Since then we’ve seen this revert to more nebulous language, such as “PlayStation exclusive” and “in development for PlayStation”.

Of course earlier in the year Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios — the overarching branding for Sony’s first-party developers like Polyphony Digital — suggested that GT7 was one of many games where a PS4 version “makes sense” and was at least looked at, but that too stopped well short of being an outright confirmation.

GTPlanet was able to glean that a PlayStation 4 development path for GT7 had at least been pursued at one point, but not whether this would progress to a full launch.

Of course the news is something of a mixed bag to Gran Turismo fans. PlayStation 5s remain difficult to buy, and the existence of a PS4 version of the title means players who haven’t managed to pick up the new-gen console won’t miss out.

However it also likely means either GT7 will have different versions with different feature sets or — more likely — it’ll be the same game and, aside from improvements due to better GPU performance (grid sizes, frame rates, display resolution) and DualSense support, it’ll be the same title on both platforms. That would effectively shackle the PS5 version to the PS4’s capabilities, rather than being the full next-gen experience players were anticipating.

This is the first outright mention of Gran Turismo 7 from official sources in any capacity in quite some time. That could further indicate that this coming week’s PlayStation Showcase event will bring more information at last.

Thanks to Stelios for the tip!

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    1. FCB-Rizla-TML

      GT series has always been a console seller and the fact that PS5 shortage, this decision was made, not because pa4 has more users. if ps5 supply was abundant, i feel they would not have made it on both gens.

      im not happy to see them do this but it makes sure people who dont have ps5 do get to enjoy the new edition to their flagship series

      1. CryMore

        Is 13 million+ consoles not enough for PD? The truth is PS4 has more users, just like the PS3 had more users for GT6.

  1. CleanRacer45

    It’s obviously a smart move to sell more games putting it on both systems but I personally hope the game isn’t just new flashy graphics and the same old games of old but better physics, sounds and gameplay.

  2. redhed17

    So a company that has problems delivering games in a reasonable time now has to deliver two versions of a game on different consoles! That will go OK won’t it! :-/

    Unless the PS5 version is literally the PS4 version at a higher resolution and frame rate I can’t see them hitting 2022 from their history. And if it the PS5 version is just a souped up PS4 version, then all the processing bottlenecks for game design will handicap the PS5 version. :-(

    Good for me that I will get a proper GT game on the PS4, but they should really be pushing a PS5 to its limits, which I doubt a multi platform game will do.

    If the PS5 version is not a whole lot different to the PS5 version, then no need to get a PS5 for me unless they can push out a GT8 during that consoles lifetime.

    Time will tell. (probably some time in 2023 :-()

  3. DGXR

    Two full GT titles on each PlayStation console. Period.
    It’s always been this way, let’s hope it always will be.
    To those who already bought a PS5 and expected GT7 (before it’s even released) to be anything specific, you have not been paying attention to the last 20 years of PD game development. PS4 owners should not lose out because of your mistake.

      1. David Gieselman

        This is true and I stand corrected.
        I was referring to all the PS5 owners crying about development changes to a game that won’t be released for quite a while. Polyphony Digital has been pulling this kind of stuff literally for decades, yet people are still disappointed? Lol

    1. TG208011

      The people who bought PS5 for GT7 before it is launched, the developers didn’t call it a exclusive.

      The PS4 owners shouldn’t miss out on a gt title because of the stupidity of some people who buy tech products based on facts the product never promised and then bark about it in comments like most of the people in the comments

  4. IXON009

    I’d still buy it and enjoy it on PS5 (planning to get one in late 2022), because I’m sure it will beat the hell out of GTS in basically everything.

  5. traind

    It makes business sense to go cross gen for Sony but “We believe in generations” really was BS, wasn’t it? They said that to differentiate themselves from Microsoft last year but now it appears that Microsoft have far more current gen exclusives in the works than Sony.

    Still, developers have the ability to make games scalable across hardware. It may take PD an extra year to do it, lol, but these things could happen:

    * PS5 car models may be higher detail. They have the super detailed models already in GT Sport dealerships so scaling in game models could be done differently.

    * frame rates, resolution and car count may be higher on PS5. Particularly if they bring new features to both consoles, features that will slow down the PS4 version.

    * Lighting could be different on PS5. I kind of doubt that they will do this to a great extent but they could.

