GTPlanet’s GT Sport Weekly Race Series is Bullish on Nurburgring

GTPlanet’s longest running organized Time Trial series has transitioned to Gran Turismo Sport. Our latest event, “El Toro“, features the Red Bull Jr. at Nürburgring GP.

WRS Time Trials

We’ve most recently completed Week 38 of the WRS Time Trial Series, which used the Gr. 4 Mustang in stock form at Tsukuba Circuit. The results are in and 29 racers took part. Congratulations to long time WRS participant and Staff Emeritus Iceman, for the overall win with a lap time of 56.784. Rounding out the podium are yours truly, EDK, and another long time WRS participant and GTPlanet member, Small_Fryz.

Check out this YouTube video of my second place lap:

Interested? To begin participating in our time trials, simply follow the instructions in this thread. Members who were in the GT6 registry should be able to just begin participating right away, while new members will need to send a quick PM as a registration step. There’s no qualifier to worry about, we just go straight into the events!

WRS Online Events

WRS Online continues the tradition of taking our Time Trial events online every Saturday and Wednesday. Be sure to keep an eye on our online events forum for up to date details on this week’s events.

Wednesday races for Week 40 will be on August 29th, with races in two convenient time slots. We’ll be using the current Time Trial in the Red Bull Jr. One of these should work for most members in most regions:

  • 3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific / 19:00 GMT
  • 7:30 PM Eastern / 4:30 PM Pacific / 11:30 PM GMT

Our next “Worldwide” event will be on Saturday, September 1 and will also feature the Week 40 combo. Time details for the event are below:

  • 4:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Pacific / 20:00 GMT

What’s Next?

Have questions? Anything related to the registry can be discussed in this thread.

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