GRID’s New 40-Car Endurance Mode Will Be a Google Stadia Exclusive

GRID 88 November 19, 2019 by

Following its launch in October, Codemaster’s GRID is set to receive a major new addition this month after a subdued start.

A highly requested Endurance mode is set to add more unpredictable action to GRID following an official blog post. However, the addition of the latest game mode comes with a very noticeable catch: it will be exclusive to Google’s new Stadia streaming service.

Endurance mode will expand the number of cars on track from 16 to 40 with racing split across four classes. The new mode will be playable in both online multiplayer and single-player Free Play.

Quick Match Endurance gives players four preset classes to choose from. The endurance format will be longer than standard multiplayer races, allowing for more intense racing.

Free Play will give players more freedom to customize their own endurance events. Players will be able to set the amount of cars on the grid, as well as which of the four available classes will take part. You can also set the time limits for endurance races from five minutes all the way to 60 minutes.

This announcement that Endurance mode will be exclusive to Stadia will prove controversial to many fans. We criticized the rather basic single-player experience in our official review, so the omission of an endurance mode on console and PC will be another sting in the tail.

There are no official plans from Codemasters to add Endurance to console and PC versions any time soon. While Google Stadia launches on November 19 for the Founder’s Edition, GRID won’t be available in the initial lineup of launch games. However Google has confirmed it will arrive in 2019.

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