    Graphics are easier to scale. CPU based features are where GT7 will be held back. The PS4 has a weak CPU.

    1. DGXR

      Agreed. With certain graphical content such as weather effects and tire smoke (and others), if these are included in the PS5 release but not possible on a PS4, we may see online incompatibility between console users. In other words, you can’t have one driver in rain or fog and another driver in clear conditions, not in the same race. So there may be a few issues that need to be worked out between the console versions but Sony can do it.

  6. TG208011

    These comments by some snowflakes who want GT7 to be a PS5 only game are so annoying.
    1.This is why you shouldn’t buy something before the feature you are buying the thing for is not confirmed or already implemented. Expecting a product to have a feature or a exclusive game which the product never promised is such a dumb thing to do.
    2. Even the people who can afford a PS5 can’t buy one because it is in shortage in most of the world. The demand is there but the supply is short.
    3. Yeah some PS5s are available in the grey market but how many people do you think are willing to pay multiple times the original price tag of the PS5 to a guy who bought like 10 PS5 and is selling them at a huge markup to PlayStation 5 buyers.
    4. Sony needs to make profit on their game. It makes sense for them to not abandon the PS4 community they have built.
    If they release it only on ps5, most of the PlayStation players wouldn’t be able to play it.
    5. GT Sport runs flawlessly on PS4 and GT7 which some downgrades can still run smoothly on PS4 systems.

  7. SebiGT89

    there is not ONE important feature that can´t be implemented into the ps4.
    If they change the physics engine, add dynamic weather, more cars, bla bla, could be implemented into the ps4 system easily.
    I don´t understand (I want to) why people are whining about it.
    The game could be perfectly made for the ps5 and then downgraded for ps4 users.

    1. Strittan

      Dynamic weather is not possible on PS4, unless you’re fine with 30 fps and 8 car races. Why do you think it’s not in GT Sport?

  8. GunnDawg39

    Well this is going to kill Gran Turismo, maybe not entirely but a HUGE percentage of players are probably going to abandon it. Since the devs had to make an inferior version having to spend not just money but development time that could have been all dumped into the PS5 version to make GT7 the absolute best GT game yet! Now we get much less innovativation and have more limitations and far less potential! It’s depressing this has happened just imagining what we could of had gives me goosebumps however now we just have to deal with a lesser version of what could have been great, or even damn near perfect!

  9. WallyWorld

    I’ve been entitled all my life from planes, yachts, fasts cars to fast women but saying PS5 is an entitlement is just funny !

    1. matrix_gt1

      Lol it’s an entitlement my dude. It’s not an essential. Sounds like you may be in the 1% right? So your view might be a little different to most people.

  10. ElwoodRambler

    Sound like a bunch of entitled whining brats…
    It’s a smart move to have it on both platforms, if they want to sell any!
    A lot of the world can’t even get their hands on a PS5!
    The shortage is REAL for another year at least.

  11. bumblebeezer

    Yo, PS4 owners get a PS5 and do the community a favor. Your not helping staying on old platforms. It affects us all with a crap product !!!!

  12. JPVSPAndrade1

    Say goodbye to:
    – day-night cycle
    -dynamic weather
    – bigger grids on online lobbies
    – new physics

    GT5, I miss you.

    1. HyperlaneGT

      Honestly I think we can just see until GT7 releases. There is a PS5 event this week and I think they’ll be talking about the cross gen games too. We’ll never know until they unveil and then once we get our hands on the beta.

    1. Salamander300

      Look Scalper. Nobody is going to pay 1,000 dollars for a 500 dollar console is right now. You need to get off. Your high horse.

  13. allwayzDeserved

    GT7 should NOT be cross platform and PS5 ONLY. PD thought you were cutting edge. Tailoring towards PS4 gen shows a lack of evolution and innovation on your part. Shame on you !

    1. matrix_gt1

      It would of been a Sony decision most likely. Developers have commented that they hate doing multiple versions.

