GTPlanet Awards 2018: The Winners!

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A year is a long time on the internet. In the 12 months since our last GTPlanet Awards, we’ve seen dozens of game titles announced and released, the motor industry has moved on apace (but we still don’t have a new Toyota Supra), and GTPlanet has seen hundreds of thousands of forum posts fly by.

As with every year, we’re celebrating some of those posts, and the people who made them. Our members have nominated their favorite moments and users from the last 12 months on GTPlanet’s forums in various categories. We picked through the choices to send a shortlist through for open voting.

Another good turnout means that each of our winners can feel that they are true community choices. We had some close-fought contests, and even one ending up in a tie!

So, without any further rambling, the results are as follows:

Most Helpful Member

GTPlanet is founded on being a helpful place, so this is one of the trickier awards for the members to pick. After all, how do you pick from so many helpful people and then ignore most of them in the voting? This year’s winner is not only helpful across the forums as a member, they’re also responsible tidying up too, as one of the site’s moderators!

GTPlanet’s Most Helpful Member in 2018 is… daan!

Friendliest Member

We’re also a rather friendly community. That’s in part thanks to the site staff who ensure that things don’t get out of hand, but the members too who bring the right attitudes to the site. That makes this award none too easy to pick either! You’ll find our winner in the Premium areas of the site most often, but they’re visible elsewhere too — even in person at a pub quiz…

GTPlanet’s Friendliest Member in 2018 is… polysmut!

Funniest Member

There’s a weird sense of humor on GTPlanet. You only have to look at the jokes threads, or places like the F1 caption thread, where people stretch their comedy legs. Or, for that matter, any one of the ordinary threads that degrades into a punfest. Few people characterize the site’s strange humor — bringing both parts in ample supply — like this year’s winner

GTPlanet’s Funniest Member for 2018 is… Dennisch!

Nuttiest Member

Winning this award has proven to be a double-edged sword. Sometimes the winners are just way out there, but often it’s just someone who you can rely on for an off-kilter response to any given topic. When you see a post that makes you blink and wonder if you read that right, you’ve got a potential winner. This year’s champion of the double-take is actually also last year’s winner, defending his title with ease.

GTPlanet’s Nuttiest Member for 2018 is… JockeP22!

Most Knowledgeable Member

If there’s one thing GTPlanet has an infinite supply of it’s knowledge. Not just about Gran Turismo or racing games, but almost any subject you can think of. We have rocket scientists, nurses, pilots and a steady stream of geeks on any topic. It had almost become a meme that one user won this category every year, but for 2018 the tradition broke. More than that, it ended up with a tie, with two deserving winners.

GTPlanet’s Most Knowledgeable Members for 2018 are… homeforsummer and Touring Mars!

Most Opinionated Member

It often comes as a surprise that GTPlanet has areas for discussing anything imaginable. Nowhere covers this more than the Opinons and Current Events forum, where members discuss anything from current news stories to the most contentious issues of the moment. That’s where you’ll find members willing — and able — to pass informed opinions on any topic, and our winner for this year certainly fits that description.

GTPlanet’s Most Opinionated Member for 2018 is… TenEightyOne!

Quote of the Year

GTPlanet’s users post hundreds of thousands of comments a year across the site. Most are factual and to the point, but every so often someone — probably one of our other award winners — will post something that’s so hilarious, strange or thought-provoking that it stays with you. This year’s winner is a quip not from our funniest user (although he was in the running too), but one of its most knowledgeable, on the ethics of drug-cheats in Olympic sports…

The winner of GTPlanet’s Quote of the Year for 2018 is… Touring Mars!

Robin: Can someone explain why on earth you need to dope for curling?!

Touring Mars: Maybe he was stoned?

Thread of the Year

Like the quote of the year, there are some threads that just encapsulate GTPlanet as a community. Sometimes they’re just strange, sometimes they’re inspiring, and sometimes they’re about GTPlanet members making waves in the real world.

This year we got a thread that did all three. Starting in April, the thread covered two GTPlanet members participating in New Zealand’s first 24-hour race. The 24 Hours of LeMons features cars worth no more than $999 attempting to survive a full day of racing at New Zealand’s Hampton Downs race track, and the thread chronicled the members — one from New Zealand and the other from Oklahoma — as they tried to negotiate the track, the other drivers and the specter of mechanical failure.

GTPlanet’s Thread of the Year for 2018… 2018 24 Hours of Lemons New Zealand!

New Member of the Year

GTPlanet sees thousands of new members joining the site each year. Our unusual rules mean that some don’t get up to speed straight away, but others slot right in. That can make it a difficult category to nominate for — the best new members don’t seem like new members. We had a strong selection for this year’s award, with the winner joining up specifically to help people out with GT Sport‘s livery editor — resulting in a second place finish in the Most Helpful award too.

GTPlanet’s New Member of the Year for 2018 is… Maninashed!

Member of the Year

This Member of the Year is someone who has encapsulated all that GTPlanet is about over the last 12 months. In fact they’ve done so consistently over the last 14 years, and has won more than a few of the other awards in their time here.

Along with being a regular member of the site, they’re also one of the site’s moderation staff. That means that as well as finding the time to make the contributions that cement them as part of the site, they’re responsible for keeping the site as friendly, helpful and tidy as it is. They’ve also added a second generation of GTPlanet users, with their own children joining the site too — a very rare occurrence indeed.

GTPlanet’s Member of the Year for 2018 is… TB!


Congratulations to all of our winners and everyone who was nominated. We’ll see you again for the GTPlanet Awards in 2019!

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