Lamborghini to Reveal Vision GT at GT Sport Monaco World Tour Final

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The GT Sport FIA Online Championship World Final event in Monaco will play host to the revealing of another Vision Gran Turismo car.

It’s the second Vision GT to make its debut in two months, following a bit of a dry spell stretching back to April 2018. Jaguar broke the slump with its Vision GT Coupe — which GTPlanet founder Jordan Greer took to victory in its debut race, in the Pro-Am event in Tokyo. This time it’s Lamborghini that will take the wraps off its entry into the unique concept car project.

Lamborghini’s reveal will be part of the action in the Nations Cup final on Sunday. It’s officially scheduled for 6pm CET (1700UTC), before the final races get underway. We do have a little teaser of the car though, thanks to the Gran Turismo social media team:

Although we don’t know what form the car will take, there’s a few clues in the clip. We only have a rear-end shot, but it appears to sport an enormous diffuser and rear wing, together with the usual Y-shaped Lamborghini design elements. It bears more than a passing similarity to the wild SC18 Alston concept, just with the dial turned up a few notches.

One other major clue comes if you have your speakers on. The vogue for Vision GT cars has been electric power, with many either as pure EVs. While the unnamed Lambo might yet prove to be an electrified hybrid (and that little whoosh at the start hints at it), it definitely uses some combustion power, and the Lamborghini V12 at that. This probably rules out some version of the Terzo Millennio concept, which was a battery-electric vehicle.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out all the details on the car, but this is one that’s got us on the edge of our seats.

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