GTPlanet’s WRS Announces Two-Hour Multi-Class Special Event at Fuji Speedway

Gran Turismo SportWeekly Race Series 137 October 8, 2018 by

On Sunday, October 28, GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series Online Events will host a special event on Fuji Speedway, featuring the Toyota Supra Racing Concept Gr. 3 and Toyota 86 Gr. 4.

Two-Hour Special Event

Continuing in the tradition of online special events, the WRS will run a two-hour endurance race at the Fuji Speedway F layout. Qualifying will begin next week, on October 15, and participants need to qualify in advance of the race. Qualifying for Gr. 3 ends October 25, while Gr. 4 qualifying is due on October 26. Drivers may qualify for both classes, and qualifying must be completed in offline TT mode.  Entrants must share a saved replay prior to the deadline.

Drivers need to finalize their class by Saturday, October 27. We will run support races a week in advance, on Sunday, October 21. The support races are optional.

WRS Time Trials

We continue our tradition as the longest continuously running Time Trial series on the Gran Turismo platform with the 46th event on GT Sport. Titled Finale di Enzo – Ripetuto, the event features the Ferrari F40 on Sports Medium tires, at the No Chicane Layout of Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

Meanwhile, results are in for our Week 44 Time Trial, and congrats are in order for long time registry member Fastas, who managed his first ever win. The event featured the ’65 Mini Cooper S at Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile.

What Next?

You’ll need to be a registry member before you can participate in any of our normal weekly Online Events, Time Trials, or our upcoming special event.

New to WRS and our Registry? Check out this thread to learn how to participate.

Have questions? Anything related to the registry can be discussed here.

Hop over to the forums and check out the Time Trial and Online Event forums to learn more!

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