GT Academy Drivers Endure Motorsport’s Highs and Lows

October 1st, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Although Jordan Tresson went into this weekend’s Bahrain 6 Hours knowing there was no chance of the title, he and his Signatech team are still determined to fight for every available point.

Jordan himself took the green light at Sakhir after he qualified the car to 9th in class. The driver trio of Tresson, Olivier Lombard and Franck Mailleux largely steered clear of incident – losing 90 seconds to a faulty rear light cluster and sustaining minor contact later in the race – managing a 7th place overall finish and, more importantly, a first FIA WEC class podium with a 2nd place LMP2 finish.

Jann Mardenborough’s weekend couldn’t have been more different. As one of seven cars with title designs – and one of five with realistic hopes – the RJN Motorsport team went to Donington Park knowing a win would take the championship. Qualifying in 14th behind all of their major rivals was not the start they’d hoped for, but the GT-R had needed a gearbox change earlier in the weekend.

Alex Buncombe took the first stint and started in typical style, rocketing the big Nissan into fifth by the end of the first lap and taking the lead – and championship lead – by the end of the third. Pitting with a huge lead (by British GT standards) Jann took the car for the drive to the title before Donington’s curse of the championship leader struck. Jann made it three quarters of the lap before the rear left damper broke – one of five cars to lead the championship that hour and then suffer incidents of one sort or other.

With a handful of laps conceded in repairing the car, the race and title were over. A 16th place finish – 12th in the British GT class – gave them no points and a 6th place overall position.

The remaining GT Academy car in action was the Mission Motorsport team of injured servicemen in the BritCar 24hr Silverstone race. Despite one utterly spectacular incident the team finished 17th overall and 9th in class, with James Gillborn being named driver of the weekend.

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  1. Oct. 2, 5:53am

    Not fair, I want to be able to watch these races on TV. If only GT5 TV thingy streamed them.


    • Oct. 2, 10:35am

      I agree with you on this. GT TV should stream the races and do it for free. The are enough programs that we pay for already and none of them are live.

    • Oct. 3, 10:09am


    • Oct. 3, 12:59pm
      R0ssingt0n all races except the Le Mans 24 hours are streamed live on the official site of the WEC.

  2. Oct. 1, 5:00pm

    I was reading the exciting story about them being in the lead and stuff like that then I suddenly remembered that its the GT Academy people and read a bit further and it all fell into place. They should go into the comedy business ! Where’s Dick Dastardly ? :)

  3. Oct. 1, 11:47am
    GT HP Nut

    Is it just me, or is there actually no movement of the wheels in the above photo of the Signatech LMP2?

    • Oct. 1, 7:37pm

      you can change the focal setting to how it is focused just on the car, then change the shutter speed to allow how much light in per time set… normally goes from 1 second to 8 thosandths of a second as GT does but there are better cameras out that that can hold longer and shorter…

    • Oct. 2, 2:21am

      Actually, the shutter time is long in the picture (which you can see in the background) but the picture is taken with a flash, which means that the car is only illuminated for a fraction of a second. As a dark obejct doesn’t get caught on camera, this gives a sharp still picture of the car, while the bright background gets a much longer exposure and motion blur as the camera follows the car.

    • Oct. 2, 2:24am

      …although I have to admit that the small building to the left looks suspicious enough. Must be a powerful flash if it reached that far :/

  4. Oct. 1, 9:34am
    Pit Crew

    Alex and Janns great season, cut down by more Gremlins, and I dont think it was raining this time.

  5. Oct. 1, 8:27am

    Highs and lows just like GT5 owners

    • Oct. 1, 10:25am

      No, just like everything else in the world.

  6. Oct. 1, 7:33am
    Mac K

    That GT-R always seems to have some sort of problem, bummer. Better luck next time Jan and crew. At least Jordan had a nice result!

