“GTlife” User-Contributed Gran Turismo Fan Magazine

February 24th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Over the past few weeks, users in our forums have been organizing a digital Gran Turismo magazine, made up entirely of user-generated articles and content. Now, all of their hard work has finally come together in the first issue of GTlife, and I think any GT fan will find it an enjoyable read. Topics range from car comparisons, car reviews, tuning tips, “fan fiction”, community interviews, and more. It’s available for free on issuu.com, or you can download the full PDF file (15.1 MB) from GTPlanet’s servers.

I’d like to personally congratulate Schwadegan and all of the other contributors who made this possible – it’s an awesome tribute to what this community can do! To submit an article of your own to the magazine or get involved with the project, head on over to GTlife‘s official forum thread.

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  1. Mar. 21, 12:28pm
    the piston

    This is a great fan made magazine.I loved the Corvette part.

  2. Feb. 28, 5:55am

    I there i just read the magazine this weekend and i must say its was really enjoyable to read specially the first article “The birth of an Addiction” who keept me thinking “does he still have the buggy?” and at the end there was the picture of the said buggy :) and the interview with the tunners from RKM Motorspors was great to i liked all the articles but of course we all have ones that we like most.
    Hope this project continues to release further editions.
    This was an excelenet first release congratulations to all that have been involved in this project.

  3. Feb. 27, 11:51am

    is this going to be really monthly? if so, i would pay $5.00.. hehehehehehee

  4. Feb. 27, 8:43am

    Congratulations on finishing the first issue. The layout looks absolutely professional, on par with a legitimate publication. I’m looking forward to more issues.

  5. Feb. 26, 5:43pm

    Thanks a lot. This looks good & i shall enjoy reading it.

  6. Feb. 26, 4:57pm

    Wow that looks so pro!
    Amazing job and a nice read.

  7. Feb. 25, 11:57pm

    It whould be cool if the did like fiture car like in tuner mags

  8. Feb. 25, 11:01pm

    a suggestion
    have some fake advertisements to give the reader a laugh or two

  9. Feb. 25, 8:55pm

    Schwadegan… hats off to you for taking an excellent idea and making it into a reality . I thought the magazine was well written and quite creative.

    I especially liked the first article from a young man who isn’t even old enough to drive yet! He has absolutely been bitten by the car “bug” which has no cure, ha!

    I look forward to future issues. Thanks again for your dedication!

  10. Feb. 25, 8:37pm

    Nice work!

  11. Feb. 25, 7:24pm

    It’s so rewarding to read the feedback and reactions from the community, especially when the writers interact with their readers. I want to thank you all for helping me create this magazine, none of this would be possible without you!

  12. Feb. 25, 6:45pm

    I am happy to see that everyone is content with the first issue of GTLife! I like it too, but there are mistakes here and there, sentence and paragraph structures weaknesses, and some slightly boring parts… but overall I would love to congratulate Schwadegan and the writers that compiled this great piece of writing! I LOVE GT5

  13. Feb. 25, 5:39pm

    Great effort, looks very neat and professional. Thanks to everybody involved!

  14. Feb. 25, 5:11pm

    Nice! Have similiar in my mind but have no resources or time to make it real. Nice once again!

  15. Feb. 25, 4:50pm

    Amazing work!!! Congratulations!!! I loved the ‘La Fiesta Cavalino’ ride!

  16. Feb. 25, 2:43pm

    Seriously that was fantastic!!!!
    To all those who put in the effort well done, a perfect 10/10. That is 100% better than most mags i pay for at the shops.
    Loved it and the articles are da bomb, really enjoyed the BMW v Merc write up.
    Take my hat off to you guys for taking the time to do this for us GT/Car fans.

  17. Feb. 25, 2:07pm

    Great job, now i´ll have something to read… keep´em coming

  18. Feb. 25, 1:16pm

    Awesome looking forward to this!

  19. Feb. 25, 1:12pm

    Wow that was an awesome lil read.. It felt like a real magazine that i would go buy.. Good work to all who took the time to make this mag

  20. Feb. 25, 1:02pm

    should make a real magazine copy :D

  21. Feb. 25, 11:39am
    Big Ron

    Congratulations to this amazing work. Well done…I download it at the moment. Seems to be fantastic stuff.

    Thx for spending time with this and sharing for free.

  22. Feb. 25, 10:26am

    Really nice work! it’s very beautifull and full of great content! i’m downloading the pdf to print!

    waiting next!!

  23. Feb. 25, 10:18am

    Nice work! thanks to everyone involved in this production!

  24. Feb. 25, 10:14am

    Oh wow that was amazing. Its srlsy better than many other car magazines! First fan made Live for speed magazine and now this!

  25. Feb. 25, 9:29am

    Congratulations! When you see this kind of stuff, you understand that GT5 is the best and the GT5 players and fans are the best!!!

  26. Feb. 25, 9:23am

    Really nice job!! I am downloading each of your editions for sure!

  27. Feb. 25, 8:55am
    Rich S


  28. Feb. 25, 7:09am

    Good work.

  29. Feb. 25, 5:43am

    Nice! I really liked the M3 vs. C63 AMG.

    • Feb. 25, 9:31am

      Thanks, that would be mine! I’m glad you liked it

  30. Feb. 25, 1:09am

    this was a great read. Regarding the tuning article: I’m not sure how this tuning thing really works, maybe in future issues, you could give a “tuned car of the week/month” type of thing

  31. Feb. 25, 12:00am

    Great work guys. The production quality is very high, and I admire how you guys were able to put this together in the short time frame that you had.

    Although I am no longer a fan of the game, I will certainly be printing a copy of the magazine to read at work tomorrow.


    • Feb. 25, 11:03am

      not a fan ? …. why are you here on a fan site and printing fan-made publications ?

    • Feb. 25, 1:11pm

      Not a fan because the game is not fun to play. Im here because I use to be a fan (of past series games). Im printing the magazine because it’d make for good leisure reading.

  32. Feb. 24, 11:45pm

    Nice work! Downloading now, printing tomorrow at work!
    Thanks guys!

  33. Feb. 24, 11:39pm

    Yes, it’s a nice read. There are little to no grammar mistakes. Good job editors!

  34. Feb. 24, 11:16pm

    Nice! Downloading right now…

  35. Feb. 24, 11:16pm

    question .. is page three * a venomous snake *
    about the Dodge Viper ??
    sorry i cant check as i don’t own a computer _-_

    • Feb. 24, 11:30pm

      If you’re on a device that supports PDF files, you can view the magazine from the link in the post above.

    • Feb. 25, 1:10pm

      No, it is about the Shelby Cobra 427 ’66

  36. Feb. 24, 11:10pm


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