GRID Legends “Enduring Spirit” DLC Arrives October 25

The second of the four post-launch DLC expansions for GRID Legends is due to arrive this week, on October 25, and it’s called “Enduring Spirit”.

Although EA hasn’t yet officially announced the contents of the pack, some details did sneak out during a brief spell when it was listed by mistake on EA’s own Origin storefront earlier in the month– shortly before the store itself was closed down and folded into EA Play.

As the name might suggest, the focus is on endurance racing, with a new “endurance mode” — just as the previous pack, Classic Car-Nage, added a demolition derby mode — though it remains to be seen how this will manifest.

The store listing also revealed that there’d be eight new story events and three career events to complete. There’s a spoiler alert for those who’ve yet to complete the main story, as you’ll be playing as the Seneca team’s new hire Lara Carvalho, alongside team-mate Yume Tanaka, in the “GRID of Legends tournament”.

In addition, there’s set to be a new track, with Fuji International Speedway making its debut with four layouts — along with other new layouts of existing tracks. Mount Fuji, which towers over the circuit to the west, makes an appearance in the logo for the DLC pack.

One thing EA has revealed on purpose is that four new cars, with an endurance theme for the most part, will be coming along too.

The images posted earlier in the month reveal the Le Mans-winning BMW V12 LMR and Bentley Speed 8, along with the Bathurst 12hr-winning Bentley Continental GT3. There’s also, bizarrely, an Autozam AZ-1, which may answer the question of why Codemasters was recording one back in 2020.

New Achievements for the pack have already gone live, further confirming the identities of two of the cars — the AZ-1 and Continental — along with Fuji Speedway.

Players with the Deluxe Edition of GRID Legends will receive the Enduring Spirit DLC for free when it launches. It’s also available as a separate purchase, although EA hasn’t yet announced a price. Given it’s a similar weight to Classic Car-Nage, expect to pay around $9.99 for the standalone pack.

Update: The DLC is now available, with pricing confirmed at $9.99 (€9.99/£7.99).

If you’ve yet to pick up the title, GRID Legends is priced keenly depending on your platform and location right now. The Deluxe Edition comes in at $23.99 on PlayStation Store in the US, but remains full price in Europe, with the same discount in the Xbox Store across the regions (€29.69/£26.39). It’s discounted to $19.99 across the board on Steam.

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