GTPlanet & Nissan’s First 2012 #GTAcademy Twitter Viewing Party

November 15th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As previously announced, GTPlanet has teamed up with Nissan to host a live Twitter party during Thursday night’s episode of GT Academy 2012, which aired on Spike TV at 11:30pm ET in the United States.

Over $500 in prizes were offered up for grabs, including the grand prize: a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel with a Big Boy Xlerator Wheel Stand. Other prizes included Nissan GT-R hooded jackets, a copy of Gran Turismo 5, and a $30 PlayStation Network gift card. (Review the official contest rules here.)

To win the grand prize, participants simply tuned into the show and posted a tweet containing the #GTAcademy hashtag between 11:00pm ET and 12:30am ET. We also posted trivia questions via @NissanNews and @GTPlanetNews.

If you’re not on Twitter, you can simply view this Twitter stream to follow along with all the commentary, or check out GT Academy’s Live Pit Pass. Enjoy the show!

UPDATE: This viewing party is now over, but we’ll be co-hosting another during the season finale on December 6. Thanks to all of you who took part and congratulations to our prize winners!

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  1. Nov. 19, 3:21pm

    I had a great time last week with the twitter party, I actually created the twitter account specificly to participate in that party. Got to meet a couple of the drivers there. Great fun

  2. Nov. 16, 3:32pm

    Missed it last night I had a prior commitment but maybe next time!

    • Nov. 16, 8:44pm

      Same here. The DVR didn’t record the last few minutes because of that “garbage” tattoo parlor show. :( I had to find another way to see the ending.

  3. Nov. 16, 7:56am

    2012 GTacademy cars cant be sent but the older (although just the same – a 2012 decal) 370z 08′, & the older GTR can.

  4. Nov. 15, 9:38pm

    Orphan i have all gt academy cars but i thought that the gt academy for East & South Africa got different cars? maybe im wrong

    • Nov. 15, 10:23pm

      Oh in that case I have no idea

  5. Nov. 15, 9:21pm

    Looks like from a preview that someone wreaks a GT Academy car. Grabbing pop

    • Nov. 15, 9:22pm

      Popcorn *

  6. Nov. 15, 9:21pm

    please tell me is there a way i can get this car? i want that car on gt5 soooo bad that would be a awesome drift car if this car ever becomes available on gt5 please let me know i really want this car and ill trade any car or paint for that car

    • Nov. 15, 9:25pm

      You are looking for a GT Academy 370z. I can send one for free. Not sure if it is stock though. Add my PSN Id which is ORPHAN-THIRTY7. I’ll send it tomorrow night.

    • Nov. 16, 12:41am

      can u sand academy cars?
      I think no
      if ther is a wat tel me pls

  7. Nov. 15, 9:09pm

    11:30 is the stupidest time to broadcast this thing….

    • Nov. 15, 10:29pm

      lol why do you say that?

    • Nov. 16, 7:08am

      I agree 916. I usually sleep at 11 to go to school and I still barely have energy to get up in the morning. I would’ve loved to have seen it and participate on the giveaway but it was just too late on a weekday. At least for me.

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