More Leaked Details on the Logitech G29 Driving Force Wheel

Hardware 42 June 4, 2015 by

As you may have heard, news of Logitech’s return to the sim racing hardware market recently hit the web, with pictures of what appeared to be the G29 Driving Force. Now, more details and a new photo of the wheel’s packaging have leaked, via a report recently published by GameReactor.

According to their “sources close to Logitech”, the wheel will only be compatible with the PS3 and PS4. That leaves out the PC, which was famously well supported by the wheel’s predecessors, the G25 and G27.

It will reportedly be sold for €180 (that’s roughly $212 USD at current exchange rates), including a pedal set which closely resembles those shipped with the G25/G27. A shifter will be available as a separate add-on.

GameReactor’s source cites a full reveal of the wheel later this month, which would be expected, considering E3 – the gaming industry’s largest show – kicks off on June 16th.

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