Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.17 Released, Previously Purchased DLC Available Again

July 21st, 2014 by Michael Leary


In a surprising turn of events a new update is available for Gran Turismo 5, version 2.17. This update modifies the game so that it is no longer necessary to connect to the discontinued online servers in order to download previously purchased DLC packages.

To clarify, all online services for GT5 are still decommissioned.

After the installation of Update 2.16 and the consequent decommissioning of the GT5 servers, players were no longer able to install previously purchased DLCs for GT5. In order to address this issue, we are releasing a new game and server update:

Update Schedule

21st July 2014, from 8:00PM (PST)

Update Details

– The installation process for Downloadable Content has been changed. Users will no longer need to connect to the GT5 servers in order to install additional content.,

After installing Update 2.17, users who purchased DLCs from the PlayStation®Store in the past will be able to re-install them again, even if the GT5 online services have been terminated.

We would like to thank you all for your continuous support and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

GT5 Photomode image by sparkytooth.

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  1. Jul. 26, 1:34am

    Why they don’t make every DLC free if the servers are down now? Why?

    P/S: The game is still asking to login in to the PSN. It’s now useless and annoying.

  2. Jul. 26, 12:43am

    I think its a necessary thing to do. Since they’d pretty much killed the single player game in GT6.
    While GT5 supposedly had a decent career mode and single player game, but since shutting off any updates for GT5 (so not worth buying a copy if you can’t get any of the DLC that was released) they’d pretty much killed single player gran turismo altogethor.

  3. Jul. 22, 6:18pm

    I was too late to buy Subaru BRZ DLC in GT5… and with this good news, i try to buy it… but still can’t, because i misread the news hahahah… oh well, I already order GT6 anyway… cannot wait to play… i know i know, i’m a lil bit late :p

  4. Jul. 22, 4:32pm

    Hey guys I notice that the new 1.09 update screwed up most of my SSRX top speed tunes my Alfa romeo can only hit 304 alone and not 305 and with nos i hit 316 and with my 2009 honda insight i used to hit 174 alone and now i hit 161 and with draft it USED to hit 220 with draft now i cant even hit 190 -_- is it just me or is anyone else noticed that??

    • Jul. 22, 8:23pm

      Update 1.09?
      Pretty sure the news item is about 2.17 for GT5.

  5. Jul. 22, 4:11pm

    So technically “Mid-July” has passed. And the only update was for GT5. Well played, PD, well played.

  6. Jul. 22, 12:17pm

    I’ll keep this in mind when I need to revisit topgear

  7. Jul. 22, 9:53am

    I may reinstall, solely because I miss the F1 cars. oh wait, what credits can I amass to purchase one!

  8. Jul. 22, 8:39am

    I think we need Gt6 resuscitation rather than GT5 update. GT6 online is sadly dead. No engagement. Absolute grip inconsistencies, non seeing drivers, freezes, black screens, lag, frame rate dropping, etcetera etcetera etcetera :(

    • Jul. 22, 11:02am

      Dead? The most popular online racing game there is, but you say it’s dead? What world do you live in?

    • Jul. 22, 12:13pm

      Because if you don’t race on racing softs or drag/drift/cruise there isn’t much else to choose from, especially on North American servers. There are few rooms that are available each night racing cars on the tires they came with. In terms of simply how busy the servers are, the participation rate is extremely low relative to total units sold.

    • Jul. 22, 3:58pm

      The lack of racing hard online races is frankly disgraceful!

    • Jul. 23, 9:39am

      That’s because most of the time people run sprint races (2-5 laps) or short endurances (1 hour or less). RS tyres are no more than a qualifying tyre to me (for endurance I use RM for qualifying).

  9. Jul. 22, 4:27am

    I just did the 2.17 update and i still had my purchased content installed, so i didnt need to do the update after all

    • Jul. 22, 4:30am

      What a waste of 3mins of my time

    • Jul. 29, 11:48pm

      uhhuh, because you didnt uninstall the game? this is for fresh installations… you even wasted 3min of your time instead of doing something else while it updated, dumb…

  10. Jul. 21, 9:59pm

    I deleted all the useless 11gb of gt5 from my ps3 :) never looking back :)

    • Jul. 22, 9:45am

      The one and only thing I comprehend about History, is that it repeats itself.

  11. Jul. 21, 9:05pm

    This is actually a nice thing PD has done, especially for those who own GT5 and are new to it. Smart move PD. :)

  12. Jul. 21, 7:06pm

    All my brain saw was “update” and “released”.

    Then I noticed it was GT5… oh well.

    Hopefully GT6 will get an update this week?

    • Jul. 21, 7:13pm

      same. got me excited.