  14. Dennismarinos

    By the time the game comes out in 2023 almost everyone will have a ps5 anyway, and the base PS4 will probably be as powerful as a high-end new mobile phone. This is a stupid move, Sony are delusioned if they think PD are capable of releasing a game that runs on both platforms within 2022. They have shown with every release since part 3 that they are always years behind schedule. This is just adding fuel to their procastinistic fire.
    Mark my words we won’t see gt7 until well in to 2023, and if you don't have a ps5 by then, well sorry you should have missed out as 3 years is more than enough time to save to buy a new console.
    In 2023 do you really want to play gt7 on base PS4? Makes me sick thinking about it lol.

    1. fatkid

      Yes, but if the PS5 version of GT7 isn’t far superior to GT7 and GT Sport on the PS4 why should people pay hundreds, in some a cases a thousand, for the PS5 to play it on? My decision to buy a PS2 and PS3 were in no small part due to GT3 and GT5 being released on their respective consoles exclusively to play them on along with some other games. I will still get a PS5 next year for Elden Ring and Horizon 2, but for some GT7 will be the main hook. I

  15. Benny44

    Looking forward to this. I fully expect to have a PS5 by the time it comes out, but most people don’t. And a lot can’t afford one. I know of 5 people off the top of my head (real life friends) who wouldn’t have bought it if it was PS5 exclusive. So while a few aren’t getting everything absolutely cutting edge, the majority are getting a game they can play.

    I’m really looking forward to being able to hopefully play with my friends online, something I haven’t been able to do properly since GT6

  16. Marius789

    Lmao can we please disable comments? This is getting ridiculous.

    It’s ok guys. This will be Gran Turismo just like all of the other versions in the series regardless of what platform they will release it on.

    You’re still going to buy it and you’re still going to enjoy it.

    1. matrix_gt1

      I get it. People buy new consoles for generational exclusives and yet many people upgrade their phone every year or two.. for no reason whatsoever.

      The ps5 version of GT7 is going to look glorious. Will it not have certain features because the PS4 can’t support it? I honestly doubt it. If anything I suspect GT7 on ps4 isn’t going to look as good as GT sport in order to support the same features as the PS5 version.

      But people are jumping the gun, for sure!

  17. Try_Rebooting

    LOL, I don’t even know where to begin.
    PD have said practically nothing about the release of GT7 and, while even what they have said should be taken with a pinch of salt, fans are already complaining about what the new title won’t include due to it being a cross-gen release, and even that was still speculation until recently.
    I do feel genuinely sorry for all the players who may have gone out and brought a PS5 already in anticipation of the GT7 release, they have a right to feel gut punched, but my question is why’d you do it? PD are not exactly a reliable source of information.
    I also understand that people feel letdown by GT Sport not really being a proper GT Game, but I’ll be honest, when Kas said that GT7 was going to be more like previous GT titles, that was actually a disappointment me. I have really enjoyed the e-sports focus of the latest release. I’ve played in Sport Mode and lobbys with my friends and had a really great time. The single player mode of the traditional game isn’t racing, it’s just applied overtaking. Last to first until the laps run out whilst trying to avoid the appalling AI.What Gran Turismo does, is try to strike that balance between a sim racing experience and a traditional arcade game and I think they do this quite successfully. Look how many really talented gamers get together on the GT Sport platform. The big problem is that PD try to be all things to all people and obliviously they please nobody perfectly.
    For what it’s worth, I’m glad GT7 is gonna be a cross-gen release. Some PS5 owners will complain that the graphics would have been better if it was a PS5 exclusive, while others saying they should have stayed with a PS4 and saved their money, while everyone will complain of arcade style physics. Kas will say nothing about it while he counts his money, cos we all brought the game anyway lol.
    …..and the penalty system will still be a piece of ****.

  18. evldave333

    Delighted, its cross gen myself the best of both worlds, I wont touch online so any disparities wont affect me.

    1. tomaso777

      A bit off topic but this is for those who have not tried on-line GT Sport. Put your fears aside and compete against others. The game puts you into the class best suited to your abilities. You won’t feel embarrassed. It took me, (76 years old), 3 months to get up enough moxy to enter the GT Sport world. It has been a blast. Over 40 wins now. So don’t delay…do it now!

      1. matrix_gt1

        Respect! This is why I love Gran Turismo. It gives you the thrill of driving some of the best cars in the world with just enough simulation to make the experience feel realistic.

        I hope you enjoy GT7 mate. Heres to another 10+ years of GT

      2. Tifosi35216

        You’ve had better luck than I’ve had. I gave up after about 25 races total. I found their matchmaking absolutely horrible. I was always been placed in a group that was much higher than my rating. It’s not much fun when there is only one other driver in your class and you’re just running laps by yourself at the back.

