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GTPlanet Site Update: See What’s New!

Earlier this year, GTPlanet reached a major milestone as we celebrated our 20th anniversary, and today we have reached another as we launch one of the most significant updates in our site’s history.

Gran Turismo 7 Forum Now Open on GTPlanet

The next generation of gaming is just over the horizon, with both of the main players in the next-generation console market winding up the hype and anticipation. With that in mind I am excited to announce the new Gran Turismo 7 forum opens today on GTPlanet.

Buy & Sell Hardware in GTPlanet’s New Sim-Racing Trading Post

GTPlanet is proud to host the largest forum dedicated to sim-racing hardware, and starting today, it’s about to get even better: we’re opening up our Trading Post forum to everyone, making it easy for all of our members to save (or make!) money on games and gear.

The GTPlanet Photo Mode Competitions Start This Week

Sim racing shutterbugs, get ready: we’re kicking off the next generation of the GTPlanet Photo Mode competitions, and we’re doing it across three of the biggest titles this year.

Remembering GTPlanet Member Steve Travis, “FoolKiller”

When I am asked what’s the best thing about GTPlanet, the answer is simple: it’s the people. Beyond the millions of posts on this site discussing racing games and cars, the GTPlanet Forums host a rich online community of people building real friendships around common interests.

Official GTPlanet T-Shirts Now Available

As I mentioned in my post celebrating our 15th Anniversary yesterday, I’m frequently asked about the availability of GTPlanet apparel. So, to help celebrate the event, I have commissioned new custom t-shirts for our community from a local clothing company.

GTPlanet Celebrates 15 Years Online: Thank You!

Fifteen years ago, I sat in front of the family computer, listened to that sound of a dial-up modem connecting to the Internet, and set out to tackle the seemingly impossible and exciting task of building my very own website: GTPlanet.

GT6 Player’s Guide + GTPEDIA Book Bundle: 50% Off Christmas Sale

Doing some last-minute Christmas shopping for the Gran Turismo fan in your life, or just want to get a little something for yourself? We’re hosting a very special, limited holiday sale on our GT6 Player’s Guide & GTPEDIA ebook bundle, offering the package at 50% off!

GTPlanet Awards 2015: Have Your Say

With over a quarter million registered users, GTPlanet can seem a little big. Going by 2012 numbers, it would actually rank 74th in terms of American cities, sitting between Buffalo NY and Fort Wayne IN. Like any big city, the land of GTPlanet has some standout citizens, those that have a reputation amongst the populace.

GTPlanet’s SRT Tomahawk X Challenge Results: Congrats to Our Winners!

When we announced GTPlanet’s SRT Tomahawk X Challenge just over a month ago, it made one of GT6’s toughest Seasonal Events even more competitive, as hundreds of GTPlanet users sent in their lap times to win exclusive posters signed by the SRT design team – the same people who conceived one of the craziest Vision GT cars yet.