    • Jul. 21, 9:05pm


    • Jul. 21, 10:31pm

      Yeah, me too………

    • Jul. 22, 2:02am

      Me three :)

    • Jul. 22, 2:04am

      i was exited for 3 hours.. then cried lol.. But is it good for “GT5 Prologue” also or just GT5?

    • Jul. 23, 3:14am

      Gt6 update this week ? Hmm who told you that ? Don’t think so lol but they should bring us some updates…. If I think about gta5 …. They have every month a big dlc update. But I know we can’t compare it actually

  13. Jul. 21, 6:42pm

    They needed to do this why the rage?

    • Jul. 21, 6:49pm


  14. Jul. 21, 4:49pm

    Good thing they did this since I deleted the GT5 game data. Would’ve been pissed if I could get my DLC cars back.

    • Jul. 21, 4:50pm


    • Jul. 21, 6:06pm

      So true Predator… so true.

  15. Jul. 21, 4:33pm

    Good news for those still own GT5 but not GT6. I’m sure there are some folks out there sitting on the fence about GT6. Not to mention those who bought the game just before GT6’s release – I’m sure some leftover stock of PS3 + GT5 found homes before GT6 was unleashed on the unsuspecting world…

  16. Jul. 21, 4:31pm

    The honest thing to do folks

  17. Jul. 21, 3:59pm

    possibly the most stupid thing PD has ever done. Update a game that no longer has online support? what are they thinking?

    • Jul. 21, 4:09pm

      They fixed a bug which ensures their customers can install content they purchased. How is that stupid?

    • Jul. 21, 11:30pm

      Not only does he (Izzy) think this is stupid, but he thinks it is the “most stupid”. If that is the most stupid thing PD has done, then I’d say that’s pretty darn good for a game software company.

    • Jul. 22, 4:26am

      In my early gamer years no game has online support and lots and lots of peoples played them. For some people, like me, nothing was changed since the time – I like playing GT5 even without online support.

    • Jul. 22, 10:58am

      It had to be done. Good job PD. Now move on to GT6 and GT7 for good. And hopefully GT Vita?

  18. Jul. 21, 2:36pm

    I wish that servers of GT5 could be activated again…

    • Jul. 22, 9:50am

      they are active. in GT6 biweekly AI seasonals. PD just changed the script to the new game licence.

  19. Jul. 21, 2:19pm

    NO! I was hoping the “5” was a typo.

  20. Jul. 21, 2:18pm

    I actually see this as good news hahaha If there’s people who still plays GT5, no reason to cut them short of their purschased DLC. And can people just shut up about a GT6 update in July. Never keep your hopes high, that’s what I’ve learned (not only with PD).

    • Jul. 21, 2:38pm

      I agree with everything you said here.

  21. Jul. 21, 1:53pm

    Wow I was confused. Thought it was a GT6 update :/

  22. Jul. 21, 1:45pm

    So are we getting a July update for GT6?

  23. Jul. 21, 1:40pm

    Oh my god my pictures on the news page.

    • Jul. 21, 2:32pm

      I’m still hoping one day one of mine will…

  24. Jul. 21, 1:31pm

    We need gt6 updates not gt5 anymore :/ where is the july update for gt6!!!!!!

    • Jul. 21, 1:54pm

      What? Someone from PD promisses any july update?

    • Jul. 21, 2:19pm

      No. Someone in PD promised updates every month like six months ago.

    • Jul. 21, 2:24pm

      Is July over?

    • Jul. 21, 3:47pm

      It’s getting close…

    • Jul. 21, 7:34pm

      I’m glad I’ll still be able to access my DLC from GT5 – but for those looking for the “promise” of a July update to GT6, there was the promise of an Aston Martin to be available in July – though there’s still 10 days left.

    • Jul. 21, 8:32pm

      Don’t forget about the Nissan…

    • Jul. 22, 11:00am

      I agree but did you even read what this update is? It needed to be done.

      People should be able to access their DLC. This update made it so they’ll be able to do so. Don’t complain about that. It makes perfect sense for them to do this. It was a nice thing for them to do. It was the right thing to do

  25. Jul. 21, 1:27pm

    I thought GT5 is dead…

    • Jul. 21, 3:28pm

      No… GT6 is dead

    • Jul. 21, 11:33pm

      Then we must all be necrophiliacs, by your logic.

    • Jul. 22, 9:51am

      if GT5 is dead AND GT6 is dead, then logic tells you that dead = dead.

  26. Jul. 21, 1:22pm

    I was recently thinking about you could still get GT6 DLC’s without even being updated to the latest version and I thought to myself, why doesn’t GT5 have this?

    Well I am glad they did this in GT5 because I felt it would be a pretty bad move if they didn’t.

  27. Jul. 21, 1:14pm

    Hey, they’re still updating GT5.

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