Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.16 Released, Online Services Closed


One final update for GT5 has been released, version 2.16. This update modifies the game to function without connectivity to online services, which have now been discontinued.

This impacts several features, including:

  • DLC menu
  • GT Life
  • Open Lobby
  • Seasonal Events
  • Online Car Dealership
  • Car Delivery
  • Community Menu

After an often dramatic build-up to its eventual release in November 2010, GT5 (and GT5 Prologue) will be remembered as significant milestones in the series’ history, being the first to introduce vehicular damage, wide-scale online play, interactive community features such as car, paint, and ticket trading, and online updates which brought major new features post-release.

Dynamic “Seasonal Events” were another major introduction to the series, which brought more than 800 new races to GT5 throughout the lifetime of the game. Croatian GT fan “KimiHR” has gathered some impressive GT5 Seasonal Event statistics, and has created a comprehensive database of all the events in the GT Surgeons forums. Nice work, Kimi!

Gran Turismo 5 sold over 10.6 million copies worldwide and, as of July last year, more than 100,000 people played the game on a daily basis.

Goodbye, GT5, and thanks for all the fun times!

GT5 Photomode image by superstreet556.

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Comments (122)

  1. mistamontiel

    I FRICKING had GT5 PREORDERED and didn’t get pathetic 7th gen PS3 until 2012 Christmas. I take her online a handful of times but NOPE now it’s up to US to damn host ..

    DON’T you make me go 8th gen damn it !!!! Where does GT6 stand ? Getting “remastered” yet or 8th gen having its own GT ..?

  2. SonicCharmeleon

    Wow… A whole game just thrown away so many memories… RIP Pescalro Judd RIP FGT RIP Suparu impreza STC
    You were do awesome GT5
    Rest In Peace old friend.

  3. Tinybarkz

    MY PS3 wiped and i lost all my data so it took my ps3 1 week to get all my stuff back and when i downloaded the online it was ended my life is now over :(

    1. biftizmo

      cool i”ll tell my mate…he golded the last GT5 event…but had PS3 stolen with Disc before he had chance to update…so he will get free cars when he gets new one….cheers mate..

  4. CrazyBrazilian

    That’s it PD.

    The worst game still make it’s presence in GT6.

    Thank you for the bad Kazunori, hope you have your time making Hot Wheels Vision Cars….

    1. Progress823

      Lol, “Hot Wheels Cars”..

      Explain why Mercedes is building 5 of their VGT in real life as functioning road cars?

      Better yet, the VW GTI VGT is functioning prototype.

      No “Hot Wheels” cars there – the VGT are a good marketing tool for automakers. The ones that turned down the project are foolish

    2. wudy201

      Yeah Yeah is that thebest you got. The vision cars are free and the best idea ever. Awsome cars that we will never experience if not for GT. There also a blast to drive. Keep trying to hate on what fant be hated on. Good jobGT

  5. MeanElf

    Whilst I have hardly returned to GT5 since GT6 arrived, I still appreciate those years of fun I had learning your tracks and enjoying the beauty I found in surprising places.

    Goodbye GT5 – rest well poor disc.

  6. omgsean1

    I think I have a little fun with GT5 till I sold it in a thrift store for cash which I paid for xbox one before I return it because I don’t like about it.

  7. Dry7123

    for a person who has poured 1858 days into this game, I will srely miss all the good times I had with this beauty. Anybody else remember starting in the opposite direction of the grid when the game fist came out? haha it was a good laugh. I miss having to deal with this game oddly. the licenses and the special events were great. bring back the AMG driving academy. it was awesome driving that 300 sl on a wet Nurburgring!

    Goodbye GT5, You will be missed!

  8. TheJudge2009

    Had a brilliant time with GT5, and still will, off-line.
    did up some good advice and learned a lot……

    Also got to know some interesting people and made some great friends.

    gonne miss some cars though,
    but lets hope GT6 will give me the same excitement and fun…

  9. ferrari gt

    The perfect driving game….it’s very sad,that it had only 4 years life cycle,PD should get more servers.I still prefer to play GT5 than GT6 :3

  10. Skyline_77

    I feel disappointed in myself for not enjoying GT5 one last time before it went offline..

