GT5 Racing Cockpit Built from an Opel Astra

Hardware 128 February 25, 2012 by

For many GT players a driving wheel is a must but, no matter what wheel you choose, you need a sturdy place to mount it. While there remains plenty of choice in the commercial driving rig market from such names as rSeat, Wheel Stand Pro and VisionRacer, many gamers also enjoy creating their own, often cheaper, and there are many threads in our Sim Racing Hardware forum of such builds.

Youtube user NBJAG, however, has taken the homebuild cockpit to unusual levels by constructing his own race seat using the cabin of a real Opel Astra.

You can watch the construction process of this incredible driving environment in the above video, while further videos show you more details. He’s even taken the trouble of wiring up the instrument lights!

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