A New GTPlanet: Better Mobile Access, New Community Features, & Much More


With the upcoming launch of the biggest Gran Turismo title in the history of the series and a new generation of gaming consoles just over the horizon, things have never been more exciting for racing game fans.

That also means there is going to be a lot to talk about, and – as the administrator of GTPlanet, the world’s largest online community of sim-racing enthusiasts – it’s my goal to provide you with a fast, fun, and modern platform for communication.

This hasn’t been an easy task, and for the past two years, I’ve been designing and building an all-new website, built on an entirely new framework that offers a wide range of new features.

Today, I am excited to finally announce the new GTPlanet is now here, just in time for Gran Turismo 6 and all the announcements to come.

Click here to read about all of the new features. Even if you’re not a community member, there are a few important changes you should know about:

New Mobile Web App

gtp-webapp-ios7GTPlanet’s new website is fully “responsive” and designed to look great on all types of smartphones, tablets, and PCs without the need for dedicated mobile apps.

For instant access, visit gtplanet.net/app on your device to install our new mobile “web app” shortcut right on your home screen.

GTPlanet’s older iOS and Android apps are no longer supported and can be deleted.

Where are the comments?

Comments will no longer be displayed directly below posts here on GTPlanet’s News blog. Instead, all comments will be integrated inside our community forums, which provide a more robust discussion platform.

However, this integration isn’t quite ready yet; until then, the “Comments” link below will take you directly to our forums page. Thanks for your patience!


As with any major software rollout, there are bound to be many things which are broken or not working as expected. If you see something that looks out of place, please leave a note in the Site Support forum or send me an email.

Thanks for being a part of GTPlanet; I hope you enjoy the new site!

-Jordan, Site Founder

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