Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.23 Now Available: Adds New Cars, Menu Books, Races, and Scapes

The latest update for Gran Turismo 7, v1.23, is now with us, adding three new vehicles, and new Menu Books and races for players to get to grips with.

Coming in at 1.1GB on PlayStation 5 and 1.8GB on PlayStation 4, the update doesn’t bring any major functionality changes — so players hoping to have the ability to sell cars now will have to wait a while yet.

However there are three new Menu Books, with two collection-style “Extra” books and a new set of races to go with one of the update’s new vehicles.

Update 1.23 New Cars

Of course we already knew the identities of the three cars coming to the update. That’s thanks in part to the silhouette post made by Gran Turismo series founder Kazunori Yamauchi over the weekend, but they were also confirmed yesterday.

  • Nissan Silvia (S14) K’s Type S 1994 – Used Cars – 60,000cr
  • Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder – Brand Central – 1,000,000cr
  • Volkswagen ID.R 2019 – Brand Central – 2,000,000cr

The headline car is the Volkswagen ID.R. This purpose-built electric time attack car has set overall and EV records at major events and courses on three continents. It’s presented here in its lowest drag configuration, as used in 2019 at the Nurburgring — where it set the EV record — and the Goodwood Festival of Speed, beating the all-time course record.

Long-term Gran Turismo fans though might be more excited by the Nissan. It’s the first appearance on the PS4-generation titles of the S14 Silvia, joining the S13 and S15 in Gran Turismo 7. The Type S model doesn’t have the aggressive bodykit of the Aero model previously seen on PS3-generation titles, but as a “Ks” grade car it still has the 217hp SR20DET and standard limited slip differential.

Finally there’s a variant of one of the game’s two cover cars, with a Spyder model of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo. Converted to a single-seat “monoposto” with a permanently open cockpit in the style of road racers from the 1950s, the Spyder retains the specifications of the original — 1,100hp dual-motor EV — in a more attractive package.

Update 1.23 New Cafe Menu Books

There’s a total of three new Menu Books, consisting of two “Extra Menu” car collection tasks and one book of races.

  • Menu Book 45 – The Silvia Sisters
  • Extra Menu 8 – Corvette
  • Extra Menu 9 – Midship Porsche

The Silvia Sisters naturally focuses on the S13, S14, and S15 generations of Nissan Silvia now available in Gran Turismo 7. You’ll need to place third or better in three new races — at Deep Forest, Tsukuba, and Willow Springs — to earn a six-star, parts-only roulette ticket.

For the collection challenges it’s all about sports cars on opposite sides of the Atlantic. In Extra Menu 8 you’ll be collecting C2 (Sting Ray), C6 (ZR1), and C7 (Stingray) Corvettes, to earn a five-star roulette ticket. Meanwhile Extra Menu 9 requires you to own a Porsche 918 Spyder, a Porsche Cayman GT4, and the classic 1955 550 Spyder to earn a six-star, engine-only roulette ticket.

Update 1.23 Other Changes

Along with the three new Silvia Sisters races there’s three further new events in the World Circuits area. This covers the Japanese FR Challenge 450 (Autopolis), the American Clubman Cup 700 (Trial Mountain), and the World Touring Car 800 (Tokyo Expressway).

There’s two new Scapes collections, taking in almost 60 new spots around California and Tokyo including the GReddy workshop in Irvine and views of the Tokyo Tower.

Patch notes for 1.23 highlight improvements to network connectivity in the lobby, meeting place, and across Sport Mode, along with a change to how PP is calculated with regards to suspension and LSD settings.

The update includes support for the Logitech G PRO wheel, and for the rotary encoder on Fanatec wheels. In addition there’s tweaks to garage sorting, and the in-race refueling indicator.

There may be further, unannounced changes, which the GTPlanet community will unearth in due course. That includes new engine swap options, which are already being logged in our dedicated thread.

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