  7. Oct. 1, 6:57am
    flink racquet

    Does this mean Bahrain track will be next DLC? They could use the onboard cameras from the Academy cars. I can’t wait for this track! Can someone confirm it? I wonder if GT5 or GT6…

    • Oct. 1, 7:12am


    • Oct. 1, 4:42pm

      just get F1 2012, you wont need to worry about DLC because codemasters comes out with a new game every year and it is always better than the next in terms of their physics and appearance. … although they dont support 1080p, you would be amazied how far 720p will go..!!

    • Oct. 1, 11:26pm

      Why did this make you think Bahrain is coming? We get race updates all the time and never does that mean the venues is coming to the game. Plus the FIA was clearly all either hit in the head or are huffing paint for scheduling politically unstable Bahrain for the season ending race next year. Nothing like a riot filled venue for a championship ending race with empty stands. Hermann Tilke does do a fantastically awful job of creating exciting track. Circuit of the Americas looks promising, other then that its time for F1 to rediscover the hill and crests and all that, a little elevation never hurt a track.

    • Oct. 2, 5:55am


      F1 games by codemasters support way above 1080p For games like that you should never buy it for a PS3 or Xbox, it has to be PC… even a modern £400 PC can run these games at 1080p minus a few detail options.

  8. Oct. 1, 6:10am


    • Oct. 1, 10:42pm

      @ Ra1kkoneN . You do know you can simply ignore these GT Academy thing right? There a lots of people who a very interested in these GT Academy winners. The reason we like to play Gran Turismo is because we love motorsport in general. We like to watch pros and drive a car.

  9. Oct. 1, 5:16am

    i thought this site was about a video game

    • Oct. 1, 5:34am

      have you not looked at the forum!!!!!

    • Oct. 1, 7:13am

      So what are you doing playing a racing game if you don’t like motorsports?

    • Oct. 1, 7:39am

      @Shinshiki: I don’t care about how well or bad they are doing at all. I play a racing game because I like to play racing games. I don’t visit this site to read results about some race previous winners of GT Academy have won/lost. Or are you the kind of guy that, because he plays simcity he must know everything about new developments about concrete or the use of trees in a city?

    • Oct. 1, 8:21am

      Lucky for you guys the racing season is nearly over.

      GT Academy is part of Gran Turismo. The graduates are part of Gran Turismo. We will keep reporting on what the graduates are up to in their major international championships precisely for this reason.

    • Oct. 1, 8:44am

      I think its cool that this site shows everything about Gran Turismo, even if I dont read some about GT academy it still might get someones attention, since a lot of people participate in those contests for GT academy.

    • Oct. 1, 9:11am

      While GTPlanet’s main focus is Gran Turismo, there are also sections on the site forums dedicated to other games as well as a sister site for Turn 10 Studios’ : Forza Motorsport (series); was established at the end of May in 2007

      In addition to allowing users to discuss other games, GTPlanet has a section devoted to cars in general and a section for off-topic discussion.

    • Oct. 1, 9:17am


    • Oct. 1, 9:50am
      Pit Crew

      ^^ What Famine said.
      Its great to have choices in this Website, and the GT5Academy grads were GT5ers just like you and me on launch day, so why hate on the fact gtplanet follows their season, accolades, interviews with them etc etc.

      You can always bypass this particular thread of course, and comment on a subject more in tune with your thinking, but its Honorable of the GTP staff that they support GT5, Academy grads, multi platform games, tech and even off topic discussion, not to mention the fact gtplanet was doing just fine without your negativity, since 2003, maybe longer than that.

      Seems this Website is just way above your level of comprehension.

  10. Oct. 1, 4:57am

    That’s a total bummer…was hoping to see Jann win that championship. I hate to see that happen due to reliability issues but it’s the darker side of racing.

    • Oct. 1, 10:24am


      I was hoping problems with the GT-R wouldn’t arise for this final race. That would have been good knowing they had a “fair” shot. Here’s to the future!

    • Oct. 1, 11:42pm

      @Progress823 That kind of stuff happens, because Jann was way too quick of a racer. That the car can’t handle the amount of skills he has.

    • Oct. 2, 1:40am
      Pit Crew

      ^Thats a Joke right? That cars had issues before and that only hinders Alex and Janns talent.

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