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Gran Turismo Sport FIA 2020/21 Exhibition Season Starts This Week

While the finalists from the official 2020 FIA Online Championship season are fighting for their World Finals places right now, there’s still plenty of racing for the rest of us.… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport to Stage Online FIA Championship Finals for 2020

Although we feared it may not happen at all, thanks to the massive shake-up in the 2020 calendar, the Gran Turismo Sport FIA Online Championship will reach a conclusion and… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport FIA 2020 Exhibition Season Calendar Revealed

Our virtual tires and brakes are still cooling down from the end of the official Gran Turismo Sport 2020 FIA Online Championship season, but there’s a chance for some more… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport FIA 2020 Season Stage 3 Calendar Revealed

The second stage of the official Gran Turismo Sport 2020 FIA Online Championship comes to a close this weekend. That means we’re only a few days away from the third… Read More »

GT Sport FIA 2020 Season Stage 2 Starts This Week

The second stage of GT Sport’s radically altered 2020 FIA Online Championship gets underway this week, with another block of ten races in each of the two series. Normally, each… Read More »

GT Sport Update Brings Huge Mid-Season Balance of Performance Changes

The latest Gran Turismo Sport update arrived earlier today, bringing along some new content and a few changes under the hood. However, there’s a much more significant and surprising change… Read More »

No Live Events Planned for 2020 FIA Gran Turismo Championship [UPDATE]

Update: On May 8, Polyphony Digital pushed out a new set of Terms and Conditions in the UK for the game’s FIA mode, which modified the “Prizes” section. Previous versions… Read More »

GT Sport FIA 2020 Season Schedule Revealed: New Time Slots, New Tire Penalties

After circumstances dictated that Polyphony Digital had to transmute the original first ten races of the 2020 FIA Season into an Exhibition Series, it’s ready to start again for real.… Read More »

GT Sport Players Suffer Widespread Server Issues During Latest FIA Events

If you were planning on a nice evening of FIA races in GT Sport last weekend, technology seemed to have a different idea. Players around the globe reported server issues… Read More »

GT Sport World Tour Nurburgring Cancelled, FIA Season Postponed to April

Another major sporting event has fallen victim to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this time in the world of esports. GT Sport‘s second World Tour 2020 event, scheduled to take place… Read More »

GT Sport's 2020 FIA Certified Online Championship Starts This Week

If you want to stand at the top of the GT Sport world at the end of this year, it all starts here. The first races of the official 2020… Read More »

GT Sport's 2020 FIA Pre-Season Begins This Week

GT Sport‘s first World Tour event of the year is still fresh in our minds, but already it’s time to prepare for the next stage. The Pre-Season for 2020 FIA… Read More »

Gran Turismo 2020 World Tour to Launch in Sydney, Australia, Feb. 14-16

Details have just slipped out regarding the first Gran Turismo World Tour of the 2020 FIA-Certified Online Championships. For the first time ever, the World Tour will visit Australia, with… Read More »

GT Sport FIA Exhibition Series Returns December 31 With New Schedule and Format

We’ve only just closed out the second season of GT Sport‘s 2019/20 FIA Exhibition Series, but the third is already upon us. It’s a little sooner than you might think… Read More »

Gran Turismo's 2019 FIA Online Championship: Season Recap and Final Driver Rankings

March 2019 doesn’t seem all that long ago. That was when Kazunori Yamauchi took to the stage in Paris, adjacent to the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile headquarters itself, to reveal… Read More »

Mazda Reveals First Details of RX-Vision GT3, Coming to GT Sport in 2020

Mazda has revealed the first details of its new RX-Vision GT3 Concept, which GT Sport players will be able to use in the 2020 FIA-Certified Online Championships. The RX-Vision GT3… Read More »

GT Sport's FIA Exhibition Series Returns for Season 2, Brings New Points System

The World Final for the 2019 FIA Online Championship might be just around the corner, but your chance to qualify for next year has already started. Early November saw the… Read More »

Gran Turismo FIA Online Races Get Longer for 2019/20 Season

If you’ve not managed to nab a qualification spot for the 2019 FIA Online Championship World Final yet, then we have some bad news for you. The final races for… Read More »

Mikail Hizal (Finally) Wins Gran Turismo World Tour Nations Cup in Salzburg

Turkish-German driver Mikail Hizal has won the Nations Cup event at the World Tour in Salzburg, claiming his spot in the FIA Online Championship final in Monaco in November. Hizal… Read More »

Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships Salzburg World Tour (Nations Cup)

The action continues in Salzburg today with this, the fourth round of the 2019 FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship Nations Cup. This will be the fourth opportunity for some of the… Read More »