    It’s been great. So many memories, so many hours put into it. Thank you GT5.

  11. TheProRacer

    Goodbye… this was a great trip. I remember when I got Gran Turismo 5 and I played it for 12 hours that day. Oh my, this game was amazing for what it was! For me today, it is VERY hard to watch the Gran Turismo 3 trailer without tears being brought to me. It will be the same way in years later for Gran Turismo 5…

  12. Magic Ayrton

    GT5 is still with us.. GT6 lol, having said, that if it isn’t broken.. oh wait…

    That was a joke :D

  13. David Brooks

    After installing the update I took a moment to watch both the spec 1 and spec 2 opening movies. Bought a tear to my eye (both are much better than gt6 movie). Good bye gt5

  14. jangelelcangry

    It is a good game but the money cap,loading times the physics inconsistency between offline and online races was a big turn off for me and makes offline mode irrelevant for training before going online.
    however still a good game. the weakest link imho but good.

  15. Andyc709292

    Has anyone tried a cross site vpn and lan play yet?
    I seem to remember limited success back in the day with GT4 and network play with something similar.
    Essentially so long as there’s a peer network set up a lan should do it.
    I’ll be investigating this so long as there’s no mention of a course builder in GT6…

    1. IceKoldKilla

      Please check this out! I’d like to know if somehow we can still access some stuff. The only comment I can give is that I remember a year ago or more, I read people still played Phantasy Star Online or something like that on Dreamcast. So if they can do it, why can’t someone manage to bring some stuff back for GT5? What if we don’t install the latest GT5 update? I’m sure it won’t help but maybe?

  16. tpark103

    Wow it’s official, an icon albeit controversial has come to an end. GT5 truly changed the game. Many others followed in PDs footsteps as usual but, no one could give you the content at the price $0.00 for most of it.

    1. joeledward

      Hi All, for me this is not a sad time. The game is not dead, just the online part.
      Think of all the positives that garage editor can now open up .
      I never used it before but now GT5 is off line, I will be down loading it and starting a whole new game making as many fun hybrids as I can.

      GT 5 was and will remain a great game, just no online support.
      Not the end just a new beginning.

  17. HuskyGT

    Despite all the negatives, I can’t deny GT5 has probably been the most important GT ever. The impact it has had on me as a GT fan has been as huge as GT 1 had on me as a gamer.

    Cheers for the good times! And also the ugly ones
    .. why not (the prior release delays anyone? XD)

    Now; as I said below: no more runarounds PD. Time to work hard on GT6.

    1. Smurfybug

      Same here it was the first GT I ever played and the one that got me into the car business R.I.P Gran-Turismo 5 Thanks for the Ride :) ;)

  18. SDSPOWER01

    Gran Turismo 5 will surely be missed, thank you Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi for everything. Now it’s time to make Gran Turismo 6 shine!

    1. ynot

      You can have just a much fun on GT6. Set your regulations like the Shuffle races. Pick a PP. Allow any car. No tuning. And you never know what cars will brought to the race. Want to keep the racing a little tighter. Turn BOOST on Weak. It’s good racing. Have been running some lobbies like this and people seem to like it. Rooms fill up.

  19. Forester XT

    I’m really going to miss the Seasonal Events. OK PD, no more excuses. Time to develop GT6. BUT, I can hear it now; “We are to busy working on GT7. Sony wants to sell more PS4s.”

  20. SDsnakebutt

    Thanks for the good times GT5! …OK PD, it is time that GT6 gets the Love, Care, and attentiveness that is deserves. Next Seasonals should contain more than a few TTs…

  21. Mnguitas27

    A game that allowed me to get in touch with a lot of people, and that brought back my love for the automotive world. It was the game that came with the ps3 and I’m more than happy for it. Good times!
    But the show must go on.
    RIP Gran Turismo 5

  22. MLRSparco

    Yea it introduced us to the terrible damage modeling and the god awful paint chip system lol

  23. infamousphil

    Agios GT5. Like GT2 and GT3… there will be plenty missed. Missed my window to get my Bspec drivers out of limbo ;(

    Hope there’s another solution to get my Bspec drivers back… other than starting over. I still got plenty of work for them… testing wise. It’s too bad PD and/or the fan base don’t think enough to keep it online, for Bspec and course creator prosperity, without further updates.