  19. MikeV27

    They will make a quick buck from PS4 owners but this is just detrimental to the game for the long term. By the time this is out the PS4 will be nearly 10 years old, and it will be at least another 4 or 5 years until we get a GT that can live up to it's potential. How can any fan of the series be ok with this? It’s a joke.

    1. Noobiix007

      The joke was planning to release a single game for the PS4 in the first place. As a PS4 user I’m happy not having to buy a PS5 just to play GT.

    2. DGXR

      Yes of course Sony chose not to ignore hundreds of millions of PS4 consoles already in homes. They are still running a business after all.
      And how is this detrimental to GT7? Can you see into the future? What about software updates? PS5 owners will definitely receive updated GT7 content that PS4 owners will not. So I think you are wrong. Let’s see how this plays out before calling anything a joke, sir.

  20. medman

    currently own a ps5 and a series x, and for me personally, it’s very disappointing that in 2022, while I will be playing games like Stalker 2, Starfield, Redfall, and others that are designed to take full advantage of the series x, on my ps5 gt7, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War will be limited by the ps4’s inherent cpu and gpu weaknesses. That will be a terrible look for Sony in 2022, and the “we believe in generations” will be revisited all of next year, while Microsoft will be presumably pushing game design forward more quickly, while being able to offer a streaming solution for xbox owners who don’t have a series x or s to be able to play series x/s games on older hardware. That is pretty huge IMO.
    Meanwhile Sony is still bumbling and stumbling their way through the ps4 to ps5 game upgrade solution. Where is the leadership?

    I’m hoping we see more for what Sony’s roadmap in 2022/2023 looks like in the Playstation showcase set for this coming Thursday. Get away from the cross-gen and provide some semblance of when we might see playstation’s fantastic development teams being set free to explore what the ps5 is capable of.

  21. Lambob

    which version will be delayed into 2023?
    I’ve completely set aside my adult agony to wait for GT7 anyhow, as I will soon delve deep into the glory that is Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 on either an upgraded PC (forthcoming Windows 11 and 12th gen Intel Alder Lake cpu’s), but I might actually eye the Xbox as a first, for it can tackle it just great as well. This brings me to ask, can the new Fanatec DD serve as a yoke & mappable buttons?

  22. Saiyaken PHOENIX

    I don’t think people recognize the two consoles being on the same x86 processor platform and isn’t like going from completely different architectures, like the Cell processor in the PS3. Polyphony Digital already has a reputation of utilizing the console’s full potential regardless and generally releasing solid titles; don’t think many people can argue against that.

    I am much more on the cautious side of cautiously optimistic on this release. At the very least this isn’t as contentious as Gran Turismo Sport’s launch where online only was the main push.

    Needless to say, I’m sure most people will be looking forward to getting the PS5 version if they had a choice. With the chip shortage, nearly none of us have said choice to buy it, so we’re pretty much stuck with the PS4 port until they can make more PS5s. As long as Polyphony Digital gets their money’s worth and it results in a good game, it’s fine.

    Yikes on some of the comments here though, lol.

      1. Sai_PHOENIX

        Lol, thanks. I do happen to be in the crowd of people disappointed with the news, however if they’re able to deliver a solid game and with the PS4 base able to get a massive player count on launch, I’m fine with it. It hurts seeing the potential of the game being reduced the way it did, but at this current day and age it only makes sense.

  23. Devil240Z

    This is a relief. I don’t want to get a PS5. I don’t think the next gen console are much better than PS4 they just have fancy hard drives that don’t do anything for graphics.
    maybe I will get ps5 when GT8 comes out but I’m def gonna get GT7 on PS4.

    1. Alex Wesley

      Are you kidding mate???? Have you even played on a ps5??? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I have a ps5 and have numerous games for it that are native and they look absolutely beautiful compared to the PS4 versions 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    1. matrix_gt1

      Absolutely disgusting… what are they thinking? It’s not like there is more PS4’s in the wild and a ps5 market shortage.

