Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.30 Now Available, Fixes Spectator Cam & Grand Valley Pit Bugs

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The latest update for Gran Turismo 7, v1.30, is now available, bringing along two bug fixes for issues arising from the major v1.29 update last month.

It’s a relatively compact update, coming in at under 200MB, so as we expected it’s not bringing new content. Instead it focuses on new issues that players have noted since the 1.29 patch.

There’s two at the core of the update, with a spectator camera bug in online lobbies and a wider problem with the new Grand Valley circuit.

That latter issue saw the schedule for the Gran Turismo World Series Exhibition Season 3 changed mid-round, as the circuit was hosting the first round in both championships and players were experiencing the issue — which caused the game to lose track of players exiting the pits and leading to them vanishing.

With the bulk of the Asia-Oceania Manufacturers Cup slots running on the affected circuit, as well as a handful of Americas and EMEA slots, Polyphony Digital also annulled the round as well as swapping out the track for the remaining slots.

The current Daily Races also use Grand Valley, but with no requirement to pit so there’s far less chance of triggering the bug — which this update now corrects. There’s no change to the fuel/tire wear or mandatory tires in Daily Race C though, so it remains a no-stop race.

Plenty of players also noted the spectator cam glitch, which affected not only the ability to watch lobby races while you waited for the next one but also those planning on streaming their races and events.

Other issues may also have been addressed with the update, although Polyphony has made no specific statement to this end.

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