    Oh well. Five is gone now and it takes with it GT’s second and third greatest concepts. No reason to think they’ll ever return. Least I can enjoy them offline but it’s not the same. R.I.P.

  24. RacerTed

    Gonna miss my 2J and Mark IV Ford (which handled quite like a 2J). Here’s to ya GT5! Thanks for the memories.

  25. Charlie A

    I really miss GT5… ;( It was a great friend to me, but I do think it is best to move with the times and play new Gran Turismo games!

  26. VBR

    Thank you very much indeed to Kazunori Yamauchi San & Polyphony Digital, I had some of the best racing ever in Shuffle mode in GT5. Thanks to all you clean Shuffle heads out there for the awesome racing, you guys rock! See you in GT6 soon I hope.


  27. Ferrari458Italia

    GT5 is one of the most memorable games for me. thank you. it was never the best Gran Turismo but it was for sure the most memorable.


    R.I.P GT5. Had so much fun doing personal races with my online friends. Am doing the same for GT6, but it just doesn’t feel the same as we did with GT5. Hopefully GT6 will fulfill its destiny like GT5 has.

  29. CallmeDan

    I was thinking about going on for one last time, but I completely forgot and missed my opportunity.

  30. HuskyGT

    Okay, PD; it’s now time to work hard on GT6. Show us that you care. Bring A-Spec seasonal events starting next week and the stuff you promised us later on. Give me a reason to play my favorite game again.

    1. Szuper

      Endurances and more offline races thanks!!! B-spec?
      This GT6 is very dead game. I cant agree this is Gran Turismo. This is something “mega prologue”, NOT GT6! This GT6 you can race GT3 class for rally car, NOT REALISTIC!
      GL GT5 and R.I.P. Second best game ever. (Best is GT4)

  31. Gtsince97

    Over 1200 cars,playing almost every day since release day.
    That was more than a game..G27, lot of online races, thanks guys.
    Thanks PD. Now playing GT6 with same passion.
    I am ready for GT7 , next gen welcome.

  32. MMurad

    They should release those locations that only appear on the title screen for use in Photo Mode.
    And also the locked cars like the X2010 Japanese-themed.

  33. Leo0308

    GT5 really was a mixed bag. For me it was the weakest of all the main GT games and signified the beginning of the end for PD.

    As their first attempt at modern online gaming it never really matched up to the competition in terms of enjoyment or user interface. Still the graphics and physics were great and much enjoyment was to be had whenever the servers weren’t crashing.

    For me GT5 signifies all the broken promises which PD gave fans. So much for the DLC ever 2 months.

  34. Elitekilla29

    I had so many memories with this game (mainly online) shuffle racing was what i did the most. Man that was so much fun.Please PD bring back shuffle races to GT6. That was the most clean racing you could have online.

  35. meravigliato

    I will never update. I want to remember GT5 “The Way It was Meant to be Played”… PD forced us to abandon GT5, perhaps GT6 is not very success full…

    1. xR3

      If you can pm me and tell how to do that i will love you forever!!!!!
      i miss my RWD 1JZ Integra DC5 :(

  36. Harsk100

    Too bad that it has to end like that. But anyways, the life continues, so Goodbye GT5, see you next time…. :(

  37. Amac500

    At the end of the day I think GT5 will be remembered as one of the most significant games, certainly the biggest jump in theftanchise. Thank you GT5, you are loved and remembered fondly!

  38. Haitauer

    had the game since launch and played a lot – Not so much since GT6 launched. Just yesterday went and used some of the left over Cr. in the last OCD and bought the Sauber Mercedes C9. A kind of a parting gift maybe? :) All these years I have never owned one of the best cars in the game ;)

    doubt Ill ever use it.. but it was a nice touch.

    Thank you GT5 – thank you PD

  39. X3sgteX

    Not done with online yet. Still 3 people left in the room.

