GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: GT500 Championship Final Round Live Stream

We’re heading into the final weeks of 2015, and today will see GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series wrap up their final special event series of the year. Held at Fuji Speedway, this race looks likely to be an intense one, with extra points available for all places, and all accumulated ballasts over the season reset to zero.

Division A is still commendably close heading into Fuji, with first through fifth separated by 23 points. Four of those top five drivers are Team Redline pilots, with TRL_IMMORTAL leading the way at 54 points. Second and third are only a single point apart, with aughablo and TRL_Andromeda sitting at 46 and 45, respectively. TRL_AYHANCAN follows up the podium at 38 points, while teammate TRL_EVOLUTION rounds out the top five at 31.


Division B is more clear-cut, with GTP_Bambi dominating the leaderboard at 71 points. Second place is jfrod52 at 52 points, meaning he would need to win and have Bambi finish lower than sixth to win the series (or tie, if the doe-eyed deer winds up sixth). In third is GTP_GTRacer22 with 36 points, followed by the close pair of GTMX_HECTO1 and GTP_ealirendur (25 and 23, respectively).

Take a break from wrapping gifts, and catch the action up top, starting at 20:00 GMT!

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Comments (5)

  1. Whitetail

    How do YOU know what my eyes look like, Kyle? The racing was great in both rooms. Congratulations to the winners and champions.

    1. Johnnypenso

      I think the Aliens look at Immortal and think he’s from a different universe, not just a different planet…lol.

    2. TomBrady

      @JP You’re right. I’m still waiting for the showdown between Immortal and Greger Huttu though. I’m not sure who’d win

      @Lloyd I agree and I think GT500 > GT3

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