    2. Scalpersaresubhuman

      Yes I’m in the same boat. I was literally only going to buy a PS5 for GT7 but now that I can just play GT7 on my ps4 pro I won’t even think about getting a PS5 until GT8 and by then I will be able to just walk into a store and pick one off the shelf instead of paying a $300 markup to scumbag scalpers

  24. CarreraGT

    This honestly does my head in. The PS5 will have been out for 2 years by the time GT7 launches, and it won’t even take full advantage on the next gen technology.

    Sony have really kooked it with the PS5. Not a single proper next gen racing game to date. F1, WRC and now GT7 are just annual iterations of PS4 games. GT7 should have been a halo game for PS5 but it’s shaping up to be just another disappointment.

    1. matrix_gt1

      Yeah I think there is nothing they are doing that can’t be downgraded. Unlike ratchet and clank which literally wouldn’t work on a PS4. I do think certain features will be ps5 only. Like perhaps real time weather and time. But we will have to wait and see.

    2. Mr Premium

      Pretty much. The only reason I was interested in GT7 was for it to be a full on next gen title with no compromise. Now it’s compromised. Looks like I won’t be bothering with consoles for a while, PC 100%.

    3. DGXR

      Funny how you are already expecting disappointment when the game hasn’t been released yet. For a moment, think about the exclusive GT7 software updates that PS5 owners will get and PS4 owners will not get.

  25. nanenab

    Paid updates for games, how lowly we have fallen… As for gt7 being on ps4, well I’m fine, we’ll see what will it mean features wise when they finally show the damn game. But this 10$ paid patches, screw this.

    1. Taco Beef

      It’s not a patch it’s literally the PS5 version of the game. If you own the PS4 version You can buy the PS5 version for $10.

  26. gigio79

    That’s not fair. I would like to buy the PS5 but it is nowhere to be found online and in stores and through no fault of my own. I can’t spend 1000 Euros to buy it from dishonest people. This is just a Sony idea to make more money in the next months. What would be the technical reason why an update cannot be done?

  27. RickyBFC92

    The promising thing for me is that GT7 has been developed as a PS5 game so the PS4 version will be a dumbed down PS5 game, unlike Horizon Forbidden West which is a PS4 game boosted to take advantage of the PS5.

  28. DonnySteve

    all those whinging about lowly ps4 owners being able to play this now, instead of thinking about those who still cant buy a PS5 without resorting to paying scalpers prices, why not moan about it not coming until 2022 as it could then be almost be 2 years after the PS5 officially launched, now that’s the real disgrace IMHO.

    1. RickyBFC92

      When I saw this game at the PS5 reveal and it clearly stated “PS5 exclusive” I was sold right away and made my mind up that I wanted PlayStation this gen, I feel a bit of a jackass now.

  29. RickyBFC92

    Disappointing news, I really hope at least GT Mode takes full advantage of the PS5 and online multiplayer is the only trade off, which is far from ideal but that’s the only mode that should need to be toned down to PS4 capabilities, the only way around that is to not have cross gen lobbies, which I see no reason for them not to because this game was intended to be PS5 only anyway, but I don’t think they will.

  30. Yanni

    Super disappointed.
    I bought my PS5 specifically for this game….now it is just a toned-down version. Why release a new console Sony?

    1. Gejabo

      That’s a bit selfish, a lot of GT fans haven’t got their hands on a ps5 yet. So for them it’s great that is also releasing for ps4.

      What other games heve shown is that the ps5 version does not really suffer from cross-gen.
      It runs at top specs and for the ps4 version resolution and framerate are toned down.

    1. RickyBFC92

      This is only good for PS4 players, there are millions of PS5’s in peoples homes now so there’s no reason this shouldn’t be exclusive, people didn’t cry when Gran Turismo 3 wasn’t on PS1 or Gran Turismo 5 wasn’t on PS2

      1. Andreasmoller

        Back then we could get ps2 for gt3, but right now its very hard to get a hold of ps5, so your camparsion is stupid

      2. Jediwolf75

        My only issue is I’ve been wanting a PS5 and have not been able to get one due to the cpu shortage and being able to sit around and wait for a restock. Some people have a life.

      3. matrix_gt1

        Do people know how games are made? This decision to make it on both was probably made during the time where Sony didn’t know how many PS5’s they can get on the shelves. Their concern for shortages is probably what lead to them designing for both. That investment is done. The team has been working hard on both versions. So yay there are lots of pa5’s out there but unless people want to wait even longer for GT7, they can’t just scrap the ps4 version.

