Kazunori Yamauchi Honored with Creativity Award at International Auto Festival


While in Paris to help unveil the new Alpine Vision GT concept car, GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi was awarded the “Grand Prize of Creativity” at the 30th International Automobile Festival for his contributions to the automotive industry.



Other notable award winners at the event included Nissan/Infiniti designer Shiro Nakamura, and FIA President Jean Todt. Todt, of course, was last seen with Kazunori at the ADAC headquarters in Munich, where the two unveiled the FIA Online Championship which will be hosted within Gran Turismo sometime later this year.

Congratulations to Kazunori and all of the award winners!

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  1. Mason Methot

    Congratulations Kazunori-san! It’s nice to see everyone here in the comments are positive for once and not bringing up the fact that there’s course maker or anything, Congratulations to all of you for holding it in!

  2. machine1121

    Congratulations Kaz!
    I’m so glad that the VGT project is being recognized by the auto industry. It is truly impressive to see the level of participation in this project. The media coverage from all the automotive journalism outlets that each VGT receives is also impressive. The fact that the mainstream automotive media cares about these cars just shows how significant the impact of the project is. We can only hope that elements from these designs will make it into production cars sometime in the near future. VGT, GT Academy, and the upcoming FIA Online Championship are what separate Gran Turismo from the competition. Sure GT5 and GT6 have their flaws as games, but the entire entity of Gran Turismo has no equal. Congrats again Kaz on your continued ability to impact the automotive and motorsports industries through a video game franchise. I can’t wait to see what new ideas you’ll bring to GT7 and beyond.

  3. jimipitbull

    Well done Kaz. Creativity award confirms you are an artist. No need to communicate now, just keep creating!

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