Live Stream: Gran Turismo FIA Championship 2019 World Tour in Paris (Nations Cup)

EsportsGran Turismo Sport 544 March 17, 2019 by

The action continues here in Paris this afternoon, with the first World Tour Nations Cup final.

Following on from yesterday’s Manufacturer Series team championship, it’s time for drivers to exhibit their individual skills as they race head-to-head on a variety of tracks.

All three of the drivers from the Monaco World Final podium are back in action.

Igor Fraga, Mikail Hizal, and Cody Latkovski are all here in Paris, vying for the first title of 2019. They won’t get an easy ride, as the 24-strong field replicates much of the World Final lineup, including Adam Suswillo, Ryota Kokubun, Nicolas Rubilar and Andrew Brooks.

Following the qualifying sessions, there’ll be two semi-finals of 12 drivers, each of which will see four drivers qualifying for the final. The drivers finishing 5th through 10th will get a second chance in an unusual rally-based repechage race, with the top four again qualifying.

The final race is a 16-lap showdown at the new Autopolis course in the X2014 “Competition” spec car. This will see tire strategy come into play, with drivers required to use all three racing compound tires.

Alongside being crowned the World Tour Nations Cup champion for Paris, the winner will also qualify for the season-ending World Final in November.

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