    Stay strong ps3 don’t disconnect from the server on me now!

  40. Toshost

    It was awesome game with a lot of options and other cool stuff i hope they make GT6 like it :(

  41. Scaniabebe

    Well, I’ve played you to death… Right from the day I purchased a PS3… You helped me discover GTPlanet and the many friends I have here… You helped me set up a Successful Virtual Racing Team as well as display an amazing drive on my first ever GTPlanet Race. Not only that, but I spent hours playing in Shuffle Races with friends – bashing the each other out the way at the Nurburgring. But now, this is all history….

    So, after in excess of 100,000 miles over all the Savegames I had (about 3 in total) – it’s time to put the cars into the garage, disconnect the batteries, and hang up the driving gloves. You’re gunna be missed, GT5!

    Even though GT6 is not the same, it’s continued to allow me to show skill, taking my first victory in the well known TOCA Series – as well as claim various podiums in Rolo’s BTCC Series. Still, rest in peace, GT5… November 2010 – May 2014…

  42. TomBrady

    Good riddance. Since getting GT6 I haven’t looked back since.

    Cars feel ten times better in GT6. Never has the series seen such an improvement in physics before.

    Disappointed by the lack of Top Gear Track, Ferrari F1’s, course maker, and endurance races in GT6, but it more than made up for it with all the new content, improvements in the UI and career mode, and physics. RIP GT5, Long live GT6


    It was fun while it lasted. Despite how wonky and awkward it was at times, I felt it was worth that five year wait.

  44. MOPARbarrett5

    I drove over 100,000 miles and won over 1100 races in GT5, sadly those numbers will not rise much more…. but I also saved over 100 replays and over 700 pictures if I want to look back on those miles and wins. I will always have those great memories from GT5.
    Goodbye GT5, its been a great ride, some of the cars may have not had the most accurate engine sounds in the world, but it was all a great ride. Thats what counts in the end.

  45. KilzoneStrife

    Goodbye, GT5. Some say your demise was untimely and I somewhat agree. There are things you couldve taught your brother GT6, if only you had the time! Course maker and B Spec Mode to name a couple. Oh Kaz, why did you kill GT5? He was only trying to show you how to make GT6 a complete game!
    I guess, everytime you looked at GT5, it reminded you of broken promises and pain us GT6 players feel. I guess this is why GT5 had to be killed.
    Goodbye, Ol’ friend :(

  46. SZRT Ice

    GT5… some things… you just did better… You will be missed….


    From all of Sub-Zero Racing Team.

  47. vticoupe

    How many hours, days, weeks i’ve spent on that game… Good bye GT5 but i come back every once i a while to drive my F2007

  48. SnakeOfBacon

    I… missed the closure!? OHHHHHH! I was going to go online right now and record my very last race. :”(

  49. ThrasherDBS

    Thanks for all the good times GT5. I’ve met quite a few good racers and made some good friends because of you. It’s been a slice good friend, and I’ll revisit you in due time. In the meantime, you’ve earned a good rest. Adieu, until we meet again.

    …wait a minute, now I can focus on doing the long endurance races without having to worry about online login bonuses and missing the time trial events! Awesome!

    1. AcenSpades

      i feel you friend, most of my online wins came from there. Have yet to win an online race in GT6, just cant tune. PD needs to carry this over.

    2. FahrerGott

      The gap between non-tuners and tuners online is much greater in GT6. Looking forward to the return of shuffle races.

  50. richiem2282

    Been an awesome trip from release in 2010 to tonight. Thank you PD for an absolutely fantastic journey and life lasting memories. So many amazing online laps in the Ferrari F1’s!!!

    A Legend in Sim Racing World.

  51. TeamCZRRacing

    PD, Sony, thank you for such a great game. It’s been a fantastic ride and one I’ll never forget.

    I’ll admit, I never usually get emotional about putting a game back in its box for the final time. Typically, I say, “I’ll come back to this at some point,” but I never do. GT5 is the first game I’ve gotten emotional about when it came time to box it up again. I had to force myself to do it.

    But hey, I’ll wake up again tomorrow and play me some GT6 and all will be better! Long live GT!

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