      4. DGXR

        I think you have the consoles and GT releases thing backward. Every generation of PlayStation has seen 2 full GT titles: GT1 & GT2 were on PS1, GT3 & GT4 were on PS2, GT5 & GT6 were on PS3. It is quite reasonable for fans of the series to expect that GT Sport and GT7 will be on PS4. But you believe GT7 should be exclusive to PS5? That would leave hundreds of millions of PS4 owners left out. That makes no sense at all from a business perspective, not only for $ billions to be made from PS4 owners, but for Sony’s continued support of dedicated PlayStation fans (speaking to the future of the PS brand). Myself personally, the whole time GT7 was touted as a PS5 exclusive, I decided I would not support Sony and buy a PS5, just because I felt ripped off and ignored as a PlayStation faithful. Now that GT7 will be on PS4, I can justify supporting Sony and possibly buying a PS5 someday… when pricing and availability are more reasonable lol. Consumers don’t realize that they cast a vote with every dollar they spend.

  31. Andreasmoller

    This is a good thing, many of us can’t get a hold of the ps5, so that means we don’t have to be left out, gt7 can still be a very good game, from what we seen their plenty to be excited for, like upgrade parts finally back used cars and a proper career mode, i am looking forward to gt7 more than the next forza motorsport

  32. daus26

    Features we can say goodbye to hoping for:

    – Dynamic Weather in locked 60fps
    – Dynamic Time of Day in locked 60fps
    – Generational physics improvement in locked 60fps
    – Increased grid size potential in all tracks
    – Active snowfall/rain on appropriate tracks like Tsukuba

    “We believe in generations”

    That said, congrats to the 30% group that is ok with cross gen GT7. 👏👏

    1. NekoPufferPPP

      You are forgetting GT5. GT5 had:

      -Dynamic weather at 60fps
      -Dynamic time of day at 60fps

      And that was on the PS3.

      The reason why the PS4 and GTS didn’t have dynamic weather and time was because it uses pre-baked ray tracing in order to make the game look better. They can easily just optimize the lighting to look decent without ray tracing, I mean, just look at how good Project Cars looks without ray tracing.

      A PS4 version with the PS5 version’s features but with slightly worse graphics would be the best outcome.

    2. Andreasmoller

      I can insure you that it is more than 30%, can you fix the problem with people not being able to buy ps5 but still wants to play gt7

  33. AISUYU

    I’m not sure if I agree with the upgrade fee when Sony’s main competitor does it for free with smart delivery.

    1. daus26

      Sony is riding the momentum and will continue to do so until Microsoft beats Sony in console sales probably. $$$$$ speaks everything in business. Giving value is how you want to catch up.

      1. Nsikak

        I don’t think Microsoft care about console sales at this point. Their aim is to provide their gaming service on every possible platform.

    2. RickyBFC92

      To be fair Xbox have no choice but to be as pro consumer as possible, if the Xbox community get a sniff of any anti consumer practices a lot will jump ship to PlayStation, just like with the Xbox One launch. PlayStation will always have millions of fans regardless.

    3. NekoPufferPPP

      You know they’re actually losing money with every console they sell, right? It’s why the games are more expensive.

  34. G_Bertinato

    Honestly, the only downside i see is the performance bottle the game will suffer on the PS4; besides that, now i don’t have to get a PS5 (which is unaffordable in my place) and the game (also salty price-wise). I just hope it’ll have PS4/PS5 crossplay

    1. SomeGamer2021

      Just because it’s not the way you want it doesn’t mean it’s lost. But oh well you wouldn’t want to understand.

    1. JAYZA1

      Don’t worry, we still have the next Forza Motorsport that will be next gen only🔥. I’m sure they won’t dissapoint. I always buy both consoles because of GT and Forza. Best of both worlds.

  35. 261004

    Upside: I don’t need to buy a PS5.

    (Possible) Downsides: The game will be severely limited, less grid size, (possibly) no haptics, no ray tracing, will make my PS4 go brrrrrr loudly.

    1. Alex Wesley

      And no VR where as the ps5 is going to have full VR implementation from one the Devs have said. They said that they were focusing highly in VR for the game….THATS what I’m looking forward to 😊

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