PCARS2 Photo Mode Competition 02 Open; Vote On Week 01 Now

Project CARS 2 17 November 6, 2017 by

Has it been a week already? According to the calendar, it really has. That means it’s time for the second week of our Project CARS 2 Photo Mode Competition!

Before we get to this week’s event though, we’re going to discuss the inaugural comp. The first week brought in a lot of quality entries from our community. Now it’s time for the fun part: picking the winner.

We’ve opened a poll with all 17 entries, and you can cast your vote right here. Just remember: you need to be a member to vote, and if you entered, you can’t vote for your own entry. Good luck to all the participants.

Now, onto this week’s theme…

This Week’s Theme

This might feel a little familiar. We’ve got a good reason though, honest:

“Re-re-re-repeat! We don’t yet have a previous week’s winner — the Week 01 poll is now live, and you should go vote on it right now — so this week’s theme is the same as last week’s: there is no theme! Enter whatever sort of shot you like — get creative!”


Competition Rules

For the full list of competition rules, click right here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.


November 13, 2017

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